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  1. Its not a requirement, no. But its possible. It will be interesting to see if the club come out and explain the appointment.
  2. I think its potentially both what yourself and Bill have suggested and/or strengthening the team given the range of strategic projects on the go. That includes the possibility of Champions League qualification and the step change in funding that this would provide if we can manage it.
  3. Which they've known about for several weeks now. I get that there may be complications in that they may need to move a few fixtures around to make it work, but there is no impact on supporters regarding travel so really they have no excuses for wasting this weekend in my view.
  4. In fairness to the lad, he has improved each year of his career so far. He will soon outgrow Aberdeen if that continues. For me the issue is not dissimilar to that of McCrorie. He's a good battling midfielder but is he good enough on the ball to fit in with the way Gerrard plays?
  5. You're a conspiracy theory nutjob! Similar thoughts had crossed my own mind, in fairness. The only counter-theory that I came up with that made any sense was that there might have been a conscious decision by the SPFL to minimise the number of games in January to allow the players a little more recovery time after a hectic December, given there is no winter break this year. Even if that was the case, it would be easy to explain. But also, surely such niceties are dispensed with given the ongoing pandemic and the priority should be playing the games within a reasonable timefram
  6. Their PR must be raging. They were working so hard in the background to shift the focus away from Celtic's ineptitude and hubris, and Lenny has brought it all back like a lightning rod.
  7. Whilst we are on the subject to weird coincidences, Celtic have three games in hand yet jetted off to Dubai when they could have scheduled at least one of them. And they also have a free weekend coming up. I'm sure they wont whine incessantly about the inevitable fixture pile up towards the end of the season.
  8. The obligatory youtube compilation! My thought watching that was he was like Jamie Murphy v2.0.
  9. Davis for me. They deliberately congested the middle of the park to force us wide and Davis got us into good initial positions in the channel particularly, we just didn't find the right pass or get crosses in with enough quality regularly enough.
  10. Wow indeed. The storm clouds are gathering - it’s getting murkier and murkier the more information is released.
  11. On your final point, absolutely! But with regards to the party and John Sullivan, I’ll link you to the video I watched and an article about the veracity of the claim that BLM/Antifa were involved in the capitol madness so that folks can judge for themselves. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.upworthy.com/amp/john-sullivan-capitol-riot-not-blm-2649955338 with regards to the conduct of the Mayor, I have no opinion but clearly they weren’t sufficiently prepared for what unfolded and that deserves some scrutiny.
  12. Seems it was a civil service union that had pressed for the advice to be given since the inquiry is operating in a quasi-judicial manner with witnesses giving evidence under oath.
  13. Maybe I’m at crossed wires here. If I were him I’d be lawyered up. Whether he knows the system or not, he still needs independent and objective legal advice given the implications for him personally. That’s straight forward. The question was about the use of consultants for the civil servants. That’s altogether different. I suggested there may be some contractual reason for it, is all, in the absence of knowing the details.
  14. Indeed. But this is murky territory with claim and counter-claim. Who knows (yet) what to believe on certain matters, other than somebody isn’t being entirely truthful. Probably all of them. To be clear, I’m not defending this, just offering a possible explanation in the absence of more detailed information. It seems very odd to me that such a thing is necessary in the circumstances. It smacks of an attempted cover up
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