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  1. Bluebell, maybe I am a hypocrite. You may well be right. I tend to see attacks on the jews as being serious, whilst potato muncher/hun as just bants. I could be totally mistaken. Anyone that fails to recognise 'kill all huns' as the work of a madman ( or wannabe madman) is a nutter themselves. I'm sure kill all huns and kill all f****** for that matter will have been greeted by 99.99% of the people of belfast as disgraceful, as any other normal person would. I do use potato muncher, tattie eaters.........I suppose it could be deemed racist also, when in actual fact i have absolutely n
  2. Strangely enough I am part Lithuanian Jew, part proddy dog, part catholic cat. Anti jewish sentiment is very rare in scotland and tends to come from far right extremists, so the context is always highly derogatory and threatening, but you tend to find that as soon as you square up to a bunch of skinheads, they run away sieg heiling. The 'Kill all huns' graffiti is obviously the work of a mentally challenged, poorly raised half wit. And no, i generally don't use the word f*******, preferring 'potato eaters' instead.
  3. The new legislation is affecting fans of every team not primarily rangers. Table 9: Football Affiliation of the Accused6 Timing of Charges 3.20 Chart 1 outlines the peak days of week and times of day for charges taking place. The main peak times are Saturday and Sunday afternoons and evenings and, to a lesser extent, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings. This is consistent with the timings of football matches. 6 „Other‟ refers to the football affiliation of the accused with football clubs with 4 or fewer charges. Due to the low number of charges, these clubs are not identifi
  4. TBH, I don't regard the word ****** as particularly bad. Surely it is a word that has been used by irish catholics amongst themselves? I'm sure celtic fans use it also. As Scott above says, it's all about sentiment and context. Why is ****** or hun deemed worse than homophobic remarks for example? The worry for me is that soon the game will be sanitised beyond belief. After this, it will be fan's sites that will be sanitised (as the whataboutery reaches it's next logical step). I grew up at the football with men drinking bags of McEwans, smoking, standing, abusing, singing, supporting. N
  5. I don't know anyone who thinks hun is sectarian. For me hun means someone who bleeds red white and blue,. Nacho Novo was the biggest hun I've seen (catholic), followed by Hateley, Durie, Durrant, Jig. (don't know and don't care about their religion). I've been called AIDS / HIV / gay by all and sundry away fans, aberdeen fans have been accused of bestiality, celtic accused Richard gough of being a child molester, BJK, the list is endless of insults which are actually brutal compared to a namdy pamdy 'hun'. Instead of trying to get a guy sacked for daring to write 'hun' on the
  6. The story here is the SPFL, instead of promoting an alcoholic drinks company to a nation of alcoholics, are promoting gambling to a nation of problem gamblers.
  7. Some of the concepts are deep in Interstellar. The scenes outwith earth are brilliant. You'll start thinking about mass and time.
  8. For science and space aficionados, Europa Report. Better than Interstellar by a light year.
  9. Personally I found the recent old firm game the most depressing game in Scotland since the last old firm game.
  10. Don't think so - your strikers are so off form now. Trying too hard in a way. Boyd needs to relax.
  11. seems to depend on two things; - How good the 5 loanees from Newcastle are. - If there is a new manager in place for play offs It's fair to say the league has gone. It would take a major nosebleed by the jambos to give Rangers or Hibs a chance. Rangers' new signings, if the one that was playing last night is instructive, are very good. Five of those types in the team and I'd be very surprised if the other teams weren't overwhelmed in the play offs, Hibs included. Hibs were lucky last night. Factor in a new competent coach after your egm and I'd expect Rangers to get promotion.
  12. I'm amazed the record sells any papers at all. Every set of fans in the country believes it has a personal agenda against their club. It's the primary 7 standard of writing I can't stand. And the hotline. And Bill Leckie. And the….
  13. Still waiting for Phil Four name's condemnation…………….ho hum. Some lunatics on KDS trying to defend the assault. Scary stuff. These neds make you sick of football tbh.
  14. What did you think of it 26th of Foot? Personally I think it was given too much influence partially because it called out previous crap journalism, which leant it even more credibility. Bear in mind some of the scenarios it presented didn't materialise. It was an incredible read; ground breaking at the time. The fact the blogger remained anonymous will rankle with some people though. The legality of some of it is the contentious issue. It appeared to have garnered inside knowledge of HMRC and ranger's relationship. Has there ever been any legal challenge to it, or comment, informal or oth
  15. Yes you have a point. It must be a 4 year living nightmare at times, but light is at the end of the tunnel hopefully. Jambos Kickback has 75,000 posts and 5.5 Million views on their Rangers thread. Incredible. To be clear, my worry is for the blogging scene - not for old firm fans. For example, rangers would be in much worse shape if it wasn't for blogs and websites - where else would journos gather their 'intelligence'? The Daily Record hotline? How would the fan's voice be as effectively heard? There is a revolution going on in Scottish football this now, with Hibs, Rangers
  16. The Rangers Supporters Trust wishes to express its concern at what we consider to be a clear attempt by some online elements of the Celtic support to incite trouble ahead of an Old Firm game which already has the potential to be a powder keg fixture. I've not seen the advert but I can guess the content. I wouldn't imagine this is an effort to incite trouble; merely to get their opinion across as they believe (as every football supporter in Scotland believes about their own club) that the media is biased against them and their views. We, along with the vast majority of the Rangers supp
  17. Thought I was on another website for a second there….
  18. Didn't both the old firm play stuttgart when magath was in charge? Stuttgart were more than decent at the time. It would surely be a major coup for rangers to secure magath in some capacity
  19. Football like art is subjective. Personally, Barca and Spain playing tikitaka did nothing for me - I prefer physical football and counter attacking at speed. I see nothing wrong with any tactic that produces a win, as long as it is in the spirit of the game. And lets face it, continental teams have won many a european tie by diving, and time wasting which isn't in the spirit of the game. A comparison could be made with Muhammed Ali beating George Foreman in the rumble in the jungle. Ali parked the bus all fight and won with a counter attack. He is hailed as a tactical genius, whilst ranger
  20. I'd have thought Stuart McCall would be a decent, affordable appointment until season end. A trick was missed by not approaching Alex Neil, as a poster offered a couple of weeks ago.
  21. Regarding the post that people shouldn't be taking 11/12 year olds to games on a Friday night. Sorry GS, can't agree with this. Anyone should be able to take their family to the football without fear, especially so in this era when so many working class families have been priced out of physically attending an inferior product. Scottish football is on it's knees enough without discouraging parents from bringing children. Lots of comfortable, cheaper options for entertainment out there.
  22. I realise this is the first time in a year I have seen SBS happy. Happy new year mate.
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