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  1. base a professional appraisal on their chests or backsides: ====== Well they have tiny brains. What else are we meant to do?
  2. No I agree with what you are saying. It is a desperate measure and a crap plan. I think the shares for season tickets is quite interesting though.
  3. No, no one wants to go back divisions. Scottish football is dying without that happening again. You'd hope the threat would be enough and the company would be sold without further need for extreme measures. Ah well, my master plan wasn't so hot after all! Best of luck.
  4. I'd be hoping for a buy out costing around 20 million, and the first season supported by credit or the angel investors I've mentioned. Net realisable value of assets, not accounting tricks. Yes, it is a plan with gaping holes, looking for the likes of your good self to fill in the gaps
  5. Here is my plan complete with gaping holes for a velvet rangers revolution. I believe currently the rangers support is too fragmented to be effective in achieving fan ownership in 2014, and efforts should be turned to season 2015-2016 by the end of the year if 'angel investors' have failed to remove the current board. Goal - To create a consensus within the rangers support and eliminate economic uncertainty. To buy the club for fan ownership. To rebuild Rangers as a global player Method - Conference to create united body Use fans' season
  6. I have read recently that DK made more in paper profits from the share rally of a company he is chairman and major shareholder off in three months than he paid to SARS. (more than 40M pounds). The company stock ticker is MMG and is listed in SA. I do believe he has the funds to buy Rangers is required.
  7. Excellent piece Hildy. Better writing than anything in paid media. Irvine Welsh recently said a term - 'the sectarian doped old firm,' in a disparaging answer as to why the old firm win in Scotland all the time. Traditions, loyalty, yada yada. Ultimately it will hold both clubs back though. The EPL in it's earlier days will have certainly discussed the old firm in response to approaches, but I feel justified in speculating that the nutter element of both clubs,and policing, will ultimately have been the discouraging factor in rejecting overtures. The nutters may have held the club back
  8. Admin's - any chance of changing the title of this thread? Neutraltimmmy's had his fun, but enough's enough. --- You know I'm not hiding the fact I'm not a Rangers fan - I'm actually from near Leith in Edinburgh and a Hibs fan. I post on this site because I believe Gersnet is an important site - there is a level of intelligent scrutiny here sadly absent from most other sites, and a refreshing lack of pseudo sectarian nonsense. I'd go as far to say that Gersnet is the best and most informative read on football out of the whole UK media, online or printed. Unfortunately for the re
  9. Celtic 7 Rangers 1? LOL Bloody hell sorry. As an aside, Rumours sweeping around Hibs fans that Roman Abramovich is wanting to buy Hibs to keep a larger squad for Chelsea handy. Contact been made. Proof that the water supply in Edinburgh is contaminated with hallucinogenic drugs
  10. Is your radar twitching? Fateful day? Uneasy? Is it a celtic reference to the Hampden Riot or something?
  11. I'd have thought that a joint purchase with the SFA of a new long lease at Hampden, (which expires 2020) with a view to eventual redevelopment will have been mulled over by DK. If Rangers are liquidated again, this option would fit DK's 'not a penny' mantra, and deprive 'the ****s' of a more bountiful return on the assets. At the very least, tactically, DK could bring Hampden into the arena as a piece of leverage against the board, as unpalatable as the prospect may appear to the support.
  12. I thought Miller and Kris Boyd were near certain to sign? If they are signed, as retro as it appears, the Championship will be a canter.
  13. Actually I take back what I previously said about there being dozens of better managers in Scotland alone. The reality is he is still unproven, with good league form combined with poor cup form. He definitely deserves more time.
  14. Ally's minimum five year target: 2014-2015………………………Championship champions 2015-2016………………………SPFL top two, one domestic trophy 2016-2017………………………SPFL top two, one domestic trophy, qualification from group stages of Europa League 2017-2018………………………SPFL champions, qualification from group stages of Europa League 2018-2019………………………SPFL champions, qualification into Champions League group stages
  15. I think for people to assassinate McCoist over unknown off-field issues is wrong. It is true he may have been buying shares as a show of support for Rangers. He may have changed his mind about telling fans to buy shares as initially he may have believed the club wouldn't survive or at that time he hadn't been given the assurances he needed. As for his pay packet - very unfair. AM has a very high profile and can earn a certain level of money every year no matter what, and £800,000 to Ally won't have seemed extraordinary in the least. So in summary - no one knows exactly how or why McCoist h
  16. It does appear that admin 2 is on everyone's agenda. There are so many known unknowns and unknown unknowns that gambling on admin to provide a clean ownership break with all assets seems risky. Considering the market cap is currently under £20M, why oh why doesn't someone try buying £10M of (admittedly limited) shares to take overall control of the club? Why? Only desperate purchasing of shares by a couple of the board has seen the price rise from about the value of the physical assets. Anyone interested should be buying at these prices now- unless they are recklessly inviting admin to sav
  17. No I'm a completely new poster- and I'm not here to indulge myself in anyone's misery, nor do I have any duplicitous motive. I read every team's blogs - I've posted on Celtic sites and been called 'a hun', posted on Bill McMurdo's and basically had people trying to intimidate me. I'm posting here because it is genuinely the only old firm blog that has a quality informative forum. I suppose as Scottish football's quality declines, as competition declines, as star players are nowhere to be seen, the boardroom shenanigans at clubs is about the only interesting aspect of Scottish football now. A
  18. OK. I suppose I don't understand the whole sense of doom and gloom around Ibrox. As far as I can see; - a rookie manager was appointed, made rookie mistakes, has been poor in the cups, but has been a steady hand despite the chaos, and achieved objectives in the league. Football has been poor but with Dean Shields etc what does anyone expect? Player negotiation has probably been the poorest part of the squad build. - Charles Green, Ahmad etc may have been a naughty boys, but without them it was possible the club would have been finished totally, and maybe it was an acceptable price to
  19. Do you think it is checkmate, or at least check, against DK? I find it difficult to see how he can influence the board to any extent if there is a new share issue (unless of course he is buying). I would have thought if Rangers get through to a share issue, there will be no administration in the future. How quickly will they manage to produce a new share issue in your opinions? This is surely the most pertinent issue facing the board, if reports (i.e. tittle tattle) of under 3000 season tickets are true. Also, ignoring the small buys by a couple of the board this week, why aren't the current
  20. Hi there, first post, great site. I read lots of blogs etc and this is the best one in Scotland by a distance. If Rangers FC cannot continue as a going concern, in the event of the Dave King faction starving the board out, what happens? How does Rangers International deal with this?
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