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  1. Is this part of a deal for Di Maria to go in the opposite direction? Muller and Robben were being talked about as possible makeweights.
  2. UEFA used to regionalise the early draws to cut down on expenses for the smaller sides. That charter would have been filled up with fans as well as players and staff, so some of that would have been recouped. I looked at flights for Yerevan as West Ham might have been drawn there. Looking at £350 minimum flying from London.
  3. They need to be good enough for the top league in one year, at the earliest, not now. Wakey wakey!
  4. The co-efficient is dropping like a stone and qualification for the tournament proper becomes more difficult every year.
  5. Fuck me, not happy with bringing in players on loan, but you want them played them out of position too. I'm out.
  6. Winks doesn't see himself as a defensive midfielder, so why do you?
  7. I prefer my Rangers heroes to have had a bit of dignity about them. It's hardly surprising that an alky wife-beater does it for a strange wee stalker like you.
  8. You cite clubs which have deep, talented squads making the odd loan signing of international players. The current situation at Ibrox Bears no resemblance to those situations.
  9. Yes, he did, but he wasn't alone in that regard. The team was geared up for domestic success but that was their ceiling. Some painful lessons were handed out by continental opponents.
  10. Talented player, no doubt, but a fantastic guy? John Brown needs to have a word with himself.
  11. They will also curtail the development of players who are permanently contracted to the club. The end results are similar to McCoist going out and buying 'experienced' players to win the lower leagues - it all catches up with you in the end. People really need to make up their minds as to what it is they want to see The Rangers become and how they envisage it growing in the long-term.
  12. Other than the travelling, should the home match protocol not be exactly the same as the away one?
  13. Yet more short-term thinking.
  14. King is doing well enough discrediting himself by constantly changing the script. I would have absolutely no problem with him if I could trust him to match his words with deeds.
  15. You accused me of being facetious earlier on in the thread because I posted "shut up and be grateful". Now you more or less tell me to do just that.
  16. Didn't think so, but I did miss out Cuellar.
  17. Apologies, inadvertently put Ferguson in twice. Edited. Feel free to point out any other omissions.
  18. A player who is up against the likes of Hibs, Alloa or Peterhead won't attract anyone. Even if they are competing in the top league, the potential suitors will be limited.
  19. Spot on! There have been a grand total of ten transfers of over £1m since Advocaat stepped down in 2001 totalling about £40m. Flo, Amoruso, McCann, Ferguson, Boumsong, Hutton, Arteta, Thomson, Wilson, Jelavic. A transfer surplus of £10m per annum from a declining nation is rather optimistic.
  20. Qualifying for the Europa League group stage will be regarded as a successful season very soon. Scottish clubs tumble down the rankings year after year resulting in ever harder paths towards qualification.
  21. Clubs don't spend millions of pounds on players based on the back page of The Daily Record. That is comical. European exposure will have clubs interested and willing to take a gamble on players who have shone. Hutton was a prime example. Had a blinder of a season, got a big move, never fulfilled the promise of that one season since. The trick is to be able to repeat that every season and to have the financial stability to be in a position not to jump at the first offer on the table.
  22. Is this based on anything other than having previous with Warburton? He has spent the last two years on loan to Championship clubs, so on the face of it, a drop down in standard wouldn't make much sense for either Spurs or the player's development.
  23. It wasn't perfectly legal. The non-disclosure to the SFA broke the rules, hence the £250k fine. The possible stripping of titles wasn't centred around unpaid taxes, it could have occurred had it been shown that the use of EBTs had resulted in an unfair advantage on the field of play. Lord Nimmo Smith's ruling put paid to that. Two distinct cases. I fail to see what the inane ramblings of the morally bankrupt Michael Kelly (and it was on STV's Scotland Tonight, by the way) have to do with anything other than your need to introduce a Celtic link into nearly every one of your posts.
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