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  1. Ah forget it, you clearly can't see past certain people on here! once again, someone who is supposed to be moderating the board has looked to stir things up a bit, and if you think that's fine, then there is fuck all i can do to change your mind!
  2. I don't have any issue with someone disagreeing (many have since i posted) but i object to this personal provocation by this 'person' It happens on a regular basis, but nothing is ever done - i've talked this place up to everyone, but i'm always let down when i see things like this happening!
  3. Grow up for fucks sake! Am i not allowed to have an opinion different to yours? I believe what i wrote, so im not going to change it for the likes of you! Baffles me why anyone sees you as fit to moderate anything ... i can't see you fitting in nicely at the United Nations anytime soon!
  4. Ha ha!! Couldn't believe all these legends posters yesterday ........ the cunts have spent 6 years slating the guy!!
  5. No bad thing as far as i'm concerned ... time for our club to move on, and i don't give a fuck how unpopular that comment i've just made is!!
  6. Ha ha! Good old unbiased press coverage as usual, eh? I'm going to give Finbar O' Flannigans match review a miss then! :D
  7. If the daft wee cunt had been properly booked as he should have been at half time for his stupid antics coming off the pitch, then it would have been a RED late on!
  8. Spot on mate The scottish game did boom at that exact time, but if the English teams hadn't been banned from europe, the boom just wouldn't have happened, at least not in the same manner!
  9. Last time i checked they were still a football club in Scotland, and that's all that matter to me! Well done to the SNP ... finally we should have a government doing things for the Scottish people instead of looking over their shoulders to take commands from the London office of the party!
  10. I'm in Johnstone every week (wife's sister lives there) and it always strikes me that urban renewal is one phrase you can't associate with Johnstone ... the high street looks like Falkirk did 25 years ago!!! The newest looking thing is the new morrisons supermarket being built!
  11. Would certainly be a stranger thing if the Scottish Tories did split away from the main party, then the (england/wales) Tories get in at the next election ... we'd end up with the UK being run by an exclusively non-scottish party!!! That would be like having the SNP in power at westminister!!!
  12. I wouldn't have thought they would be much different from the Tories to be honest, mate - what differences are there? What do you think of the idea of the Scottish Conservatives splitting away from the main UK tories after this election if they fail dismally again?
  13. Hoodrats I suppose like a lot of the towns surrounding Glasgow, you have to go into Glasgow to get a good night out, eh? Falkirk's the same at times, if you were an ootsider they'd spot ye a mile awa!
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