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  1. I dont really like Bamboo that much . I feel it's very small . But i've been & met Scott Macdonald in there , my luck eh ? I shook his hand and thanked him for winning us the league , as to which he wasn't too pleased !
  2. Aha i cannot wait :-) Going to be party central, Show this Greek mob how to do it Glasgow style
  3. Lamberton , a take it your pauls pal?
  4. 430 for a week lol . Whose your mates burd ? What's your bebo??
  5. Only one bad one there ? Sounds good enough to me
  6. Lol , first your on my job at Camlachie now your going on Holiday same place as me , should i be worried ? Where abouts you staying mate ? Yiannos Mannos Apartments for us.
  7. Any of you been here ? Me & six of my mates are heading out the 15th of July :-) Cant wait at all man.
  8. I recently joined the gym mate , I've been going out walks & jogs too. I'm giving the bevvy up , or the much intake i drink , Going on holiday so cant have a johnny vegas beer belly .
  9. Is that in Fifa or Football Manager or something?
  10. Well since then i've been out every weekend on the piss , so im not fit , not that i was back then . How about you ?
  11. Nice to be welcomed back lads & ladies.
  12. Cant be that bad surely
  13. I'd like to think i am Gazza. I was reading through the old posts i made. I hated myself tbh , what a fud . But hey .. live n learn eh?
  14. Anyone got one ? Find me on " http://www.adamdunn04.bebo.com "
  15. Phwoar.. What a welcome back It's good to be back
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