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  1. Even in our half awake state we should whip this bunch
  2. Whatever happened to the good old fashioned manager , well here goes . Arsenal 2 Villa1 Chelsea 1 Norwich 1 Palace 2 Newcastle 2 Toffees 2 Watford 1 Leeds 2 Wolves 1 Southampton 3 Burnley 0 Brighton 1 City 4 Brentford 1 Leicester 3 Hammers 4 Spurs 2 United 1 liverpool 5
  3. A decent display one superb goal the other debatable, but we must do better yep you may think I am mad but I demand more ,
  4. Balogun for his superb headed goal
  5. good results for Chelsea and united last night
  6. Anybody buying into these things the hype sounds good but i have seen one system installed and it wasn't worth a monkey's problems , freezing in the ground not enough hot water/water not hot enough bigger electric bills the projected payback from the system is poor and expensive this £5000 grant wont go anywhere near covering you cost look at somewhere between £18000 and £23000 thank god it wont bother me at my age but i think it will be a complete bollocks .
  7. get out there and get the job done anything less than a win will be a disappointment no excuses ,
  8. Well at least Mr Bruce got a good compensation package now he can take a break sit back and enjoy life ,looks like some Portuguese bloke is the front runner and it's not Jose the special one but I would bet some manager's will be bending their agent ears to get the job .
  9. Today the first three races at Fontwell 6/1 , 11/2 ,9/4
  10. rangers will be odds on Brondby will be something like 6/1 it's about time we started playing like a team thats odds on , time to get the fingers out .
  11. Just been watching a good display from city against Bruges
  12. A very decent dundee United team always enjoyed my visits to Tannadice
  13. I just find it amazing that we used to be able to build some fantastic ships on the Clyde and these days we cant even construct two poxy ferries
  14. Haven't had a television licence for many years and i don't intend to start paying now , 📺
  15. No doubt wee Mr Whyte has his legal team preparing his case for mind boggling compensation 😂😂😂
  16. Big John was a warrior in the blue shirt .
  17. You would have to be on drugs to come up with that design
  18. Aye it's a Bobby dazzler of a kit 😁
  19. Let's look at his record one premier league title a flop in the cup competitions a couple of decent runs in the Thursday night cup and dont forget last year's premier league was probably the weakest one since its inception at Ibrox he cant do much wrong and we will have to accept that as job done, but I think the geordies need a lot better than a greenhorn manager as for the liverpool job no the yanks want someone to bring success he would be out of his depth .
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