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  1. What happened to innocent until proven guilty? Any others tenets of our justice system you want to see ripped up?
  2. I would agree there is an element of futility, but that doesn't mean I disagree with their efforts, more that I think the vested and short term interests are too great to see any meaningful change that those involved in the last few days will find acceptable. So I will stick on my prediction hat on to say that the frequency and potentially the ferocity of anti-climate change protests will increase in the coming years. This in turn will have in impact on governments, business and every day attitudes to environmental issues. It just wont be enough or quick enough for the more strident campaigners.
  3. What is to say that they haven't done these things already? What if the vested interests are so great that change is glacially slow and the situation gets worse? Sooner or later you need to take matters into your own hands and make a stand. Sure some of their tactics may not get much traction but if it draws the attention of business, politicians, the media and the public, they might argue that this is a success in its own right. Perhaps its not all just a leftist conspiracy.
  4. I guess it depends on how seriously you think you will be taken. Sure, targeted protest might get some results but would it have got anything like the amount of focus and attention as it has done? Personally I admire that they have the courage of their convictions and are prepared to stand up and be counted in order to get their message across. Ultimately their message is that the environment is in a perilous state and requires us to take immediate and drastic action. Sitting on your hands, playing by the rules and polite societal norms sometimes just doesn't cut it in this case.
  5. I think there is a lot to be critical of the BBC with regards to their editorial stance on a lot of topics, but I'm not sure that this is necessarily a particular talking point - all three are stories of sporting interest so perfectly legitimate to be covered.
  6. Letizi Whittaker, Webster, Svensson, Ball Capucho, Black, Malcolm, O'Halleron Kyle, Sandaza Unsurprisingly a lot from the Eck and Banter Years eras. I'm pretty sure there are others that really annoyed me for various reasons so I'll maybe come back and edit this.
  7. Gribz making sure we focus on the burning issues of the day. Mcdonalds overall, but the XL Bacon Double Cheesburger from BK is a favourite too.
  8. Pretty sure they both criticised Morelos for being stupid in the way he tangled with Scott McKenna at Pittodrie. The circumstances were almost similar, in that Morelos' momemtum took him into Mckenna. The difference was Alfy tried to avoid stamping his foot down, whereas Brown doesn't. Brown "knows what he is doing" and it should have been a booking, yet none were given. But Morelos is stupid and deserved his red,.. the mental gymnastics and double standards are obvious to anyone who cares to pay attention. And thats before you consider that Morelos took a kick to the face in retaliation.
  9. They wrote a transfer speculation blog last week and mentioned that the Hastie deal has all been agreed, but he has other offers and isn't finalised.
  10. What has changed? I seem to recall a similar story a little while ago.
  11. I'm sure Mr Gerrard is pure gutted at this stinging attack from such an outstanding... oh, actually... never mind.
  12. Fair enough. I haven't heard the full section where he is talking about his time with us but generally i thought he comes across reasonably well but quite understated - but that has been the same for when he talked about playing at Stenny, Raith and Hearts too - I didn't pick up any particular enthusiasm but it seems he didn't hesitate to move to us when Hearts forced him out.
  13. Been listening to this and he admits early on that he grew up as a Celtic supporter. Albeit he says he wasn't a massive one,
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