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  1. Admin - can we have this thread bookmarked for posterity please!!! Bill is proposing government regulation of business and I agree with him. Sounds like something the Greta Thunberg would propose, so are you sure?
  2. The bureaucracy surrounding ESF and ERDF funding that is accessed via the EU Commission is unbelievably long winded, with many many hoops that need to be jumped through when applying for and receiving the funds. The funding models are often complicated by the matched funding principle - whereby the funding can only be accessed when it is matched by another source. This is where charities can become unstuck, e.g. if they are reliant on two sources of funding which are then sometimes matched themselves in other ways, and if someone in the chain doesn't keep appropriate receipts or file returns in a timely manner, the whole thing can become an unseemly mess. IIRC, each individual return has to be audited before funds are released, by which point in a project, the funded body/charity will have likely committed their spending, hence why the outcry at the EU Commission delaying payments from December. It is probably likely that even payments due to be made since December relate to funding returns provided from years previously, further increasing the financial difficulties of those organisations. From memory, the Scottish Government themselves employ a team of auditors who go and check individual returns and recommend their approval for payment. Its not a job I would want to do, the level of detail is excruciating and unnecessary in my view. None of this of course is an excuse for bad management. Indeed, the Skills Funding Agency down south has had all sorts of problems of their own in recent years, and I'm sure I heard about issues in NI as well. But as I say, the way the funds are structured make this sort of thing inevitable. There may well be some of us who have experience of this stuff and more more knowledge than I do. Anyway... Just some context before we conclude that this is some sort of nationalist conspiracy.
  3. They tend to have good info consistently. Worth a follow
  4. The judge's sentencing notes were instructive here. At the end of it all she has shown no remorse and continued to deflect ownership of her actions.
  5. Apologies for the repitition, I couldn't work out how to get the full thread posted in one.
  6. Quality wind-up thread, @Bill. Can't believe so many have been caught
  7. The SNP are not finished because many of those who voted for them still see it as the best vehicle to enact that change in our constitution. Which is not so much different to the increased share of the vote the Conservatives have seen in recent times, where it seems they are judged to be the strongest anti-indy party under the stewardship of Ruth Davidson. Tribal indeed!
  8. Thats a good point - certainly the board would take a collective responsibility for any decisions taken and would be bound by confidentiality in terms of things they could discuss openly. Again, though, for me it comes down to the individual and whether they could manage the competing demands and priorities of the two roles, as well as their ability to influence.
  9. Its absolutely no surprise that the Memorial Walls own solicitors think they have a case to be answered. In fact, I'd be shocked if they didn't jump on the chance to pump them for billable hours. But as I say, it all sounds very odd based on the article above. More information is needed because at this point it seems like a tactic to get us to settle - i.e. we will go to the press again if you don't give us the work
  10. I think potentially we are looking at this from different points of view. An individual Board member fulfilling those duties should be able influence or hold to account when doing those and other duties typical of any boardroom. Ultimately there are other options available to a Director in a worst case scenario - e.g. to blow the whistle, referral to regulators, etc. If you are saying that there is nobody currently in the ranks of club1872 capable of doing such then that is a different matter. The other dynamic would be the ability of one board vs an alliance of other members who can effectively overrule an individual. But again, that speaks to the skill, integrity and influence of the individual.
  11. I'm saying that I think on a practical level it would be difficult to find someone who could balance the demands on them personally, even though I support the idea. In terms of what they could do to hold the Board to account, I can think of dozens of things... Participation in Board meetings, developing strategy and objectives, reviewing and challenging performance management reports in relation to agreed objectives/ plans, scrutinising decisions that require Board approval, challenging decisions from a fan perspective, participating on Audit Committee meetings (if appointed) to review the work of independent auditors.... I could go on. The key, as with any board appointment, is finding someone with the personal experience, gravitas and integrity to fulfil the role effectively.
  12. Ach who cares about Corporate Governance anyway! In all seriousness, football clubs are a different breed to normal companies, in the sense that so much emotion is attached to running them effectively. The tools available to any appointed non-executive director are fairly standard, but the difficulty would be in finding someone who is able to balance the competing demands of fan politics and their fiduciary responsibilities as an appointed director. Given that we struggle to find many who last the course in terms of fan politics, let alone be capable of managing the conflict mentioned above, I too have doubts that appointing a fan's representative to the PLC/ Football Club board would work on a practical level
  13. Seems his off-field antics as well as his lack of application have finally seen the Gaffer lose patience. It seems the game vs Liverpool U23's a couple of months back was the final straw. Lafferty wasn't even making the squad in the final few weeks.
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