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  1. Hardly the end of the world. More likely a blessing in disguise.
  2. The robe should be made of an elastic material for shifts in mass. Morelos has played a total of 76 minutes and scored no goals since he left us. His last competitive goal was in April. NO
  3. This season resembles two baldies fighting over a comb. They aren't very good and are there for the taking. We are in semi-permanent transition and are prone to stumbling.
  4. Freedom of speech, simples !
  5. That is 23 December League victories in a row 15/12/19 PRE Motherwell 0 - 2 Rangers View events 20/12/19 PRE Hibernian 0 - 3 Rangers View events 26/12/19 PRE Rangers 1 - 0 Kilmarnock View events 29/12/19 PRE Celtic 1 - 2 Rangers 06/12/20 PRE Ross County 0 - 4 Rangers View events 13/12/20 PRE Dundee United 1 - 2 Rangers View events 19/12/20 PRE Rangers 3 - 1 Motherwell View events 23/12/20 PRE St. Johnstone 0 - 3 Rangers View events 26/12/20 PRE Rangers 1 - 0 Hibernian View events 30/12/20 PRE St. Mirren 0 - 2 Rangers 01/12/21 PRE Hibernian 0 - 1 Rangers View events 04/12/21 PRE Rangers 3 - 0 Dundee View events 12/12/21 PRE Hearts 0 - 2 Rangers View events 15/12/21 PRE Rangers 2 - 0 St. Johnstone View events 18/12/21 PRE Rangers 1 - 0 Dundee United View events 26/12/21 PRE Rangers 2 - 0 St. Mirren 15/12/22 PRE Rangers 3 - 2 Hibernian View events 20/12/22 PRE Aberdeen 2 - 3 Rangers View events 23/12/22 PRE Ross County 0 - 1 Rangers View events 28/12/22 PRE Rangers 3 - 0 Motherwell 03/12/23 PRE Rangers 2 - 0 St. Mirren View events 06/12/23 PRE Hearts 0 - 1 Rangers View events 09/12/23 PRE Rangers 3 - 1 Dundee
  6. We have tended to go through money faster than our ability to create it for a long time. Plugging the gap has long been the challenge. From bringing in investors, the infamous EBT's, to structured (financed by board members) losses. Short to medium term solutions that can create their own problems and never solve the problem. To be fair, the structured losses strategy post 2015 made sense and was financed by mainly very generous Bears.... But the problem was always going to be weaning ourselves off the need for extra cash. To bring in an effective and consistent player trading model is one thing but to do it when the club requires instant success is quite a different level of challenge. Especially when the potential cream tends to be taken before they are finished school. Looks a complicated financial panorama but at least we seem to have a real manager.
  7. The annual call to focus and improve on player trading is much easier than achieving it. At least the recruitment of our current first team manager seems to have been well handled and will hopefully have a positive effect on and off the park.
  8. I remember Mark Warburton mentioning the unrealistic expectation levels that were trumpeted prior to our first season back in the top flight. It made his job a lot more difficult. There are reasons why this is becoming like a groundhog moment. Hoping for first place when we are very much behind our main rivals in finance and relative stability is fine, but expecting it is unreasonable. We need to get real, recognise where we are and give some leeway for rebuilding the club and team to the point of being truly competitive. The club need to get real and communicate reality rather than the usual sound bites. Any manager coming in has an extremely difficult job. In the past we would throw money at it. That option is becoming ever more difficult. This should have been done years ago. The longer it goes, the deeper the hole gets and the way out becomes dependent on your rivals imploding.
  9. Somewhere between 3 and 12 would be my guess.
  10. Going to war based on bullshit is a crime that is in the peoples interests to be uncovered and laid bare. Going to war based on bullshit killed our own soldiers and set off a chain of events ("blowback" *) that led to terrorist attacks that killed UK civilians in our streets and led to measures that have radically altered levels of privacy that people once had. Freedom of speech and transparency have never been more important because they are now very much under an ongoing attack. If you don't value such things and/or simply want to pretend that vested interests are really doing the right thing by us then I will let you get back to your pretend world. Sending someone to jail for the rest of his live for bringing truth to power and giving prizes to the actual war criminal are simply representative of where we are and it ain't pretty. * term used by Stella Remmington, ex-head of MI5
  11. For us in our present state, the CL would bring more mental scaring that the extra finance may or may not cover. Levels (sporting and financial) have moved on, the Scottish game is getting worse. Since I followed Rangers results in Europe (73/74), I count 18 games against Spanish opposition. We have won ONE of those games (but still got dumped out of the competition).
  12. Precedent ? Julian Assange / Tony Blair One points towards and brings truth to the people......the other lied to the people and is essentially a War Criminal. We know that bringing very sensitive, hard truths to light will see you destroyed but being the right sort of war criminal will bring you huge prizes.
  13. No, each set of circumstances should be judged on their own merits or lack of.
  14. It is more about those upstairs taking us to a place where we can win a league title. - Finance - Structure (football dept.) - Recruitment (managerial) - Communication Financially, we are well behind. Structurally, we haven't settled. Recruitment. All over the place although credit to DK for appointing Gerrard and showing patience. Communication and mgmt. of expectation levels has been unrealistic. Basically, we are still building back the club to where we want to be and some realism might make the journey smoother and even shorter.
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