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  1. Derby can only sign out of contract players or loans due to their embargo. They've a host of trialists training with them just now as well, so I suspect this link is a non-starter.
  2. Bicameral vs unicameral is a really interesting debate. I think the criticisms already labelled at the HoL are relevant, but also agree that there isn’t necessarily a clearly better alternative. At least, not one that won’t present different challenges. In Holyrood, one of the biggest issues with the system there is the weakness of the scrutinising committees, not least seen with the Salmond affair. And the whole system falls down when you end up with MSPs from a governing party with highly centrist controlling tendencies chairing said scrutinising committees. Where I think a lot of the criticisms of the HoL comes from is the patronage and jobs for the boys culture. Successive PMs have used their ability to appoint donors and all sorts of friends; and I think that particularly irks many who have concerns about it’s unelected nature. If either are to change, and arguably they both should, it should take careful review of the process for election/nomination as well as the checks and balances, whilst retaining the good qualities they may have. Eg I’m sure with a bit of research we could come up with many instances where the HoL have changed the government’s position through scrutiny of legislation, and surely that is the point?
  3. Really encouraged by that 45. Definitely ready for Livi I’d suggest. 😂
  4. He’s a racing driver and doing racing driver things. I don’ t think a debatable incident like that will have much of an effect on his reputation. As for the abuse, I think your reaction is just weird.
  5. Seems Instagram have said they’ve removed posts so I guess that confirms that he was abused.
  6. Whether he cheated, despite the penalty he received, is debatable. You just need to read the views of numerous drivers who said it was a racing incident and they both could have done more to avoid the collision. But that aside, what did I miss? I saw the headline this morning that he had received racist abuse presumably on social media. So either he did or he didn’t???
  7. Yet again football supporters being treated as second class citizens. Ridiculous
  8. The poison is dripping out of that post, that much is clear.
  9. Apologies, had a glitch on my browser there.
  10. From memory, any unsold shared will be underwritten by existing shareholders. Though I'd need to go back and check as I can't remember if i read that in an article or if it was the Tifosy chap on Heart & Hand.
  11. The Tifosy chap that was on Heart and Hand answering questions about it mentioned that it isn't underwritten. Something to do with the specific vehicle that is being used.
  12. Probably a poor choice of words as I was conflating investment/gambling which may not be entirely fair. But ultimately you can only be sponsored by businesses that want to sponsor you, and so long as we promote their services in a reasonable way with the approprate caveats and disclaimers, then its ultimately down to individuals.
  13. Similar to being sponsored by 32Red for me. We are not as a club pushing people to gamble. I'd prefer us to source sponsorship from more ethical companies but we can't ignore the potential partners that do want to spend money with us, simply because we don't care for what they sell.
  14. Switzerland 1-2 Spain Belgium 2-2 Italy Czech Republic 1-0 Denmark Ukraine 0-2 England
  15. The usual tinkering around the edges guff from the SPFL/SFA. Edit: That said, I'm for the Colts teams in the lower leagues - we need to do better at the transition phase from youth to first team.
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