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  1. American sniper : Wait & watch on $ky. Okay film, but too long.
  2. "Give me a child until he is seven and I will show you the man,"
  3. Lucy. I gave up walking to and fro, ended up just putting the tv in the kitchen.
  4. Divergent. I think I watched, or maybe it was the hunger games or maybe the maze runner... Of this type of film it's worth a watch and if you liked the maze and hunger games you will like this.
  5. I didn't like Looper, maybe give it another go. Source code was good. Will download Safety. Thanks.
  6. A Walk among the tombstones. Decent private detective film, not Noir but a decent film. Dying of the light. Deary me Nickolas Cage must be skint or getting divorced or something. The Drop. Tries to be realistic. Fails. Shame, still I enjoyed being in James Gandolfini's company one last time. The Edge of tomorrow. Saw this at the cinema, liked it & having re-watched it I enjoyed it again. Made me think about time travel films and the upcoming re-boot of the Terminators franchise. 12 Monkeys, Predestination, The original terminator, Donna Darko, The Jacket, For me are great time travel films. Anybody recommend any?
  7. I had to edit my post about it to say I need to watch it again...
  8. Thanks I was using isohunt but couple of the films were gubbed and a couple didn't download.
  9. I hadn't heard of it either. I just downloaded 20 films or so before the pirate bay died. Hawke is an actor that I like, and he doesn't do your usual type of film. I would go into predestination blind. I really don't want to add anything else to me review in case I spoil it.
  10. The Maze Runner. This film shouldn't work, but it does. Ridiculous idea done really well. It tips it's hat at a couple of classic films & ideas. I wont be raving about it, but it's good.
  11. Nightcrawler. 10/10. Main character is that disgusting I had to shower after watching. Predestination. 10/10 It's that good, I don't know where to start. Spent some time thinking about Predestination, need to watch it again.
  12. Gone Girl. Spent most of it in the kitchen... Dawn of the planets of the apes. Was disappointing, I really liked the first one. Dracula untold. Wish it had remained untold. A mixture of the Matrix style punch ups and uninteresting characters. The Equalizer. Tough cool guy kicks the living shit out of everybody. Friday night few beers no brain required fodder. Guardians of the Galaxy. Don't know where to start...Lots of pretty colours... Watching Nightcrawler tonight, really hope it's good.
  13. For some reason my $ky+ screwed up, recorded only 2 episodes, I didn't watch them. Is it any good? I loved the Bridge.
  14. 2 excellent goals. lots of poachers goals https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C1VtdATJt4Y
  15. I didn't dismiss him, just gave my memory of him. His work rate wasn't great until later in his career. He was criticized by lots of fans for work rate. The type of goals he scored is similar to Boyd/any poacher you wish to name. As a player he wasn't great. Hateley, Mols, De Boer, all better players. He did struggle at higher level ( champions league ) My memories of him are also of being our top tim slayer, record goal scorer, prolific trophy winner, a huge playing asset for over a decade, an excellent ambassador for our club, a true blue & if he had left us in his prime I would've been gutted.
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