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  1. You think you know what the BBC is up and all other manner of subjects. But really, you alongside many others on here are in the main, just consumers of the propaganda that is regularly churned out by right wing media / thinktanks / pundits / online loonballs, etc. This place could be host to a case study. Back to comedy for a lighter end....... I coined the phrase the Righteous Angry Mob, it fits. (Sometimes The Righteously Blind might be more accuarte) They are like a gaggle of indoctrinated shitehawks descending on a thread and spraying it with ope
  2. The Righteously Blind have spoken but said nothing.
  3. The Left wing BBC political editor got an official kick up the erse for unfair coverage of Corbyn. BBC a left wing organisation........The right are at least trying to develop their comedic gene.
  4. It's not my fault that you are sometimes incapable of seeing the wood for the trees. What about... Every time you post a pic/gif with accompanying snide comment Every time you bring up bingo terms without actually saying anything substantive Every time you use bingo terms that are obviously part of the subject matter which you in turn have little to say on These things happen, I occasionally post a pic and a snide comment. But when the theme is a big percentage of the time, it points to an obvious conclusion. Although, going by your track record,
  5. I think it is very clear that most clubs see the SPFL handling of the last few weeks as "a (bad) joke". It's about damage limitation/ survival for clubs now and most will act with those priorities in mind. That's why two of the three pargraphs of our statement on Sunday said....... THERE are key issues to be discussed and agreed within Scottish football including the circumstances and dates on which football can resume, the health and safety of all involved and the financial implications for members. It is vital that those involved in ma
  6. I'd call it consistency on my part and the inability for such bingo players to have anything worthwhile to come back with. I intended to get going this morning but way laid on other subjects. Next time I'll ignore the rest and go straight to this. ie. something will go up today.
  7. Our statement on Sunday says we will present the evidence to the clubs in advance of the GM. I think Rangers recognise that to have a chance of gaining enough support in GM, that now becomes the appropriate time to show the clubs what we have and if we only go with what is out there, we'll be onto plumbs.
  8. Might have been a "shite programme" from your angle but it's a very topical and worthwhile subject to focus on. I never saw it but I hope they went into how governments have treated the NHS for the last decade+ and how various warnings weren't heeded re. some kind of pandemic prep. re.stores. This conspiracy shite that the BBC are a left wing conglomerate is laughable. Just because they aren't biased toward the right as per a large section of the mainstream media ,...doesn't make them communist. And Bill, the BBC were anything but favourable to Corbyn.
  9. The SPFL have shown that they have a weak hand. In this case, it's difficult to spin a web if you don't have anything useful to use. If they go negative and look to discredit, many watching club chairmen won't be impressed. We should be careful not to give them anything. The statement on Sunday was I think, just right. It's pretty much all on the card that hasn't yet been upturned.
  10. buster.

    Cup Finals

    The year 2051 The Gersnet messageboard will have morphed into some virtual reality studio on a cloud. Scott´s great great grandkid will have started a conversation on Cup Finals and there will be an old foggy who can remember the scenes after winning the 2021 Scottish Cup against Arbroath. The Red Lichties having become the second power in Scottish Fitbaw Post C19.
  11. Thanks for the names. The text above in bold is another conspiracy theory based mainly on parts of mainstream TV in the UK not being as blatantly biased toward the right as the media many of those on the right think enjoy consuming. The BBC is a good example. The Right shout about it being Left Wing,.............that is complete bunkum, balderdash and claptrap ! Are there parts of a huge organisation that may lean left, of course Can you point to some who works at the BBC who leans to the left, of course. Can I do likewise but to the ri
  12. Even when Bill went the comedic route one day, he had to post a left winger 😀
  13. That isn't at all what I said though, is it ? Easy solution......Give me the names of the funny right wing comics so I can listen to them
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