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  1. I very much hope Docherty gets a place in our squad for the coming season, he won't let us down. Needs to get a fair bit of game time to be able to continue his improvement. If we were buying him from Shrewsbury, they'd want a seven figure fee. Like a new signing........!!
  2. The cricketing equivalent to an Old Firm match If the decent Pakistan side turn-up then it will be a cracker, otherwise India will skoosh it.
  3. Written judgement from the most recent instalment. http://www.bailii.org/ew/cases/EWHC/Comm/2019/1419.html --------------------------- I haven't got the legal expertise to give a meaningful summary wrt the current state of play but thoughts return to the question of why we entered into the 2017 deal with SDI and what legal advice we received regards the relevant contract clauses. An ongoing situation that SDI/Mr.MASH will be much more comfortable with than Rangers. Legal costs will be significant and then there are potential damages. What there isn't any sign of,... is normalisation !!
  4. buster.

    New Ibrox

    We aren't currently in a financial position to be able to contemplate any major changes to the stadium. Might as well have a thread up about us signing Mbappe....a nice thought but it ain't happening.
  5. Back in the 70's there were no summer transfer window threads or transfer windows for that matter. Before I became old enough to do a paper round I had to walk down to John Menzies in Princess Street (Edinburgh) each summer morning to go through all the newspapers and see what was happening. An age that saw me so engrossed in the fitbaw, I hardly noticed the top shelf. The Sunday Mail was the required paper at the weekend as it always managed to have some kind of exclusive that actually was an exclusive.....and back in the day, it didn't register as too important that they seldom came to much. A paper round was my natural pathway to early comprehensive information and a degree of financial independence. I even managed to secure a spot within the distribution of the first edition of the Sunday Mail and Post round the pubs of a Saturday night when the tips made it worthwhile. That after doing the same with The Pink at about 5.30 on the Saturday night. An addiction of sorts to fitbaw gossip that was in the main bullshit. The mediums may have altered somewhat but the addiction is still there, only it's worse because I now fully comprehend that most of it is bullshit
  6. Up to Middleton to go down there and make himself a consistent first team starter. Docherty went South and did well in the third tier,..now we'll see what happens to him.
  7. Poll sounds suspiciously strong and stable to me !
  8. Would have thought it better to decide on who stays and who goes on loan after pre-season training.
  9. buster.

    TV Licence

    She got her knuckles officially rapped by the BBC Trust for inaccurate reporting (negative slant) on Jeremy Corbyn.
  10. buster.

    TV Licence

    All mouth and no substance. #As_per
  11. buster.

    TV Licence

    To suggest that the BBC is positively biased towards the political left wing is absurd. The BBC is a vast and complex organisation. At a strategic level, it is very much establishment and they are anything but Left Wing, There will be individual journalists who will be politically left of centre as there will be those that are right of centre. That may irk some who are used to consuming media that only ever bats for the right and which in the mainstream has an unhealthy imbalance. You often cite democracy and freedom of expression/speech as fundamental values, but your small print so very often contradicts them.
  12. Rain continues to dominate play at a bit of a damp squib of a competition. It's as if the Tory pursuit of a different kind of strong and stable has attracted dark and foreboding clouds to form over much of the country.
  13. At a time when money isn't plentiful, I agree that it would be wiser to spend scarce resources closer to home. As a brand, we aren't going to compete successfully with EPL and other elite clubs in China. I think the route Celtic took by buying popular Asian internationalists is the way to go if you want a return via the Asian punter's pound. They'll spend because they support the player, identify with his personal battle to do as well as he can in a foreign country and thus bring credit to ex-club, country, etc.
  14. Rumours of a surprisingly honest solidarity breaking out between all leadership candidates yesterday when one was heard to say..."We are all Jeremy Hunts". It's a bit like contemplating the Scotland squad after an Andy Robertson withdrawal,......no real quality with some real zoomers thrown in.... ...or a list of odds for a donkey race at Newmarket. Is Andrea Leadsom there just to make some of the others look relatively switched-on ? That said, Rory Stewart is the one that has some of the qualities required IMO.
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