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  1. demonstrating my usual judgement and reading of the game.
  2. gone to shite. be lucky to hang on for a draw at this rate.
  3. lost some shape with the red.
  4. Alfie waving his studs around McKenna's baws is risking a red, even if he might have got away with a yellow. Not the smartest.
  5. fuck's sake, Alfie. Don't keep giving refs decisions to make.
  6. the ball broke nicely for them but let Stewart through too easily and Cosgrove had a lot of space.
  7. A pretty professional performance. Quite unexciting, in a good way.
  8. Oleg_Mcnoleg

    [FT] Kilmarnock 2 - 1 Rangers (Defoe 12)

    bizarre game. Honestly thought we were going to put four or five past them after the opening few minutes. Then, after Worrall has his brain fart, we got what we deserved. Terrible goal but it shouldn't have done that to our performance
  9. my first thought too. needs to charm Sue Barker in front of millions weekly, rattle Patsy Kensit, as well as breaking scoring records for us.
  10. Oleg_Mcnoleg

    Heart & Hand podcasts

    can't keep up with the output. It's absolutely fucking relentless! God knows how they find to put them all together, though glad they do.
  11. he's been knocking back offers left, right and centre from English sides so was always pretty unlikely. Seems to have turned down more appealing moves than Palace as he's only going where he's pretty much guaranteed to start.
  12. and this has to be the Sunday game they didn't televise. Some result against a side who have been a bloody nuisance for us. thanks to Rousseau for the updates.
  13. Oleg_Mcnoleg

    Neil Cameron and The Trio of Trash

    It's not like any new information has emerged in any of this. We all know Gazza has mental health issues and has not behaved well at times. If they worried about it THEN THEY SHOULDN'T HAVE FUCKING NOMINATED HIM! Utter morons.
  14. Oleg_Mcnoleg

    [FT] Livingston 1 - 0 Rangers

    We've had the ball in good positions a lot but not looked nearly threatening enough. Need to sharpen the fuck up at both ends.
  15. Oleg_Mcnoleg

    Kevin Beattie

    Mick Mills was a fine player but apparently not the sharpest tool in the box. Seems he and a couple of team mates got stuck in a hotel left. When they were rescued a wee while later, they were all stripped down to their pants. Seems Mills, their captain, had convinced everyone that they might die from overheating and instructed them to remove their clothes. Or so they all said... Sad to hear about Beattie. Wee bit young to remember a lot about him but remember that terrific team of his well.

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