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  1. Just sing what you want and stick you middle finger right up this countries fascist arse
  2. I feel i should have the right to sing what ever song i want after the game is finished i do not feel the need to go out and be up to my knees in ****** blood
  3. I personally think the team struggle when he isn't in the team it would be interesting to see the stats with and without him playing?
  4. Bigcid

    Dave King

    Trying to f--k us for pre season we can't attract players and we can't plan for next season ?
  5. What about Stuart pearce as coach? he has had reasonable success with the England under 21s and commands a lot of respect in England and i don't think he will suffer lazy players with bad attitudes to easily.
  6. Say the word pete F E N I A N its not illegal this is why i am against the bigotry at football bill its flawed in its conception
  7. The problem we have had for a number of years is that consecutive boards have let the media and certain individuals attack and besmirch Rangers at will and the people in charge of the club do not want to risk their own "perceived" money making an example of a couple of these cretins this has to change. Hopefully when Dave King gets in you will see Rangers go on the front foot and attack the press and any individual who tarnishes our name or brand after a couple of journalists have been taken to court and prosecuted you will soon see a different attitude. Its not a coincidence that Dav
  8. What a load of utter shite what we should actually be pointing out is the amount of money getting wasted on trying to stop peoples human right to freedom of speech. This hole thing is nothing more than an agenda against Rangers Football Club the people behind these laws are out to silence our support and at the same time try to make us the villains in the football world and beyond stopping the fans signing will never be good enough for these haters they want our club dead.
  9. Funny that's what i was saying to my mate cb
  10. Funny thats what i was saying to my mate
  11. The SFA say they have measures in place to detect betting in Scottish football what are these measures do you only have to play for Rangers?
  12. There is no questioning that David Murray made a huge mistake in selling Rangers to Craig Whyte but i genually believe that he "Sir David" regrets his decision. Instead of looking for more blood lets get behind the club and people associated with the club and show some loyalty towards Murray he gave me some great memories that i will never forget Laudrup, Gascoigne, 9iar, winning the title at parkhead , and not to mention a European final everyone can make a mistake.
  13. If anyone should be taken to court its Somers he has clearly been impartial in naming Ashley as the preferred option regarding the loans to save his own job.
  14. I feel ill just watching this my mate paints the electricity pylons but i think they are only a couple of hundred feet high they guys must be off their chump.
  15. Merlin is a tit of epic proportions he is being fed shite from inside the boardroom and whoever is behind the scene pulling his strings doesn't have Rangers best interests at heart. I would give Wallace a month tops now they are setting him up as the next fall guy to buy their arses a bit more time.
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