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  1. If it was to replace Alfredo, then I think we'd need someone better. To complement him, fine. He scored 2 in 4 minutes at Ibrox, then didn't score another in the 6 group games. Having played all but 39 minutes of them. (Malmö managed one goal in the six games: Juve/Chelsea &Zenit)
  2. You posted that on the same minute Compo is typing about 5XL size on Home Shirt thread Are Castore tied in with or coordinating offer with new caterers? 😄
  3. He'll be the European Golden Boot winner but we'll all be deid.
  4. Would depend on what hack you were referring to but they (H&H) wouldn't put it out there unless they were fairly sure of it's veracity. That said, unless the deal is done between all parties, there is always scope for something going awry. I think it would be a necessary first step for us to start recruiting new players. So, although we would miss Big Joe, we have to move on and the faster the better. Ideally have a couple of important additions prior to Portugal.
  5. They don't....unless you believe in being proven 'guilty' because 'I know what you are thinking'.
  6. Don't know what you refer to regards my post. I very much agree regards the two main parties being two cheeks of the same erse.
  7. I do short stints and take long breaks #healthy Nothing controversial in the post, simply calling it as it is. What is controversial is how some are prepared to become Thought Polis.
  8. That would require more of their teammates to step up and produce. Boult is probably the only other Kiwi to do well in this series. Not enough for winning matches.
  9. 'Death' by a thousand cuts is almost better ....although a desperate man may do desperate things and that could be bad for all.
  10. Those two have made sure the Tests thus far have been competitive and entertaining. They deserve a different outcome this time although I doubt they will get it.
  11. For me, "a nice strip" has to lose the sponsor(s). I guess over time, familiarity breeds getting used to and accepting it or for many, not having seen anything else. That unblemished blue top from the 70's was simply beautiful.
  12. Predictable by-election defeats lead to party chairman resigning. He said (someone) 'must take responsibility'. Does his co-chair of the party (responsible for fund raising) speak Russian ? Maybe Boris still had a bottle of donated vodka to open last night.
  13. I didn't think the age profile on here would place much importance on the subtle differences of the playing kit from season to season. Guess it means a break from the transfer thread !! How many on here actually buy and wear the top ? Can't remember the last time I bought a football top. Probably the late 70's
  14. It isn't worth debating it with those two because they have previously shown that they equate disagreeing with Israeli Government Foreign Policy with anti-semitism. They seem like part of some strange, highly hypocritical and bipolar cult who just invent stuff and expect people just to except the absolute balderdash. Can you imagine Bill on his Black, Black, Black thread if Diane Abbott accused Farage of being racist because he criticised a policy proposal. He would write chapter and verse on how stupid and dangerous it was and he would have a point. Funny that for another race, a different colour, a completely different attitude to racism. Or Forlan on the SNP thread, if Sturgeon called a Tory out for racism after they criticised a political decision. He would probably dismiss them as Nationalist Nutters who are so desperate, they need to twist things back to calling out non-existant charges of racism and he would have a point. Well, no such logic involved for invented cases of anti-semitism, no....instead the Imaginary Thought Polis seem to be brought in to help him declare something along the lines of 'we know what you are thinking'. There is no debating with that kind of twisted shit. They would call it out, they derserve to be called out for it. The hypothetical examples I include above (Abbott and Sturgeon) are there to illustrate a point that was already made, ie. mind reading wasn't necessary, unlike the gift our two friends must have 😁 Note Real proven cases of anti-semitism, just as any kind of racism, should obviously be taken seriously.
  15. He has no chance even if Perry Mason makes a comeback and partners Donald Findlay. The verdict was decided a long time ago. Telling the Truth comes with a 175 year sentence over by..... whilst in the UK we have the Queen knighting war criminals.
  16. At 22 years old, it is now or never. At 19, Ajer went on loan to Kilmarnock. Played regularly for six months, returned to Celtic, was a first team player for 4 seasons then was sold for around 14 million pounds. Note. They paid around 500,000 to buy into system. That is what we need to start doing on a relatively regular basis.
  17. Interesting question When you look at political leadership around the world, it makes you wonder about how this transition will be managed and by whom. Are the plans already in place or will it be making it up as we go along?
  18. This winter looks like being Discontent++, if we are lucky. If we do our best to make sure the war in the Ukraine continues, it may all go completely t1ts up and we can start again. It is almost as if they want it to.
  19. Dubya had Cheny pulling strings to make sure the administration was big on humanitarian benevolence.
  20. Yes, it is a myth, or at least how it tends to be sold. However, there is an important relationship with one side dominant and the other, generally subservient. Regarding the extradition of Arrange. I don't think it was just about the US dictating over the UK. My opinion is that the UK were very much on board with it and the message it sends out. Had they not been on board with it, I wonder if we'd have stood up for our own legal process,... perhaps.
  21. The same MO applies to your way of dealing with anyone who makes it complicated for you. Fair enough, your call, but it is almost fraudulent and certainly disappointing given the persona you like to project. You much prefer delivering a sermon. I learnt that short stints on here with long intervals in between is a much healthier way to go.
  22. You never want a serious discussion when you get uncomfortable with subject matter. Your MO has always been to ridicule or withdraw. Generally, you can deliver an opinion but you often struggle to constructively debate points.
  23. The levels of political leadership in much of the world have become almost laughable. Biden is a like a cosmetic layer for public consumption. Bush Jnr., Palin, Trump, Biden etc It is more like a cast for a bad comedy.
  24. I'd hope there will be higher offers given how he was playing when he came back from the International break in January, this year. That was a game-changing player but you balance that out against his contract situation. It'll be down to what offers come in rather than what we think any price should be. I don't think we can afford to let all three (Morelos, Kent and Aribo) run their contracts down. Getting one decent fee in would help our bargaining position with the others. It might end up being Bassey where serious offers may come in. With the players in the driving seat, it rarely works out how clubs would ideally have it.
  25. You said "It’s hard to see on what basis it’s (extradition) being granted". I would agree and offered a theory on at least what will be part of the reason. The relationship between the US and the UK will have played an important part in this extradiction. How many other countries would have been able to get us to force this in the way we have ? The only argument partially against that IMO, is if the UK is/was as interested, as the US, in removing a hugely significant way of holding power to account, exposing lies and bringing truth.
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