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  1. It goes without saying that Sunday is huge now. Both the players and manager have to show the right reaction to last nights result. Another slip up could go a long way to undoing the improvement shown before last nights disappointment. I think we will still get promoted.
  2. I have a wedding to attend on the 25th. Both May dates suit but if it happens to be on the 25th this month then I hope The Founders Tour can be arranged as that is something I haven't experienced yet.
  3. I like the sound of Indian Brasserie. Thanks for making me hungry BH, my sandwiches are going to be very disappointing this afternoon.
  4. Serves as a bit of a reminder to myself that I've become quite lazy with regards to promoting RF since the EGM. Before then, hardly a day went past when I wouldn't be tweeting or trying to sign up my friends. The Club as a whole has a long road to recovery and the more fans involved with RF and BR would make that road a little bit easier. I could be doing more, and I will. Thanks for sharing ian.
  5. Totally buddy. It's not even funny when you see the amount of threads and the same posters, a quick glance at the times of the posts is quite frightening. Not a single hour of the working day goes by without comment. If something or someone consumed my time so much I'd be expecting dinner on the table, a brood of kids and an incontinent dog called Rover for my troubles.
  6. I looked at the LSE forum shortly after this news broke and already "investors" on there were discussing who qualfies to object and how to go about it. It's a strange world, sadly it is one we have grown accustomed to and I was not in the least bit surprised by what I was reading. I don't think he will have a problem at COS but I do agree with der Berliner that The SFA could pose more of an issue, you would be crazy to try and second guess them. The wheels are in motion though so here's hoping for a positive outcome on both fronts.
  7. I would like to attend. 16th works for me but I should be pretty flexible regardless of what date suits most.
  8. I'm chuffed with this. Hopefully he can light a fire under their backsides and get them showing an ounce of the effort and passion he did as a player. I would rather Kenny wasn't their but I can understand. As long as he doesn't mind standing next to McCall and listen to him explain how and why they have all been performing so poorly then fair enough. Can't imagine that would be pleasant but he might even learn something. *Ignore the last part of this post.
  9. I joined this forum because of all the shenanigans happening in the boardroom, I wanted to get info before it hit the shelves and see the views of fellow bears too. Donating to the Gersnet fund for BR and RF with a load of strangers was very inspiring and reassuring to know that there are many like me. Happy EGM day everyone and I look forward to having more discussions with you all as we move forward together, in a difficult but positive direction. Andy.
  10. I disagree that he is better than Bell. I'm not for a minute suggesting that our youngsters are world beaters, far from it. I'm saying that this year, with regards to the GK position it has been a strange one but under normal circumstances where your no.1 is fit and playing the majority of the season, why waste money on a seasoned back up that isn't very convincing anyway? If it's just for a handful of games, throwing in a keeper at 20/21 years of age shouldn't be a worry. If they aren't decent at that age they shouldn't be with us anyway.
  11. Try not to laugh but can someone tell me what is the role of CEO of a football team. I know it's the head job but what would make a good CEO of a Club and how does it vary from other businesses (if it does). Is it a full-time job so the candidate couldn't have a major role in other interests?
  12. I don't think Robinson should get a new deal. It's been a very odd season in that we have had to use 3 goalkeepers but it is a bit of an anomoly. I'd rather Kelly sat on the bench or if need be we have an under 17 Scotland capped goalie who could warm the bench if Bell was injured. I wasn't best pleased when we signed Robinson or resigned Simmo for that matter but it turned out that both were needed. Bad situations crop up, it's inevitable but should we always plan for the worst? Maybe having to throw a kid in under circumstances could be a good thing. After some of our defeats this season, I
  13. I saw what you did post 156....reverse psychology! I'll be interested to see how the board go about engaging with RF & BR. If the Club was to promote these vehicles and help boost the numbers to an extent where it's obvious to anyone that both groups represent a wide variation of supporters, maybe those groups could be used to have candidates put themselves forward? I can't imagine it will be on top of the to-do-list though.
  14. This sort of mishap would never have happened on James' watch..... Seriously though, how many mistakes have we witnessed? And that's only the stuff they intend for us to see (most of the time). Hopefully this nonsense is coming to an abrupt halt soon.
  15. I may have picked it up wrong and jumped to the conclusion it was one of them darn onerous ones. Sad that you just take it for granted these days that every dealing someone has with our Club these days is tied up in such a way that it benefits a lot of people except ourselves.
  16. Do you think there would be enough protest/lionbrand merch sold to offset the cost of buying back unsold stock? I do hope that sense prevails. It makes sense to me that MA would reconsider his deals to maximize sales but "whether Ashley listens....".
  17. I think he scored 5 goals with Cowdenbeath on loan, we have nothing to lose. Some of our support have written this season off, I'm pretty close to writing promotion off too. If it turns out that we fall short, I would like to fall short with guys like Gallacher in the team.
  18. I didn't research the rule that was quoted but I guessed it was with regards to Blue Pitch Holdings and Margarita Holdings with fans questioning exactly who they were. I read it that they had recieved relevant information about them and no rules have been broken. As I said, total guesswork on my part and could be, most probably totally wrong.
  19. Aw man, I wasn't on Gersnet for one bloody day and look at all the fun you guys have been having. FML. Will PM Mountain Bear right now. Great effort.
  20. Ruff


    Unfortunately I agree and whilst I expect a lot of BS Pr work leading up to the EGM, I also expect the undesirables to hoover up as many shares as possible, it will be a small price to pay for something too valuable to lose. My head is screwed with it all and I just pray that for the first time in a long time we get the result we wish for. Buckle in and hope for the best.
  21. I liked the fact that RF offered up various levels of payment for the exact same amount of influence. It was a major selling point to me. I'm fortunate enough to be able to have joined the 1872 Club but my opinion or vote is no more important than the folks that donate less than I do. I love that, the only thing folks can do is give what they can. It's a good thing. *Back to topic* I don't have a ticket and won't be attending the match but myself and a mate will be outside Ibrox around 7pm tonight. Friday nights and social life are both overrated anyway.
  22. Your posts do come across like you are a little peeved off about not being at the table anymore mate. I'm sure you don't mean it though, things are bad and it doesn't take much to read text and take it the wrong way. On a lighter note though (purely in jest-avoiding misunderstanding) post #28... How do you indirectly send someone an email?
  23. I emailed Zappa at silly o'clock thinking "what the fusk have I done".....Account suspended???? I'm not usually a paranoid type of guy, or am I? No I'm not. I might be. Stop it George. Who's George? What the f???. Glad normal service has been resumed :-)
  24. Livingston have been found guilty of breaching Scottish FA rules over their owner Neil Rankine's dual interest in East Fife. The Championship side were accused of concealing information of their biggest shareholder's involvement in the Methil side, with Rankine influencing affairs through a relationship with their owners. The Scottish FA have ruled that four breaches of its rules have occurred. A hearing will take place on February 13 to determine what punishment, if any, will be handed down. A previous charge relating to a £200,000 loan to Dumbarton was dropped late last year.
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