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  1. Did Gerrard make a mistake in not training on that surface the day before the game? There were times where we misplaced passes and got caught out as they seemed to glide past us with the extra confidence of being comfortable with the pitch. And being very generous, Tav seemed to misjudge the bounce for their second goal.
  2. Agreed. And it would be very difficult to accurately tie a specific economic trends to minimum wage alone. Its been or is a hot topic in the US, who can hardly be accused of being socialist within their mainstream political parties. Some exceptions like Sanders aside.
  3. Sadly I think you are right. International recognition, and hopefully some goals, will hopefully bolster his sell-on value.
  4. Those were similar arguments against the introduction of the minimum wage in the first place. Has there been any analysis of whether this actually happened? In as far as those things can be quantified.
  5. Middleton has since been quoted in the press about having to learn the other side of the game and how he feels he has a better understanding of how he can benefit the team. All good stuff - and as said I'd prefer he was doing this learning in an a competitve environment where any potential mistakes don't cost us
  6. If he's going to bring in Shankland, why not Gilmour? The Russia game is a write-off anyway, so what is to be lost?
  7. Where can I sign up? Not had a good riot in ages. ** looks out my pitchfork **
  8. There was none left after you used it when making the opening post.
  9. Not quite, though I was paraphrasing and may not have put it in the considered way he did. I'll see if I can find the interview.
  10. They've stated their reasons, are a commercial enterprise and have no duty to publish anything they don't want to. If he doesn't like their reasons, thats for him to argue. If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck and walks like a duck... I'm going to call it a duck.
  11. It was one of the former Supreme Court judges that I saw interviewed this morning who put it best. To paraphrase... The 2016 referendum saw a 52% victory for leave. But that doesn't mean that you can ignore the 48% who disagreed and get 100% of the winnings.
  12. Presumably the author is free to find another publisher. It reads more like a commercial/legal decision by Emerald Press rather than one of censorship.
  13. Its rather hollow of the government to claim that the SC's decision was an attempt to thwart Brexit, when they themselves argued in court that prorogation had nothing at all to do with Brexit. But like so many other aspects of Brexit, the government has singularly failed at every turn to have a clear and workable strategy. Finally someone has clipped their wings. And like many, I am relieved. This doesn't stop Brexit, but it does mean that due process has to be followed in order to get it through. No government should be afraid of that. The fact that Johnson clearly tried to avoid due process, tells me everything about why I think they will fail.
  14. stewarty

    Rick Kasdorp

    Given how lightweight Barisic has been in the tackle up to now (last night aside), Kasdorp probably deserves the stick!
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