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  1. Once again Jonathan Pie cuts away the bullshit and gets to the point...
  2. buster.

    The A to Z

    Went through my head but on balance I thought it was more MRI scans that was our frustrating thing.
  3. buster.

    The A to Z

    I was just about to go with Zak,...finish with the future
  4. buster.

    The A to Z

    X is for Xavi,...won everything in the game except a game at Ibrox #0-0 ps. Starting XI included Ronaldinho, Iniesta, Messi, Xavi & Henry and they drew a blank Cannae believe Walter Smith didnae get onto the list, who filled in the S and the W ?
  5. I think it noteworthy that the commercial interests that Bill says "...may have been slow and reluctant to come to the environmental table..." actively promoted and financially supported a long and far reaching campaign to deny something (climate change) they knew was happening (documented),... in the selfish interest of short to medium term profit. In other words, you can't trust them or the other vested interests because their motives are what is read on the commercial tin and the precedents mostly point in the same direction. Bottomline The more people the better that shout loudly about this and it makes perfect sense that the youth of the day are interested in the questionable future we are going to leave them. Just who the F are we, to start preaching to them as to what they can and cannot do, when our generation has managed to destruct on a much, much greater level.
  6. buster.

    The A to Z

    W for Wallace,...Jock Wallace
  7. Unsurprisingly, the problem would be financial. It's obvious where funds are being directed at the moment and why. The other obvious problem is if the next 2-4 years weren't to go well then that waiting list would most probably vanish or in other words, it would be very dangerous to base such a large investment on a waiting list. I think we'd be better to consider it if and when we get over the immediate on-field hurdle and progress into CL group stages. Another, both on and off-field (financial) aspect to consider is our youth development and a timescale as to when it starts to produce quality first team players.
  8. A bit early for the pessimistic slant on the window that hasn't yet opened. To win the title, what we'll have to be doing with most players we sign, is improve them and put together a team that as a team can compete, rather than a collection of individuals with a pre-ordained glass ceiling. That is one of the reasons I think we shouldn't go for too many old legs on the downside of their career. We need most of the team to have space in which to develop, grow and as per business model, eventually produce a net financial benefit. Souttar and Hastie on a Bosman would, IF we could get them,...fit well with the above criteria. --------------- I don't really understand the Stewart signing but like many others, I guess that's just a personal judgement. What gets me is why not make an effort to get him on loan back in January for effectively, a 5 month trial before giving him a long term contract....Thing is, we also needed a Number 10 at the time. It would have been cheaper than bringing in Davis and on balance given respective match-fitness levels, the specific last third creative requirement at the time and the need for immediate performance, made more sense.
  9. I note that the satire within relevant tweet has been recognised by the court and effectively upheld within the overall proceedings. I point this out for the benefit of those who sometimes mump and moan about the use of satire.
  10. Pep is Messi dependent and thinking about it,.... Eck was the nearest to bringing the Argentinian King o Fitbaw to Scotland.
  11. WT heck is the vertical lineal pattern all about ? Looks awful in cartoon type image.
  12. buster.

    The A to Z

    S is for Struth,...Bill Struth
  13. It certainly helps the podcast. Derek Parlane is a very good interviewee (heard one a good few years back now).
  14. Like Big Jaws, looking forward to the YD feature. As for Parlane, he was the 'King of Ibrox Park' when I was a lad !.... ⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽
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