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  1. I think Salmond’s tactics are becoming clear. On the face it it, that’s clearly a bonkers suggestion but the types that Alba seem to be attracting, aside from being happy to stand with Salmond, are those that have grown increasingly frustrated with the more gradualist style of Sturgeon. This is purely designed to push/pull the SNP into a stronger policy on advancing indyref2 faster than sturgeon would like. All of which depends on them getting seats which is far from guaranteed with polling circa 3%
  2. they do love the comfort blanket puff piece. It’s like Sharkhead has been full all season and the pandemic has had no impact on their finances whatsoever.
  3. Someone else’s fault. Blah blah blah. At some point brexiteers will own their mess. Doesn’t seem it’ll happen any time soon if the bold Brendan is anything to go by.
  4. Really looking forward to seeing Wright play for us next season once he’s had a full pre season and the confidence of being a champion.
  5. Political parties after a period of time become an umbrella for all manner of factions and ideas. The Labour party have Momemtum/ Blairites/Corbynites. the Conservatives have One Nation types, liberal conservatives and euro-sceptics (amont others) who clearly drove a change of direction despite a lot of their traditional heirarchy being pro-Europe. And for the SNP, whilst they have a left leaning social democratic element (civic and joyous nationalism!), they also have right leaning and (arguably) more business friendly types too (e.g. Salmond himself), but they coalesce under the aim of a
  6. You digress from the point, but if thats the barometer then we're all f**ked because never has there been a time where those "resources"/qualities/ethics have been so routinely ignored/ dismissed in modern politics.
  7. There was a report the other day that in 2020, that renewable energy generated the equivalent of 97% of our energy demand. Its also estimated that Scotland has 25% of Europe's capacity for wind power, and 10% for tidal wave power. I'm not sure how much of that we currently tap into, but there's no doubt in my mind that we have significant energy resources. With nuclear decommissioning at Hunterston/ Torness coming in the next couple of decades, Scotland and the UK will need those resources, and potentially there is scope to generate revenue by selling excess power onto the continent. That
  8. I wouldn’t rule out Jum Spence being announced. 😂
  9. Agreed. Though there are interesting comparisons. Elements within the unionist and nationalist side are both attempting to corral their supporters into voting tactically, yet the parties themselves, perhaps Douglas Ross aside, seem to be in favour of protecting their own seats.
  10. It was more the comparison with UKIP/Brexit parties regularly having to deselect candidates because of things they've said/done. This Alba thing is going to crash and burn though. They already messed up with a GDPR breach on their website, and I can only imagine that every single candidate they put forward will be having their background checked in minute detail by journalists and opponents alike. In much more detail than the Alba crew will be doing. And I wouldn't discount more Salmond related allegations to surface. * checks bookies odds *
  11. Given the optics of whats already happened, you wouldn't rule it out. This already feels very Farage-like.
  12. Tommy Sheridan has joined this Alba party it seems. 😂
  13. How long till we see new allegations about Wee Eck? A week, 2 weeks, maybe a month?
  14. The only surprise is its taken him so long to make the announcement. It'll at least be funny to see SNP types openly say what they think of him since he's now a 'rival'.
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