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  1. No I agree my first answer was too simplistic. Supercooper, it's not guaranteed income, but say one Alan Hutton and one CL group qualification every three years would be enough to keep rangers sustainable you'd think. And with the money on offer from UEFA from next season with the new TV deal, and with the outrageous fees paid by English clubs right now, (£!2 million Shane Long!) theses two avenues are more attainable than a sugar daddy, or squeezing the fans for more money every year. Der Berliner, it is true that other teams are restricted to looking in certain markets i.e. lower divisi
  2. Supercooper, the answer to your question (plugging financial shortfalls in income v expenditure) is undoubtedly selling players. For Rangers to be sustainable, the target should be selling a player every season or so to England. Two routes here- the Dundee United approach of developing youngsters and selling them, or celtic's, of buying european potential and selling them at a profit. Ajax for example, have quotas of youth player promotion to the first team squad they are expected to meet every year, and also take punts with great success on the likes of Suarez. The sale of Alan Hutton is
  3. We will need admin 2 before or after king to recover from the deals greenco have handed out. --- I think admin 2 is looking unlikely (from a completely ill informed perspective I'm sure). Is it a case of evolution, not revolution now?
  4. Rab, whilst the absence of RFC has been catastrophic for our game (and the mighty Hibs, and Hearts now also), I think our long term problems are running much deeper.
  5. Bit off topic for a gers site, but how do people here view the future for scottish clubs? The top five leagues are now so far in the distance that any future european success for a scottish club now appears to be fanciful. England are never going to allow us to play within their leagues. The bottom english club now earns more than a quarter of a billion from tv every five years whilst SPFL winners will receive around 10 million. Personally, I'd approach the dutch and belgian leagues and try hammer out a northern european amalgamation before the damage done to these countries is irr
  6. Part 2 Then what happens? Nothing! The statement by the person that they are “fit and proper” is accepted by the SFA. Mr Regan Spells It Out Saturday’s Scotsman had a lengthy piece regarding this issue, where Mr Regan made it clear what the activities of the SFA were in connection with the “fit and proper” test. I have quoted Mr Regan below together with my comments on what he is saying in bold beneath the relevant parts of the quotes. ——————————————————– “We need to understand this idea of a ‘fit and proper person test’. It’s a myth. There is no test. People don’t
  7. Part one of an excellent article by paul McConville about SFA corporate governance and lack off. concerning CW takeover. The SFA’s “Fit and Proper” Test – Self-Certification for Football Clubs – A Farce? Part 1 – Craig Whyte Secretly recorded phone conversation between the SFA and the new Chairman of Dukla Pumpherston of the Scottish First Division:- SFA - Is that Mr Hannibal Lecter? This is the SFA calling. Lecter - Hold on, just finishing my dinner, these fava beans and chianti are delicious…how can I help you? SFA - Just wanted to ma
  8. It's incredible news as a non rangers fan. Why didn't murray weather the storm? He could have downsized, changed the club's ethos regarding youth development etc. He was listening to celtic blogs more than he was his own legal counsel. Incredible mistake to capitulate over the big tax case. Whyte? What was he thinking? He could have had a healthy club worth 60m for £1 but contrived to lose it all. It's mind blowing.
  9. Interestingly, those hearts youngsters looked SPFL quality after 4-5 months experience. Obviously Levein will mess it up. Gary Locke is a coach that any club serious about a youth policy should look at. For any scottish club, selling young talent is essential. Look at Dundee Utd - recently sales over 2m for Goodwillie and Gauld. Their turnover was only 5.4m last year, so the sale of Gauld alone will boost their turnover by 50% or so. This is the equivalent of Rangers selling a home reared youngster for £9m every three years, and tbh, this is the benchmark for scottish clubs For me the best c
  10. The military is an issue where it pays to be hawkish for the yes campaign. As long as the independence movement doesn't rock the boat with radical ideas concerning unilateral disarmament, military bases or the like, America will largely continue to sit on the sidelines. Having recently chatted with military officers from the US navy, their attitude is very much 'well we kicked them out - you guys go ahead if you want.' You sense the SNP are desperate to keep the lid on anything radical from their membership before the vote. IMO, I would have expected the UK gov to have appealed directly t
  11. So, fossil fuels are not in fact made from fossils but from naturally occurring pools which replenish the supply? Jeez, everyday a school day….
