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  1. QR2 opponent still up in the air......... HT: Progres 0-1 Cork City edit. Just into 2nd half and it's now 0-2 (level on aggregate)
  2. As Bearger points out, McPake is in the squad for tomorrow. Gerrard said he pulled McPake from the development game on Tuesday because he's in his plans for todays game. There won't be a better competitive game to give him 30 minutes. Would be great if he could make a real impression. #GoodEnough=OldEnough
  3. I was hoping Steve 'hair island' McLaren would be brought back with John Carver as number two in an effort to bring back the fun
  4. @der Berliner Don't know about a 4-4-2 but my eyes are telling me that your 20-40-10 is being refused by my cerebral processing plant.
  5. Trump was doing his wind-up routine at a 2020 campaign rally in North Carolina yesterday and had the crowd chanting "Send her Back, send her back, send her back...." at the mention of US congresswoman, Ilhan Omar. Reading your post,... could the base opposition retort be "Send him back, send him back, send him back..." ? The way it's going the US Presidential Campaign should be one long Pantomimne season. --------------------------- On a serious note, you have an openly racist American president and an opposition who are too caught up in the Polarised Dark Comedy to be effective.
  6. That must be an example of why those on the Right don't do well in comedy
  7. There are certainly many parts that apply to the EU. The ECB is as bad as any other central bank out there. You have championed the importance of democracy. Neoliberalism greatly undermines it.
  8. See post to Scott above Extreme Capitalism over a prolonged period isn't working. It needs balance, regulation and IIRC you used the term Capitalism with a Conscious when I had said it's not about Capitalism or Socialism,..capitalism isn't going away but needs a balance with socialism. Use whatever term you want, it comes down to a very similar path. Agree but it's about balance
  9. It wasn't the implication, period. FS brought up the term 'theft' when broaching a possible re-distribution of wealth downwards. I then asked him his view on the actual re-distribution of wealth upwards during the last four decades. I was looking for a general conversation on the (re-) distribution of wealth and the tendencies over the past four decades. FS brought up his family as an example and seemed to presume any such re-distribution would be knocking at his family doors. The line about someone coming to takeaway any wealth you have created is emotive but I'm fairly sure it wouldn't actually be part of any manifesto or plan wrt the great majority of people. There are many angles of how the last four years re-distribution of wealth effects us. You talk about obscene amounts to a few (individuals and Corporations). What has happened is that it has concentrated power in a very narrow sector and undermined democracy in a very significant way. It pushes monopolies, reduces competition and effects consumers.
  10. It's difficult to know how teams will perform in summer qualifiers and some of the bigger teams (in terms of budget) can be caught relatively cold. Obviously that can also work against us but with SG&Co in charge, a feature has been getting up to speed quickly. If we do get to QR3 and get a 'big team' then bring it on. It's an opportunity for the players to show how good they really are. As for juggling group stage football and the League challenge. You can only go with whatever comes along and if we were to get to the EL groups, then it'd be a very welcome financial boost. IIRC financial projections have been made presuming that we qualify for European group stage football in 3 out of 5 years. The squad is a lot stronger now and better equipped to deal with various fronts. Group qualification may mean more quality being brought in. Not to mention that being seen regularly in the group stages brings prestige and other benefits. Here is a list of the League games that would immediately follow EL group fixtures in the event of us reaching that stage. St.Johnstone (A) Hamilton (H) Motherwell (H) Livingston (A) Hearts (H) Motherwell (A)
  11. From an ex-Para who typed the OP to an ex-bootneck who wrote a book on the above....
  12. A decent society is often measured by how it looks after the less fortunate. What you and others like you want is to travel further along the road to having No Society. If for whatever reason, you are down on your luck in your world, it'd be fcuk you...go and fade away in the corner, but do it quietly. Not all people are as selfish. Nor are all who depend on welfare and the NHS like the headline examples who appear in the Daily Mail headlines. You don't see the same attention given to the issues surrounding tax revenue.
  13. You are making a habit of putting words into peoples mouths then making some wild observation. You could try to be accurate or use the appropriate conditional tense. Your family have done well and good luck to them, many haven't. In other words, what really would be seriously delusional is if you think your circumstances are similar for the majority of the population.... but I'm sure that know that very well. To come back to the distribution of wealth, the general tendencies over the past four decades and where it is going. It's simply a general conversation as to what has happened in the economy during that time and some of the effects it has had on so many different areas. No need to be scared of it.
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