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  1. I missed the last 20 minutes but at least for the first 70, I think Kent was a fair way ahead of anyone yesterday and that second assist was special. A timely return to form.
  2. Good comparison ! McInnes was a popular player at WBA and his name comes up everytime the Baggies have a vacancy.
  3. I'd imagine some on here may look suspiciously on fellow Brexiteers, if they like the wrong kind of cheese 😄
  4. That is standard and a given. Do they play with full backs or wing backs ?
  5. For Brexiteers, wasn't it Johnson who did the blinking ? ps. the term Brexiteer sounds a bit French !!
  6. Must be time for McInnes, surely !
  7. I hope we lose the habit of giving the opposition a clear and early site of our goal. It's happened in the last few games and we won't keep getting away with it. I reckon Aberdeen will start out of the traps by pressing us higher up the pitch than usual and look to make hay from what they hope is another sluggish start by us.
  8. There are many different things you can take or ways to read into this ban, beyond simply breaking rules and being banned. An extraordinary event in Washington and you can choose to look at it in isolation. In that case, Trump lost an election, doesn't fully accept it, refuses to go quietly and encourages base to act. Base do what they did and it provided images that you'd usually see in Central Africa. It shocked the USA and the world. You can also look at why things have reached this point. Why Trump's base are politically active to the point of being u
  9. It's their biggest rivalry although for banter value, it'd be good to see Cove Rangers put them out of a Cup. I think it's fairly obvious that they do more than register as a rival to us and have done for decades, including the 80's prior to the Simpson tackle. -------------------- Aberdeen have seemed to be very mediocre in the League this season but other than their 2 defeats to us, they have only lost ONE game out of the other 18. Outwith the OF, McInnes has again got them to a level that is significantly better than the rest, with Hibs the only other team in re
  10. Liked and respected Old Bob, intelligent, informative and played with a straight bat.
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