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  1. We can't all be a self-proclaimed Captain of industry who needs a football messageboard to get his financial ideas thrown out
  2. buster.

    Gersnet Live Podcast this Sunday!

    A pleasure, yes, but you can do a job well or not so well. Considering the extra pressure, I simply thought you did it very well. I'm thinking you put in a fair bit of prep.
  3. buster.

    [FT] Rangers 0 - 0 St Johnstone

    The era you refer to is like comparing apples and carrots in terms of ability. It'd certainly help at times but no amount of bloody mindedness will see you put a consistent winning run together.
  4. buster.

    Catholic Church Free to Cover Up Crime

    When an organisation is as powerful as the RC church with such ia formidable lobbying infrastructure they effectively become untouchable. I'd put them up in the top 3 or 4. By rights, industrial scale child abuse and more should see it closed down.
  5. buster.

    Gersnet Live Podcast this Sunday!

    Credit where credit is due,...Ross certainly stepped up to the plate in what must have been a relatively pressurised situation and played a blinder in his quarter-back role.
  6. buster.

    Labour plans tax theft

    A tax hike on the very wealthy (I doubt anyone reading this will fall into such a bracket) is long overdue. Generally, they've been raking it in at the expense of the ordinary voter whose real wage level has remained stagnant for decades. Something has to be done to make some of the offending Corporations pay their fair share rather than play the offshore game.
  7. My line on the EU has been a fundamentally flawed organisation and the ECB, as bad or worse than the usual central bank. I'm not a remain voter because I wasn't allowed a vote but turkeys don't vote for Xmas and just as your and just about anyones more direct experiences (fishing)/interests will heavily influence views, my interests would be have better served by remaining and now by an agreement that safeguards reciporical rights. At the sametime, those ordinary folk championing British democracy are having a laugh if they think that is what they have and the political leadership and powers behind it will be working towards their interests. Do you think 4 decades of neoliberalism (or any one ideology) leads anywhere but ever more deep rooted corruption and abuse ? That is plainly NOT what I said..........but here is what you said on the same subject on the 12th of January this year............. "It goes without saying that Israel aren't strangers to political skulldugery if they weren't there simply wouldn't be an Israeli state in existence. It would be incredibly ignorant and negligent of Israel not to be active on the Corbyn front just as it would be of MI5 and MI6". Make up your mind, whats it to be ?
  8. buster.

    Pacific Quay Musings?

    Very probably and it's no surprise. Look generally at the politics of the country and it kind of runs parrallel with much of BBC Scotland. Again generally, when the club and it's support is on the outside of that, both politically (in Scotland/Glasgow this seems to include football) and literally (current ongoing dispute)........ then we are going to be treated as outsiders. It is far from justified from a public broadcaster but that's where it seems to be and is headed wrt the new channel.
  9. buster.

    Gersnet Live Podcast this Sunday!

    Couldn't manage to listen live but just caught it there whilst eating my porridge. Sounded like a normal podcast in as much as there was very little in the way of awkard silence or any kind of mistakes, well done you guys are getting sort of professional at this. As for the content, interesting conversation and well worth the listen. Thanks to all involved.
  10. buster.

    The Alkass International Cup Squad

    At a football level, it fair cheers you up watching that !
  11. buster.

    Allan McGregor's two game ban stands

    Brown does that all the time. It's what happens when there is no deterrent.
  12. buster.

    Labour plans tax theft

    Any self-respecting billionaire has most of their assets listed offshore. Not to forget, this is how many of our multi-nationals manage to avoid paying their taxes but forget that and blame the welfare state scammers for the lack of public funds.
  13. Brexit (especially a no-deal) will almost certainly be negative for many in the short to medium term. For those waving their flags and hoping our politicans will lead us into Utopia, they are onto plums. When did I say that the EU was Good ? Didn't say Corbyn was Good either but did say that the UK desperately needs a fairly radical political counterbalance to 4 decades of neoliberalism and if Corbyn is the only man up for doing it then I'll back him. Is that all you've got ? The way anti-semitism is abused makes it more difficult to root out the genuine cases.
  14. buster.

    Brexit - the big vote

    It wasn't a valid criticism, it was taking a liberty with skewed generalisations in the search for a standard sarcastic response. A Corporation that is going bust made a statement but obviously the No-Deal Brexit crew know better.
  15. buster.

    Brexit - the big vote

    I think the line about you not getting your hole seems to have you on a desperate search for sarcastic comebacks to as many of my posts as possible. Whatever floats your boat and fills the gap

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