  12. So it's just me that still has nightmares about Cubillas! I think Rangers and other teams' influence in Scotland has significantly reduced over the last twenty / thirty years, in line with the reduction in actual children playing football. Scottish football, whilst previously the be all and end all for past generations, is losing out to Sky English football and plenty of other forms of recreation, mostly screen based. I personally don't believe there is any political lobbying / action based on what team a group of MPs support. I think the 'extremist' view of there being a papal / OO consp
  13. I can assure you, if you watched 1978, you were scarred by it. For life. Anyone else? It affecting the 1979 devolution vote purely speculation on my part.
  14. relationship between sport and national identity. ======= I remember Argentina 1978 and scarring trauma of it all. Scotland lost some of it's swagger directly because of it it's fair to say, and it may have negatively influenced the devolution vote of 1979. I'm sure the book will be an interesting read.
  15. Ally had one season in the SPL during which rangers internally exploded. No one could be expected to win the league with everything in background at that time. His euro campaigns were not the best BUT, it was very early in his management career, and 2 men sent off against malmo didn't help. Poor in cups, excellent in league (results wise), it is surely too early to pigeon hole McCoist as a failure.
  16. Come on guys, normally you'd have an average 50/50 chance, even with a team full of internationals. I think your squad is still thin on quality. Even with say 3 internationals signing for you next year you'd still be a bit underweight. Not to say it can't be done though. If it was done, it would be more of an achievement than probably any previous league win.
  17. If Ally first wins championship, then the SPFL at first attempt? I make it about a 98% chance Rangers will win the championship this season, then about a 33% chance they win SPFL season after. So just about 2/1 Ally will do the unthinkable! Kris Boyd really is a master signing. Maybe Commons is better (2 guys called Kris!) but that's it. I'm sure you'll think…yippee then eat large quantity of humble pie. You know, I'm better in my job than I was 2 years ago. Maybe the experience in the lower divisions will have done Ally the world of good.
  18. Frankie, I believe some hardline celtic fans use their football club / faith (ha ha, not at catholicism, but the idea that any of them are actually practising christians) as a reason to be anti SNP and pro Labour, believing the SNP are anti catholic and anti celtic, but labour are not. Lunacy yes.
  19. Alex Salmond – Why Rangers Football Club PLC (in administration) Must Be Saved Mr Salmond was briefly interviewed on the BBC yesterday regarding the position of Rangers. Below is a transcript of what he had to say. “My appeal to Rangers and to HMRC is – can’t we agree on a sum that’s due and a means of paying it that allows Rangers to continue as an effective functioning football club in Scotland because Scottish football, even Celtic, needs Rangers. Scottish football needs Rangers. “We want Rangers to survive and that should be a key goal and requirement prevailing on
  20. But then about 2000 years ago, a guy was nailed to a tree for suggesting we all be nice to each other for a change. The irony is that most those who refuse to be nice in Scottish football, claim to worship him. ==================== And as if to emphasise my point - here is a sentence which is better than anything you will read today in any newspaper covering scottish football
  21. I am on Gersnet because I believe it to be the most important website in Scottish football. I believe this because it is the only Rangers website that is coherent, civil and informed (that I have read). Rangers are the biggest club in Scotland and this site is the best representative of the biggest supporter block in Scotland. I find other Rangers sites with the continual cuhnt/bheast narrative, tiresome. I'd like to see gersnet try to influence not only rangers, but also the rest of scottish football. I'm a hibbie but believe me, we may be in the same league come autumn, but that's where it
  22. The song is not elevating any one person, it is taken from a street gang song, a gang who, while they were from a Protestant heartland, also fought Protestants from other areas. There were probably other songs sung about them. It most certainly a part of what Rangers is all about as history and tradition are as important to some as handwringing and profit are to others. ======================================== Apologies for my ignorance, though from the lyrics I'm sure you'll understand why I believed it to be anti catholic, or at least anti irish. What I don't understand here is what a
  23. I'll probably be banned for this, so coat on, but I don't think the Billy Boys is an appropriate song for 21st century Rangers. I grew up listening the the masses singing it and it is a very intimidating rousing anthem , a great tribal chant. However, elevating via song, a violent ned, convicted wife beater, and a member of Oswald Mosley's fascists, doesn't strike me as befitting of Rangers. Surely this isn't what Rangers are about any longer? Surely you are a modern football team feeding on sporting endeavour rather than historical references to battering catholics? And in a European Union
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