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  1. The driving charges are, I assume, the tip of the iceberg. By all accounts he gave his address as Redcar, and he had some well documented problems when he initially moved to Killie where he didn't integrate with the team and was down the road every opportunity, mixing with less less than wholesome hangers-on... I wonder if he's slipped into old habits
  2. I wonder how much the issues Aberdeen had with arranging friendlies will have hampered their preparation. Contrast with various messages from Gerrard about the sharpness of certain players, will we be able to use the potential fitness advantages to give them a torrid time? Cosgrove being out weakens them too.
  3. Share a lot of the concerns about the developments needed in our squad, especially in attack. I think we will face a stubborn Aberdeen who will immediately try to exploit the weakness highlighted by @26th of foot Overall I'm optimistic, but agree we need to get off to a good start. My working assumption is that Michael Beale has been working hard with Gerrard at improving our tactical flexibility and to give us tools to adapt our game to the situations that arise. Part of that is going to be taking our chances and maintaining discipline - something we have not done at crucial times.
  4. Do you mean Richard Wilson, formerly of the Herald and latterly with the BBC? If so, the tweet was not from him, but rather a Tim claiming to specialise in Balkans football.
  5. I think there's 3 ODIs v Ireland. They've named a separate squad for those games though.
  6. Isn't the issue here that Twitter are inconsistent in applying their own rules? They have clear policies on hateful conduct and say they will remove such content when it arises.
  7. I jinxed him. Holes out from a full toss! 😂
  8. Any word when we will find out the outcome of the arbitration process?
  9. Terrific from Broad. Always enjoy seeing him tee up batsmen and have a go. As good a striker of the ball as you get in the lower middle order.
  10. Agreed. Further context to properly understand the significance would be helpful.
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