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  1. der berliner i admire your indefatigable spirit who would you like to see as the new manager if no holds were barred?
  2. c'mon tae f... pete the lad's been getting dog's abuse and scores a vital goal i think he entitled to lose it especially in front of that travelling support
  3. we showed a bit of bottle today to come back from a goal down
  4. we may well see the "best" of him now as he's going to get slaughtered if he doesn't perform after his shenanigans IF he plays up front in a 2 with morelos we may even see the best of morelos also play him in midfield or the hole where he drops deep and gives possession away well....
  5. today's team https://rangers.co.uk/news/headlines/two-changes-murrayfield/
  6. only really if they talk absolute bullshit at press conferences murty was like a breath of fresh air yesterday no nonsense, humble, straight forward
  7. it better be a top quality manager who commands respect from the first second as that shower in the dressing room have now seen off 2 weaklings
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