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  1. So far it’s bloviation all round. Cole-Hamilton having a mare particularly.
  2. He's live now https://www.scottishparliament.tv/
  3. I don't necessarily disagree with what you've said but the counterpoints in my mind are that I think that he is a manager that has quite a short shelf life unless he finds different ways to motivate his players. That may be the way with modern football generally in terms of managerial changes, but here's only so many times he can bollock his players to better performances and results. He was regularly throwing individuals under the bus and the club, presumably with his blessing, strong-armed players to stay with them this season when clearly they were eyeing up moves elsewhere.
  4. 75-7 now. Lead of 42 for England.
  5. Stokes walks. LBW to Ashwin for 25. 50-4. Lead of 17
  6. England trail by 8 runs with 7 wickets left. I'm not ruling out an innings defeat.
  7. I'll need to watch the video later. Curiously, no sign of compliance action from the SFA.
  8. If by that you mean: discussing Neic's favourite music and Cosgrove squeezing in as many self-indulgent references to Northern Soul as possible, I'm sure they might.
  9. The revisionism has long since begun. Gerry McCulloch's declaration that our points lead was "fake news" was a prime example. They'll phase him in gradually via an Off The Ball appearance, I reckon.
  10. Feels like he's been given time until its more or less impossible to recover, before pulling the trigger. I wouldn't be surprised if he's negotiated his resignation carefully to ensure he gets his contract paid up.
  11. 27-2 Bairstow gone for a duck.
  12. I tried Pomagne when navigating the cider trail in Normandy a few years back. A nice little drop - I shall need to get my hands on some.
  13. I think the club also has a duty to reach out to victims that haven't already come forward to create a safe and confidential space, with all the appropriate support needed to allow them to receive closure and for their story to be heard. We can't assume that just because only a couple of victims are known at this point, that there are not others. This isn't about PR, its about doing the right thing.
  14. Rangers 3 - 1 Royal Antwerp Change of FGS from Arfield to Hagi now that I've seen the team. Not sure if this edit is time stamped but its 16.49.
  15. Definitely. I think it’s because she was denied the chance to change her plea which has resulted in there being a mistrial of some sort.
  16. She pled guilty then tried to withdraw her plea which was not accepted and she was sent down. However she was then released following an appeal but told there would be a re-trial.
  17. The Senate trial is based upon articles of impeachment voted upon by majority of the House of Reps. So Trump has been impeached twice, but also acquitted twice by the Senate.
  18. Still seems to be debate about it. For example: https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.wsj.com/amp/articles/europes-schools-are-closing-again-on-concerns-they-spread-covid-19-11610805601
  19. Prioritising vaccinations for teachers is a bit of a minefield. You would think it makes sense but then, if kids are spreading the disease asymptomatically at school, whilst teachers will benefit from the immunity afforded by their vaccine, when kids go home they might have vulnerable family members who don't.
  20. Where there is someone with money to burn and a legal axe to grind, you'll find a lawyer willing to send an invoice for their time.
  21. There are FIFA/UEFA rules against clubs taking their local FA's to court. Hence why we had to accept the 5-way agreement stitch up even though it wasn't legal.
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