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  1. A few thoughts on catching up on this thread: - Richard Murphy... I've read a few things he has done over the years but really have no idea about his background... but the fact that HMRC have it in for him isn't a reason to distrust him necessarily. Nor is the fact he is prepared to call out vested interests in terms of those avoiding tax, legal or otherwise. Some of his language and communication style leave a bit to be desired it has to be said, but the main thrust of his criticism of GERS isn't wrong in my view. The fact he has given evidence to to parliament and to the EU suggests his opinions have some validity, or at least should not be dismissed out of hand. - GERS... budgets are a numerical way of demonstrating the structure and direction of an organisation. GERS does this for Scotland based on its current structure. As many have said already, it doesn't necessarily equate to the political imperatives and the economic reality of an independent nation. - SNP - Bill's main thrust of his OP is that a credible alternative to GERS being needed to support any drive for independence is spot on. Sturgeon's tactics seem to be add odds with the wider Yes movement's desire to push ahead and make a positive case for indyref2. Unless a credible evidence based vision for the future is produced, which acknowledges risks and uncertainties, indyref2 will have the same outcome regardless of the impact of Brexit
  2. Solid performance. We will give them something different to think about at home.
  3. They've got a red card in them here.
  4. We need to be a bit sharper defending set pieces. They're a real threat
  5. Some outstanding play acting from Legia you have to say.
  6. I'm a regular flyer for work to the likes of Birmingham, Luton, Bristol and a few others. However its economics and common sense that drives my travel choices - if I can somewhere by public transport within a reasonable time/cost, comparative to flying, I would.... But its simply not possible when you need to travel more than 2-3 hours south. Try getting to Nottingham or Birmingham by train inside 5ish hours... whereas I can fly to both inside an hour. There might be some trains to Birmingham where that is possible, but not too many. Clearly there is more to it in terms of the time it takes to fly, in terms of travel to the airport, waiting times, etc. But until more environmentally friendly and cost effective alternatives are available, I wont be the only one who continues to fly domestically on a regular basis, no matter how keen I might be to make environmentally friendly choices. As a sidenote: I see Easyjet is opening up a route from Glasgow to Birmingham in March - something that will drive greater capacity and price reductions on that route, the one I use the most. This will likely encourage more folk to fly to the midlands given the poor alternatives available.
  7. stewarty


    Nice attempt at deflection.
  8. stewarty


    Yet you double down despite the obvious absurdity of you calling out Ullieam when all he would need to do is quote your own post.
  9. stewarty


    Yours was the first post in response to BIll... And the words you chose to use were suggesting that Thunberg was an example of the feminisation of politics... And your referencing of emotions was then used to expand on what you mean. So sure it might not have been quite what you meant but it was a lazy choice of words and left you open to being pulled up on it. You also by omission failed to call out the "bintette" words to refer to a young woman who yourself seem to suggest needs to be protected. And yes you did refer to gender and specifically some allegedly feminine traits in a negative manner. Whether attributing directly to Thunberg, you cited her as an example. Really I'm surprised you keep digging a hole over this one.
  10. stewarty


    Ach bill youre a sweetheart really.
  11. stewarty


    Nobody would be saying it is an example of the feminisation of politics and how emotion trumps reasoning... Whether it was intended or not, it was belittling to a young woman and to women generally. And they certainly wouldn't be calling them a "naive bintette".
  12. stewarty


    Clearly you do because you seem to dislike being called out on it.
  13. stewarty


    It's not so much about me being a feminist, but calling out the absurdity of having a go at Uilleam when he has rightly called out the undertone of mysoginy in this thread from some, including yourself. It seems you're getting defensive about being called out, but we can agree to disagree if you like.
  14. stewarty


    No bother Captain Snowflake. (Thought you'd like another monicker for your bio)
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