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  1. Wasn't he the author of the highly entertaining 'Secret Footballer' books?
  2. Yup, per head of support, we probably have the most heid the baws. Some of the casuals are still going; 50 years old, twenty stone, pink shirts, purple faces.... I totally understand everyone is raging btw. Any support would be after attempted assaults and manhandling. It's a shame it's overshadowed the game. You had your foot on our necks and you let it go. Still, Warburton has got most things right this season.It will be interesting to see how he progresses. I'll sign off and hope you have a decent 2016/17 season
  3. Just to be clearer, I meant it was a fact that someone had a swing at Wallace. It's a criminal matter now, I just find it impossible to see any sporting sanction of a club in Scotland, for the behaviour of their fans as long as there is limited liability. I am guilty of hyperbole (perhaps) by saying 25pts and a closed stadium, but take celtic for example: multiple flare incidents, songs glorifying the pira on a regular basis. What do you consider appropriate sanctions? Why isn't it happening? Think of the incredible scottish talent for whataboutery. It would be a cluster if we reverted to strict liability. Craig, I only post these daft wee things to give youse something to moan at. Especially you! Stubbs defo has something. though. (I'll line them up...)
  4. Sorry for your players being hassled. I believe Lee Wallace had a swing at him, which is terrible, and some verbally abused and pushed. Not good. There is 'limited liability' for clubs in Scotland; teams cannot be held responsible for their fans' behaviour. I would expect fines along the lines of the last Hampden riot, although I fail to see any culpability on Hibernian FC's part. or indeed, Rangers FC part. It's a purely criminal matter which has no sporting sanctions attached. If there wasn't limited liability, and we are truthful, then the old firm would be docked 25 points a season and be playing in front of closed stadiums. The whole idea of bans etc is frankly preposterous and will melt away in the coming weeks. The fault lies with the security of the event. We know football fans can behave like maniacs. This is why we pay so heavily for security. It was a security failure first and foremost. A SFA failure. They can't organize a cup draw. They can't organize a final. Anyway, I wish you all the best in the spfl next season.
  5. Well the league says otherwise, but yes. We'll call it a draw over the two seasons....
  6. I agree. Deep down, once you had a competent manager in place, it was curtains for us. When Ally was there, you always felt you had a chance. Maybe we'll come good in the play offs and cup.
  7. Congratulations to you all on Rangers' success this season. We fell apart after Tony Stokes signed. IMO he upset the dressing room. You were pretty consistent.
  8. Glad to be of assistance Scott. The Green Brazil eh? Is this what everyone else is calling us now? Well, if the cap fits.....
  9. I would have to take issue with everything Lee says. I believe Hibs have the better team, as last season's league positions demonstrated. Both teams have had changes since last season, but there can be no doubt Hibs recruited better and this will be reflected by this season's final league positions. Alan Stubbs is undoubtedly a better manager than warburton, though your manager is doing well. I do expect the wheels to come further off ranger's campaign, as it has only taken less than half a season for teams to figure out a way to negate Warburton. Stubbs on the other hand, has us playing delightful, tricky, near Brazil '70 football at times, which leaves opposition managers permanently discombobulated as the ball ripples into their net. Our worry is holding onto Alan. Training ground - whilst Murray park may boast more acreage, it cannot be denied that East Mains is superior. It's been known for rangers fans to move to East mains, just to enjoy the rarified atmosphere close to the tactical hub of the capital's premier team. Murray park cannot even boast a full size synthetic pitch. Lee had a difficult upbringing, playing for Hearts, which unequivocally has affected his brain. Glad to help correct him for this marvellous civilised site.
  10. I think Hibs were suffering a hangover from losing Scott Allan at the start of the season. i can see a titanic struggle for first place now. The January window may settle it. If rangers or hibs lose a key player or two, it will derail them. If hibs lose Jason Cummings for example, they'll struggle, on the field and in the dressing room.
