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  1. buster.

    Hibs vs Rangers - Hibs at Christmas Road?

    I reckon Hibs will come out of the traps fast but when the game settles (obviously dependent on score), won't persist in pressing high up the park. They'll sit deeper, thinking/hoping we'll struggle to break them down but they'll actively look to counter-attack with speed.
  2. buster.

    Jose Mourinho Sacked

    How long until we hear about David Brent Rodgers being mentioned as a contender again then nothing again................ ?
  3. buster.

    Jose Mourinho Sacked

    How much in pay-offs did Real Madrid, Chelsea and Man Utd combined have to pay JM ? Has he now become toxic for big clubs ?
  4. buster.

    Jose Mourinho Sacked

    I said at the beginning it wouldn't go well, said the same regards LVG and that the problem was higher up. Can I have Woodwards job and salary please
  5. Ingrained hatred from parts of both sides on this can produce almost automatic responses to recognised individuals like Findlay or groups, like the Orange Order. You will rarely get meaningful debate but the status quo is a good bet.
  6. buster.

    The Ideology of Corbynism

    Take the individual out of it and looking at ideology and the point I make about a continuous one corrupting the political system. Do you think it good or bad that the 2 main political parties offer differing ideologies ?
  7. buster.

    The Ideology of Corbynism

    Perhaps you should submit articles to The Sun.
  8. It's up to the player in what is left of the season to show he can consistently get a game and score goals in the top flight. If he can do that then he at least gives SG&Co something to think about.
  9. buster.

    The Ideology of Corbynism

    I agree that it would be one hell of a challenge in the face of an almost tyrannical and hugely powerful 'machinery'. For many years, the UK political system went from Conservative to traditional Labour to Conservative to traditional Labour and that prevented any one ideology from taking over. It provided a balance that whilst not perfect, tended to correct excesses. This is quite simple when you reduce it down.... If you allow a political ideology to takeover to the extent that they achieve a level of power that simply doesn't allow them to lose that overall power then the game is a bogey, way beyond what has gone before. Have we already reached that stage ? I think we are close to it. When there is no real alternative, those in power stamp all over the majority. The further down the road it goes, the more blatant and brutal it becomes.
  10. buster.

    The Ideology of Corbynism

    The off the scale, almost constant smear campaign directed towards him heavily suggests that various powers and influences want to preserve and further grow the 'status quo' that has served over four decades to shift more and more money and power towards the top. If you want to be ever more squeezed, asked to do ever more in return for less If you prefer lesser public services and more money going to the private sector If you are happy with the skewed distribution of wealth If you don't value the NHS If you prefer more servicemen and woman to be put in harms way for the benefit of corporations (not the defence of the UK) If you want relations with the likes of Saudi Arabia If you want to continue as a vassel state to the USA If you think the last four decades have been constructive and proves that neoliberalism works for the majority If you think it healthy that a state should be corrupted by one ideology to the extent that they succeded and want both big parties to continue delivering the same. Then why would you want a real change as to how the UK operates. People have been brainwashed into thinking that offering real alternatives to the status quo is off the scale radical and dangerous, when the real danger is continuing down the same path. It's as if the people have become used to 'eating shite' and they have now been convinced that they shouldn't ask for anything but more 'shite'.
  11. We had an International centre-half who could do his thing up front and score 20 before Santa even thought about getting out of his scratcher.
  12. buster.

    Portrait Exhibition

    You poor wee soul. Stay strong, don't let it get to you.
  13. buster.

    Celtc fans today

    Definite red card. I'm sure the media will be all over it
  14. buster.

    Ovie Ejaria: Returns To Liverpool

    The logic goes that you use the loan system to bring in an 'unafforadble' (to buy) level of talent and if you strike up a relationship with a 'big club' then all the better. Sounds fine but Rangers are a big club with expectation levels probably at a higher level than current reality. So what tends to happen is young kids from Arsenal, Spurs, Liverpool, etc, come up here and can't hack it. Ability Physicality Mentally We won't get their top talents wrt ability, eg. Harry Wilson goes to Derby. So you end up getting good but not exceptional talent that are making their way in the game. The fact they wear the shirt of a big club like Arsenal or Liverpool sits well with perception but doesn't actually mean a great deal when they haven't yet played for the first team. How many of those are going to cope with demands at Ibrox and perform consistently ? I'd say less than 15%. I think the actual 'hitrate' for this logic being a success will be higher at clubs without such expectation.

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