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  1. team played like they were pissed for the second half.
  2. Would be a very odd signing. Not exactly short in mf and not sure he's much of an upgrade on any of the existing ones.
  3. should've taken at least a point and they know it
  4. fucking yes!!!! First time it's actually worked
  5. Brown's a classless, cheating prick who went down holding his face after Alfie clipped his chest. But Morelos is an absolute moron for falling for it as he can be relied on to do every fucking time. Grim viewing in other respects. we can't be as careless with the ball and expect anything else but a skelping.
  6. Alfie waving his studs around McKenna's baws is risking a red, even if he might have got away with a yellow. Not the smartest.
  7. the ball broke nicely for them but let Stewart through too easily and Cosgrove had a lot of space.
  8. A pretty professional performance. Quite unexciting, in a good way.
  9. bizarre game. Honestly thought we were going to put four or five past them after the opening few minutes. Then, after Worrall has his brain fart, we got what we deserved. Terrible goal but it shouldn't have done that to our performance
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