  11. I too read the Martian on holiday (after the wife gave up after 2 pages) and went to see the movie the day after i returned. I'd say it was an excellent scientific movie, slightly mushified by Hollywood. Not many big action sequences, but enough cinematography and effects to keep space movie afficionados like myself happy. Europa Report is my favourite space/scientific film - quite slow though. The Martian: A sort of Robinson Crusoe on Mars. Easy 8/10.
  12. I've worked with Andy a few times, and he is a gentleman and a rangers die hard
  13. Ach just ignore me. It's soul destroying losing every player that's any good.
  14. Calscot - when I say rangers appear to have no money, the context is; compared to every rangers team for the last 30 years. I accept you may have the ability to bid £200-300,000. which is not enough for SA. Hibs have to work out the cost of a fan base setting fire to the boardroom at ER, if SA is sold to our nearest rivals. I
  15. Lets be honest, the bid is derisory. DUFC bid double a while ago. It's simply tapping up. If Hibs sold SA and failed to replace him in time with an improvement, Stubbs and Dempster's credibility would be damaged. There is still potential for civil war at Hibs also as long as Farmer etc remain in control. The transfer isn't going to happen unless it is on our terms. The media attack dogs can be utilised all you like but it still won't happen unless the price is right. If he had two years on his contract, I'd say he was worth........ £900,000. (it would increase if his rehabilitation continued at same pace) Currently I'd value him at around £600,000. (with only year on contract) However, to a nearest rival, I'd be wanting £750,000 with a replacement ready to go. With Cummings and Malonga up front, a mid of Fyvie, SA, Bartley, maybe mcGeouch, middle to front, I am quietly confident. These players have all improved. Defensive injuries cost us dear in the play offs. I'm not seeing anything to be worried about from ibrox or paisley and predict a Hibs championship win.
  16. Stubbs has put his foot down, and as it is becoming increasingly apparent that rangers have no money, there is no chance of rangers getting even halfway to meeting the asking price.
  17. 'I would have liked to have seen the club add to these pros by introducing rover season tickets in certain areas - i.e. let people sit where they want within certain areas. Further, why not have flexi-tickets - i.e. you buy a 5/10/15 match ticket and use it when you like including cup games and or friendlies?' Completely agree. At every club.
  18. Scott Allan is singing for rangers today for £800,000.
  19. Yes thank god politics and football are separate (to a large extent). Extremists always try to hijack the ethos of football clubs around the world. Usually nutjobs.
  20. Didn't you win three in a row the last time Walter was there? This next guy better be some manager
  21. It's easy to underestimate the effect of most of the squad knowing they were not going to be offered a new contract. The game is won on small percentages. McCall never had a squad 100% on board. Moping and self interest was affecting them, causing tiny margins in favour of the opposition. IMO McCall is a good fit for what you are trying to achieve, but you may find better.
  22. it's not about money, but maintaining home advantage for Motherwell
  23. I attended the Scottish Sportswriters awards on Sunday and it was quite entertaining. Walter Smith was hilarious, yet sobering. He is now totally committed to 4 or 5 scottish teams playing in a federalised league of small nations. He believes that any other course will lead to further cutbacks in quality. Some of his quotes; 'I got into coaching because Jim McLean told me I was shite'. 'Ronnie Delia is doing a great job'. 'When Rangers reached the group stages in the CL in 1992, UEFA lost the english, german, and spanish sides. They made sure they never did it again'. He didn't talk about rangers but was expansive on everything else. Excellent speaker. Craig Gordon praised rangers staff enthusiastically. mark Guidi kicked off by toasting the queen, which raised a few eyebrows. Joe Jordan looks like the hardest pensioner ever to walk on earth.
  24. Craig i totally agree with you, in that celtic fans are the worst i've ever known for fake offense. They'll run through an IRA songbook and then express outrage at being called a ******. You couldn't make it up. A lot of them also believe that if scotland became independent, protestant mobs would be attacking them, the SNP are anti catholic, the BBC are anti catholic etc .The hardcore support seem to be as unionist as rangers fans, yet irish republicans (well for 90 minutes anyway)- It's quite bizarre. I'm not sure if it is a view held in general or just amongst their online community.
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