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  1. Although it has indeed reappeared, it's this part that's been edited out for some reason or another. Sinister or not?
  2. So the SPFL cabal recruited DunU, RRov and CovR to help them out only for the judge to tell them to go do one? Oh, the joy! 😆
  3. What a great read that was. Whoever wrote that should be head of Scotland's MSM.
  4. SNP? Infested with anti-British, Rangers hating scum. No wait! It's not Rangers the club they hate is it? Anyway...due to the constant attacks on my beliefs whether it be the OO, Rangers fans, Protestants, my football club and like minded folk, the Tories will be getting my vote next time. Given I've lived most of my life under Tory rule it shouldn't be a problem for me to make that choice for the first time ever. It would give me great pleasure if everyone in Scotland thought my way...just to rid us all of the SNP. Wee bit off topic? Don't think so. Susan Aitken i
  5. Roll on 19:15 !😎
  6. Bottom line is Gerrard has ambition to be a manager for the rest of his natural life. Good enough for me. The fact he's chosen Rangers, which could go tit's up (see Craig), to embark on that career pleases me greatly.
  7. Serving short pints by the looks
  8. Jimmy didn't know McCrorie could play effectively in midfield after being here for 4 months. So for that reason he's out. Good footballer in his day. Time to ditch the past and look forward to a wonderful future.
  9. Quite a coup. One step at a time...seems like a giant stride forward...can't help feeling exhilarated tbh.
  10. Brilliant article! Don't forget the bastards are still out there determined to finish us off!
  11. They are completely obsessed and insane...apparently it has something to do with this...
  12. I watched a stream (in parts) of that game on mute, Dembele did indeed get booked for diving, the ref had no option really, it was so blatant! Another thing, he dived at least twice more, same blatant dive but no 2nd yellow, imo he was wanting that 2nd yellow he just looks as if he doesn't want to play for them anymore, just his body language. Also...Hivs were all over them in the final 10 minutes, all the possession, just couldn't find the final ball, then on 90 minutes they should have had a free-kick for a tackle from behind just outside the box, ref waved claims away. I can't believe St Br
  13. Just noticed I've got 'notifications' - replies to posts I made on Thursday, will go have a look
  14. Personally speaking, as a young Rangers fan growing up and singing this song every week, I thought I was singing in praise of King Billy and I was one of 'The Billy Boys'. I'm not sure how long ago it was when I 'learned' it was to do with a guy called Billy Fullerton, but I was much much older. Honest! Btw, The Billy Boys of Fullerton fame never committed one murder, the f****ns murdered many, just saying.
  15. Wes in goal. If that was a CL Final he'd easily be portrayed as the best keeper in the world, so he'll just have to accept for now, at least, he's the best keeper in the SPL. A stunning display by the big man.
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