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  1. If Brentford do establish themselves in the EPL, then they will receive minimum 80 million plus a season from broadcasting from 2016 apparently. It's possible if they stay in the EPL for 10 years. they will receive a billion pounds more than any Scottish club in that time. Scottish football is busted, just like most other non top 5 leagues. Our teams are sleep walking into total irrelevance. We need really radical change quickly if any scottish club wants to have the financial muscle to ward off approaches from even (no offence) third rate english teams for their best players. Soon we will l
  2. When I was a mere youth, I had a mad arab mate who was obsessed by Jim McLean of Dundee Utd. We were really good friends so I found myself attending United games with him in the late 80s, eventually reaching reserve game levels where we would be standing 10 feet away from Jim McLean coaching the Utd reserves or youths playing a Uni team or something in front of 25 people. (John Clark was playing with the youths half the time - he must have been punished a lot) My question is; If Rangers had signed McLean after Greig left, what would the teddies have achieved? For me, probably multiple Europe
  3. the gunslinger not really a rebuttal though is it. - No you are quite right - wrong word. Surely we can agree with most of the points made though? I accept that expecting the wheels to come off hearts enough for rangers to catch them is now harder, though I expect the gap to be 6 points by end 17th jan. Long way to go. Hearts will never maintain this form. They will surely hit a 3-5 game blip (hope). Talking of excuses, come on man. I tried not to bore everyone with the **** saga (excuses) .
  4. I remember seeing Ally playing for Kilmarnock at the end of his career. He broke his leg trying to get on the end of a cross into the box somehow - I don't really remember all the details. What I do remember is Ally trying to get onto the end of the cross despite his leg hanging off. It was instinctive, deep rooted, a refusal to give up. Today's announcement was a surprise with this in mind. I don't take Ally for a quitter, still don't. I think Ally was doing the equivalent of 'going all in' at poker, despite not having the best hand, in the hope of facing down his critics. It is surely
  5. Apologies for posting but I would to mention a couple of things. If it is true that Rangers will not earn anything/negligible from merchandise, then surely it presents an opportunity for the two organisations who are buying shares on the fans' behalf. Maybe manufacturing their own (classic style) unofficial (but official quality) Rangers tops could provide a serious income stream for the organisations. I would imagine that a football top could be manufactured for circa £5 either in UK or China. 30,000 tops at £30/£35 each would provide around £750,000 profit(after further costs) to
  6. Terracing in the bottom photo is so shallow
  7. Yes, The union, RBS, Rangers….it's quite incredible. The behaviour of the RBS board as they bought ABN AMRO- they believed they were masters of the universe. The RBS conference used to be hilarious; Greek themed stage sets, slides showing billions of profits, Fred descending from his cloud… The No campaign has been ever so complacent. Should still win.
  8. Was the Hibs situation exactly the same as ours? -- Hearts fans created a myth that Hibs went into administration in 1990, but it wasn't true.
  9. After watching Breaking Bad, Homeland etc tell a tale across 30 to 60 hours, it amazes me that a movie can convey everything in 1.5 to 2 hours
  10. I'm just hugely frustrated that the Rangers fans have not been 'militant' enough over the past 2 years or so. We've sat of internet forums, we're argued, we've fallen out, we've disagreed, we've targetted/critiscised individuals and groups. And all the time, our clubs continues to fall apart like a sinking ship, whilst greedy bastards help themselves to the jewllery while they can. As a fanbase we've been awful in all of this. Our lack of proper action has been painfully poor. Hurts me to say so, but the ****s would never have let it get to this. -------------------------
  11. No not at all rangersitis. I appreciate gersnet and wouldn't ever troll it. I used to be an avid newspaper reader but the quality of journalism now isn't as good as on some blogs imo. My routine is scotsman, hibbies bounce, newsnowhibs, cqn, gersnet, AFC chat, jambos kickback, with the guardian thrown in sometimes. I must say AFC chat is awful. Rangers media is mostly absolutely horrible and I can't read it anymore. i have more respect for your views than any journalists'. Best writing ever on football was 'The Absolute game' fanzine. I guess i grew up with fanzines and have progresse
  12. I'd want about 3/1, rating your chances at around 25%. If you get home draws, I'm sure you can prevail against any scottish team. Motherwell? - knocked out by Icelandic part timers! I know the jambos turned you over but replay the game 10 times, I think you'd be lucky to lose twice. Aberdeen or celtic away would be a problem, everyone else you have a great chance of knocking out. You might be involved in a glamour tie against newcastle or man Utd next August. best case admittedly. Back in the big time. The pain will end sometime. Kris Boyd is too good for Scottish teams. Give him the ball
  13. Quote Originally Posted by BrahimHemdani View Post I think that's a very good point; and who has a better chance of playing in Europe, Rangers or Newcastle? Newcastle undoubtedly. And you know it mate!! We are miles, years, off European footbalI I don't know super- I'd say you have a real chance of euro football in 10 months, 22 months max, if you can hold it together. What a difference that would make to everyone's mood for a few minutes eh!
  14. Regarding Walter Smith, I suppose you have to weigh up if playing attractive football and not making progress in the CL, is better than playing negative football and making the UEFA Cup final. Difficult one. There seemed to be a Largs football philosophy at the time championing quite a negative style 4-5-1. I think Smith's style in Europe at times was ridiculously defensive, but if he had employed better counter attack methods it would have been more palatable. Personally. if I were a rangers fan I would have been accepting of Smith's later tactics in Europe as they produced results. And I
  15. Jesus, very sad. In all seriousness, if he was to switch to just drinking lager all the time instead of spirits, he'd probably be a functioning alcoholic. Maybe in what looks like a hopeless case, that would be better advice than cessation. Best of luck Paul.
  16. Wasn't it the case that the EC were obliged to investigate the case after receiving a complaint from a Rangers fan, rather than an 'independant' complainant?
  17. gisabeer gisabeer is offline i like jack daniels gisabeer's Avatar Join Date Jun 2006 Location greenock Posts 4,472 Default Quote Originally Posted by neutralscot View Post Wasn't Ally instrumental in halting the movement to strip rangers of titles? Maybe a workman is only as good as his tools. Maybe you'll see Ally build a team worth watching in the next three years as his budget increases (if so). Maybe. What do I know though. I'm sure I saw green shoots against clyde - much like the rangers of old. we'll see. I thank ally for that, but I dont see the connection here. In wha
  18. Wasn't Ally instrumental in halting the movement to strip rangers of titles? Maybe a workman is only as good as his tools. Maybe you'll see Ally build a team worth watching in the next three years as his budget increases (if so). Maybe. What do I know though. I'm sure I saw green shoots against clyde - much like the rangers of old. we'll see.
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