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  1. For clarity as stated online this is entirely unrelated to share ownership or fans groups - It is sadly being used as a deflection from the company this thread is about. Who has decided to make that choice I'll leave for others to speculate on but I am wholly committed to the RF model for fan ownership and have always been a massive advocate of it as I'm sure the majority of you know. When the project is confirmed or denied we will let everyone in our support know - I would sincerely love to show you what some of the plans are but are not able to at this stage
  2. RF don't have a million in the bank but they do have around £500k at current prices it would be around £100k iirc to get them to 5%
  3. I like Tom's patter - its very deliberately cringey haha
  4. No, my point was in relation to you thinking he should have been offered a contract...
  5. I think the fan outcry for foster would have ruled out any potential contract - good to see the club showing some awareness imo.
  6. I stand by my statement Alan MASH has the right to call the EGM and doesn't foot the bill so its not that expensive for them. Surely you can see that and aren't being disingenuous. You are known for that too!
  7. I think you mean renegotiate and not 'renogiate'... Actually nevermind, that's needless pedantry and something that a dislikeable individual would partake in Never said paying back the loan wouldn't release the securities. Both resolutions are PR - but giving MA his cash back won't get us to a position that will see us earn appropriate income from our retail deal.
  8. Then he'd still have us in the grip of an un-advantageous retail deal.
  9. We are in negotiations with SD to change the terms of the retail deal - correct? If we repay the loans we go back to 51/49% with SD retaining the rights to decide dividends. I think its possible that we haven't repaid the loan as leverage in discussions with SD and until there is an agreement reached I wouldn't have expected us to repay them.
  10. Looked online there and it is looking good - even parts of the club deck limited.
  11. as of 9am today we had sold 39K - I think we are well on course for a sell out
  12. Fen*an is the equivalent of hun - Anyone pretending otherwise can't see the wood for the trees. I personally think that neither should automatically assumed to be sectarian but since one is the other should also be treated that way - and it isn't. Classic hypocrisy
  13. Can't argue with £5 per ticket and I'd hope to see 40k+ at the game. Will get mine tomorrow at the TO
  14. 1. We've lost focus from the point - that you claim being a vocal Rangers supporter means you should be prepared for abuse from political party supporters - that shouldn't be part and parcel of being a Rangers Supporter imo. 2. What am I responsible for in drawing abuse from a political party's supporters?
  15. I think your first point is semantics tbh - the definition of unexpected is not expected. I disagree with your second point that we are to blame for others prejudices - I could make any analogue of religious or racial bigotry where we'd have to prove that we don't conform to a derogatory stereotype, surely that isn't what's right.
  16. I never stated that you said we should be abused - but instead that we should expect to be abused. Which is what it appeared you suggested. Further your second paragraph above puts the blame of others bigotry and hypocrisy in our own court ('no wonder that we are all tarred with the same brush'). I don't believe that pandering to extremists helps anyone, and I don't think its acceptable to tar hundreds of thousands of people - that is discrimination.
  17. The way you frame the question in the last paragraph makes it appear that you think that being a Rangers Supporter publicly means that you should expect abuse from supporters of political parties - I don't think that is acceptable. The demonisation of our support is something that I think we need to deal with.
  18. I don't think its a one way thing - As someone who runs a twitter account with 20k followers and only posts about Rangers (nothing political), there has been a consistent level of abuse from those supporting the SNP (twibbons/profile affiliations etc). People who equate supporting Rangers with being a bigot. Its nonsense and whats worse is that those individuals don't see the irony in their viewpoints.
  19. http://www.rangersmegastore.com/puma-rangers-home-socks-2015-2016-373167?colcode=37316744 Red and Black Socks
  20. Personally I'm not overly concerned. Allows people who were already against the board to take shots at them but if the statement released is correct then what were they to do. If the investors are lined up regardless then this will be little but a footnote in the near future.
  21. My dad had a meeting with him and spoke very highly of him - seems to have the club at heart and explained his reasons for not being able to invest heavily in the club whilst offering support for fans and RF specifically.
  22. Thought it was decent. Traynor is with Level 5 PR which the club is now using.
  23. Could be - I wonder if there is precedent
  24. Strange one - shareholders are entitled to the register I thought.
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