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  1. stewarty

    [FT] Rangers 0 - 0 St Johnstone

    Awful first 45. Need a play at a higher tempo and press them a lot harder
  2. So, Stephen Daisley is no fan of Sturgeon then? Most of that is hyperbolic nonsense in my view. First Ministers have made trips of a similar nature since Holyrood was established. As for Brexit, she and the SNP did a lot of work examining the Brexit options that, in their view, would protect Scotland's interests. May completely sidelined the whole piece, much as she has almost everyone by ploughing on with her unworkable proposals. So is it any wonder that she pushes the boundaries where she can? If she can argue with some evidence that she is doing what she can to protect Scotland's interests, I think most would support her right to do so. As for the comment about "Junior partner", that rather flies in the face "family of nations" rhetoric that we were treated to post indyref.
  3. stewarty

    Brexit - the big vote

    The myth that underpins the Brexit argument.
  4. The formation debate is interesting. For me, some experimentation is okay within certain limits. For example, if we are working on things in training, I see no reason why we should not change shape during the game to give teams different problems. Too often we have allowed teams to settle into a rhythm when defending against us, and we have been limited in terms of giving them different problems to contend with. Whether tonight is the right game to play the diamond, I would question. We played our best game of the season vs Celtic using the 4-3-3/ 4-2-3-1, with the crucial difference being our motivation and determination to consistently press high. So that would be my preference again. But should we struggle for a goal or if they settle into a defensive rhythm, by all means switch to some of our other tactical options depending on what Aberdeen themselves are doing. The more the team get used to this flexibility, hopefully the easier it is to put into effect.
  5. stewarty

    Another press attack on Morelos

    I thought there were promising signs with regards to Defoe and Morelos. The first penalty was from Alfy's cut back, and it was Defoe's sharpness that got him quickly to the ball and his quick feet inducing the tackle that won the penalty. Alfy worked his man and the space the whole game as we have become accustomed to. And there were other signs that Defoe was starting to get more involved in the play and find space. As I say, promising signs. Lets see what they can do against a much better team on Wednesday .
  6. The only thing that makes me doubt my opinion on this is that Michael Stewart agrees. No penalty and no yellow for simulation was his take. I'm on the look out for horsemen of the apocalypse...
  7. stewarty

    SNP’s workplace parking tax

    I don't immediately object to this at first glance. Its taking me around an hour to drive 15 miles to Charing Cross every morning due to congestion. But i do have some concerns/questions... As someone who's employer provides me with a parking space, I wonder whether the fee is levied on top of the car parking permit that they will need to pay when we move to a new office this month? Whilst I can see there is a logic to what is being proposed based on the experience in Nottingham which has seen reductions in cars commuting every day, as with the Ibrox match day parking proposals, will we see local authorities working with public transport providers to make sure that there is sufficient capacity and affordability to support additional numbers ditching their car for the commute. And will they gaurantee the money generated is ringfenced to support sustainable transport projects? I also would object to there being exceptions to the levy. Whilst I am in agreement that hospital workers and certain others should not have to pay exhorbitant fees to park at their work, I don't see why should they be exempt from this new levy.
  8. stewarty

    Brexit - the big vote

    Limited ones though, which see a corresponding adjustment in block grant.
  9. Defoe doesn't even claim for the second one. He is clearly playing for contact, but gets straight back up when it doesnt happen. It was a bad call, make no mistake. But if Clarke is somehow suggesting that Defoe should get a ban... that would be ridiculous.
  10. stewarty

    Brexit - the big vote

    I think there are assumptions on both sides of the argument there. But regardless, the main tenet of increased cost of import due to a no deal, remains and is accurate.
  11. stewarty

    Brexit - the big vote

    I was talking in reference to the point about goods being imported. Devaluation of the pound immediately increases those costs. Add in tariffs and additional bureaucracy over the import process, not to mention delays, and you've got higher prices in the high street for a whole host of goods. Whether a weaker pound generally is a good thing, is a different debate.
  12. Don't make me start inventing stats again
  13. stewarty

    Brexit - the big vote

    No but if you look at the immediate period following the EU vote in 2016, there was around 10% devaluation, which it hasn't recovered from.
  14. stewarty

    Brexit - the big vote

    The weakening of the pound yes, but also the cost of goods from the EU generally either from additional tariffs, or non tariff related bureaucracy on imports (which HMRC is wholly unprepared to managed), or both. And thats not even starting on the likely further slow down on inward investment and the knock-on effects that will have on economic development and the availability of jobs.
  15. The problem with that is that Morelos seems to prefer operating as lone striker with wide support. Any time he's had a strike partner he has been much less effective. One for the manager and technical coaching staff to work on.
  16. Oh for god sake I've already been through both threads end to end twice, I'm not doing it again.
  17. In the interests of fairness, @buster. You had 8 out of 23 total posts in the Killie thread prior to/ during the game. And for the Livi game it was 10 out of 13. So by the same bullshit invented metric, your ratio is 5:1, which suggests a propensity to the negative as well
  18. You can make stats to suggest anything. To illustrate that point, 7 out of Craig's 11 posts (up the point earlier), were from before/during the game. For the Killie thread, he made 5 posts before/ during the game, out of the 40 total. Make up your own conclusions from there. But that would perhaps make the ratio closer to 9:1 in terms of posts after the game, once the outcome was known. Seems a bit OTT to me
  19. To underline the point: Your posts in this thread so far: 11 Your posts on the Killie thread: 40 Yes, I was said enough to count. 👀
  20. I can only imagine this is a signing that is viewed as short term back up, with lad having potential to have sell-on value. Like flipping a house. Even then I think I would still prefer to see our existing young keepers get exposure as backup if needed.
  21. stewarty

    Brexit - the big vote

    I should clarify...One option is to extend article 50. The EU are likely to only agree that if there is a clear democratic reason such as a second referendum, or perhaps to enter into further negotiations around issues that do not have majority agreement such as the Irish backstop. Enacting the wishes of the people is an interesting concept and perhaps one worthy of a thread on its own. Safe to say I can think of lots of arguments why such a literal interpretation isn't practical. But in this case May has acted on the people's will by enacting article 50. And from a brexiteers point of view the Tories have monumentally fucked it up by a) having no clear plan prior to enacting A50 B) appointing ministers seemingly wholly unqualified for the job of negotiating with the EU who quit when they inevitably failed C) failing to properly consult and work with other parties or devolved governments throughout the process D) establishing unworkable red lines for the basis of negotiations (after a50 was enacted) E) refusing to attempt any meaningful compromise when faced with a stalemate in negotiations due to said unworkable red lines Those are just some of the headlines. So really the failure here is the Tories. However I suspect that if brexit is delayed or avoided completely there will be much mumping and moaning about failing to enact the will of the people...by a sovereign parliament that brexiteers tell us is powerless due to the malevolence of the EU.
  22. stewarty

    Brexit - the big vote

    I am fully aware. But thanks for the condesension.
  23. stewarty

    Brexit - the big vote

    We shall have to agree to disagree that it should be the only option. Trying to narrow this down to a black and white option is not realistic and doesn't reflect parliament crucially.
  24. stewarty

    Brexit - the big vote

    I agree its an option. I just don't agree its the only option.
  25. stewarty

    Brexit - the big vote

    Not quite. Parliament has to agree. So far it can't and May seems incapable of finding a solution. So unless some miraculous solution is devised that can gain parliamentary approval, this is where we are.

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