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  1. Labour also voted for A50 so at least were open to working towards a deal they could find acceptable.
  2. I'm all for bashing accountants, but you get bullies in all walks of life.
  3. The opposition opposed. Its not a shock. Given we have a parliamentary democracy, and with the Conservatives running a minority government, you would think they would have realised that the way to get Brexit done would have been to work on a cross-party consensus basis - it was the only way they could have got Brexit done having triggered A50 (on the original timetable, i.e. within 2 years)...in my view. The failure to do so was the real betrayal here.
  4. Just as well I'm not an accountant then.
  5. I agree. I'm just making the point because I felt that there was a narrative that because its the NHS that it is badly run, inefficient, etc. When that isn't necesarily the case any more than in any other large and complex organisation.
  6. Having audited in the public and private sectors, I can tell you that waste and inefficiency are not a public sector specific problem.
  7. The EU referendum was not legally binding. The failure to get Brexit over the line can wholly be laid at the door of the Conservatives. They simply failed to play the politics on this. They didn't have a plan before enacting A50, they didn't consult or listen to others, May created arbitrary and unworkable red lines, they allowed the more Brexity voices of their party gain prominence and to take over, they have lied and obfuscated throughout the whole process, they tried to play down genuine fears about the impact on NI... The list of failures goes on. There was a way to get Brexit done, but it was the Conservatives who failed at every turn to do so.... so far at least.
  8. Can we have a third answer: who cares?
  9. I think they are different companies but I'm not sure.
  10. Nor will I. Cancelling the subscription is particularly difficult, and seemingly deliberate. So there is no chance I will engage with such a company again.
  11. I'm not sure what there is to be gained by derailing a reasoned debate with scatter-gun posts like that. I'm certainly not going to try and defend idiotic protesters of any political persuasion.
  12. But hasn't sunk yet. Farage and Johnson are also proving to be excellent ballast.
  13. Politics is moving more and more towards the emotive rather than the rational though. I only need to look back over the last few posts you made in this thread to prove my point.
  14. Thats a matter for debate. I haven't heard them talk in those terms for years. To be honest, I think its a failing of UK politics that we haven't moved to a more federal structure. Instead we have the steady creep of more and more powers (some less useful than others) towards the Holyrood, which in my view is just plastering over the cracks which just inevitably open up after a short period.
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