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  1. Or rather, anti-protestant bigotry, as we should all refer to it as.
  2. stewarty


    She’s confirmed on twitter she’s coming for the March from Kelvingrove to George Sq on Friday 5th Nov.
  3. stewarty


    Hopefully Greta makes an appearance. The amount of people who will lose their shit will be hilarious.
  4. Not sure about that. Suspect the manager will try and keep the majority of the team exactly the same. Thought we may have hooked Tav because of his first half booking.
  5. Job done. That’s about all i can say in the end. onto another big game on Wednesday
  6. How many of those games has he started? Always think that’s a useful metric for a striker.
  7. Satisfying to see us get the first goal and then build on the platform it gives us to the game. Big first 10-15 of the second half… can we build again and get Alfredo the goal he needs so we can see his happy face again.
  8. There's rumours (and a pic doing the rounds) that Frank "the best in the business" McPartland has been hired to oversee their recruitment. Got a feeling this is going to be a car crash if this turns out to be true. In terms of new manager markets, they're so small that small bets can skew the odds a fair bit. At best they're knockabout fun, but are no indication of anything.
  9. This appeal characterises the petty distractions that permeate our game constantly. Utterly pointless
  10. Lundstram as well for me. He's starting to find a bit of form which has been much needed.
  11. It was legal, so on that basis it was fair. But as I said, it was exploited to disguise employment which definitely isn’t fair, hence why IR35 came about.
  12. the bottom line was that self employment was being exploited unfairly by businesses and individuals to avoid tax, and IR35 was attempting to stop disguised employment. Back onto drivers, It’s definitely a factor in the logistics industry which we discussed earlier, with agencies commonly used to plug gaps and provide flexibility. Agencies will always have their place but I know most businesses still prefer to have their own people to ensure they get quality and consistency of work. Overseeing agency drivers is a hassle Because of the disruption to ensure they are compliant, trained and have the info needed to do the job to the same level as the permanent driver who has done the job for years… and you then have all extra work needed to supervise them and correct any issues that naturally arise because they don’t have the same level of job knowledge. so in this instance, whilst self employed contractors can help boost productivity by providing short term help, I’m not convinced they provide the same benefit as having good quality driving staff permanently on the books. debate over tax policy is perhaps a different thread but I don’t disagree about the inanity of the usual back and forth that happens in political debate.
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