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  1. Hard to pick a single player as a real standout, there were so many who put in excellent performances. A real team effort last night. I went for Jack because of his quiet ability to snuff out danger and fill in when we get caught out of position. He drove us forward and kept things simple - to the point where we didn't miss Davis as much as I thought we might. Honourable mention for Bassey though. From the moment he came on he looked strong in the tackle and drove forward periodically. You would have no fear of him getting a few starts if we need to rest Barisic.
  2. Thought we might have gone for Hagi but I can see the need to have a more disciplined runner in Barker. Let’s hope he can add a bit of quality in the final 1/3. We need to put pressure on their centre half and keeper early doors. Shell a few balls into the box to see how they cope.
  3. I was only mocking gently - I don't think that is what he meant really. But I do find it amusing that those who complain constantly about woke-ness and virtue signaling are the worst offenders for exactly that, but merely doing it with a different agenda
  4. I hope they went in with AK47's and threatened anyone using a spin machine or doing yoga.
  5. I've backed my own predictor selection. 3-1, Kent FGS. £5 @ 95/1 thankyouplease
  6. By a quick check the story was reported by many other outlets. It’s in reference to a Cornell University study.
  7. Bloody hell, has she not stepped down yet? Is this situation a justification for her to be recalled?
  8. We don't and he wont be officially able to do sign a pre-contract until January, but that doesn't mean his agent isn't working on it.
  9. Its weird, there are reports that we have gone back in but also that the reason we didn't sign him earlier in the summer was because he was overweight.
  10. It’s quite the deal here. We’ve bought the tv rights to the India market and re-sold them to star, owned by Disney. rangers doing the job that Doncaster is incapable of.
  11. Chick Young isn’t allowed in due to the ongoing dispute with BBC Scotland.
  12. Sure but the US has skin in the game and regardless of who is in office, this won’t change. I would be careful not to confuse this as a partisan issue
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