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  1. Not bad for a humourless troll. But please, continue to lecture us with your cryptic tales…
  2. Oh right, so this is budget issue??? 😂😂😂 Some laugh, so you are.
  3. I'm averaging 7134 steps per day this year to date, and 8281 last year. This year's number will creep up the more golf I get in over the summer. I don't focus on steps so much as the active calories measure on the apple watch. I'm quite OCD with it, and average 990 actives calories per day, and 60 exercise minutes. Still, you can't out-train a bad diet, as the saying goes - and its food and beer/wine thats my downfall
  4. The Sportemongo situation takes a new twist... but hey ho. Going to check it out in person at the store later.
  5. Lundstram for me. But many excellent performances
  6. I couldn't fail to. At least it makes sense now you've outed yourself.
  7. Steady on, bannocks are shite. 😂
  8. I booked after the Braga second leg. I should have jumped earlier as if we don’t make it, my plan is to change the flights to something else and I’d have probably got flights into Seville rather than having to get the train. Anyway, defeat does not exist in this dojo. See you there!
  9. What route/cost? im glasgow to Madrid via Gatwick on the way over, and via Heathrow on the way back. just under £200 I’ll book the train Madrid/ Seville if we make it.
  10. But fuck it, i'll be there if we make it. Gersnet meet-up???
  11. Nope. No way to tell, but I was hearing about some people making a number of applications and getting tickets, when I read the T&C's and cancelled my application, to go as a second person on my mate's application... when initially i was trying to double our chances by both making applications and putting each other's names down as the second applicant... not sure if that makes sense but the rules did say that duplicates would be automatically cancelled.
  12. Careful now - I agree with the general tone of response to many of your points. I'd rather debate the substance, but at times the sneering condescension in your posts is only matched by their vagueness.
  13. To my mind, given that he's gone after Chechnya, Georgia, Crimea, the Donbas "breakaways", Transinitria... whilst threatening other neighbours not to join NATO... its a couple of decades of clear intent that he wants to expand his empire using the spectre of nuclear war as a deterrent from anyone interfering. He's bitten off more than he can chew this time though. The West's containment/appeasement strategy has failed and now its clear we have to do what is needed to defeat him. The idea of an all out war with Russia is not appealing, so i suspect our end game is to starve the Russian state economically to the point where they revolt and over throw Putin - how long that takes, who knows. The quicker we move away from any form of dependency on their oil/gas the better. Where i do agree with you is that I think once Putin is gone, however long that takes, the western world will be quick to get its hands on Russia's oil and gas infrastructure.
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