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  1. Actually, you’re right. It’s all Westmonster’s fault.
  2. Sentimental lard? Lol, I'll give you that, its a good line. Even if its is just your usual windbaggery. Unfortunately for your position, Rafiq does have credibility. How many cricket whistleblowers have there been that have had their case heard by a parliamentary select committee? He doesn't have credibility in your eyes because you don't want him to have any. It seems like your position was locked in way before you had heard much of what he had to say. Which makes you no more than a troll. There is more to come on this story, I fancy. I at least will keep an open mind and my lard, sentimental.
  3. Utter tripe. Being prepared to accept that Rafiq is likely to have been subjected to humiliating, degrading and objectionable behaviours over a period of years, is not virtue signalling, its being human. We must listen and take these allegations seriously, not dismiss them out of hand for your own idealogical prejudices. Whilst its clear that elements of this story are being sensationalised by the media because it makes good copy, that doesn't mean that the allegations are necessarily false. Being prepared to accept that Rafiq himself has exhibited unacceptable behaviours himself and indeed has admitted to it, does not necessarily undermine the strength of his accusations. It makes him flawed, like we are all are to some extent. Some, none, most or all of what Rafiq has said may be true. But thats why we have grievance and whistleblowing procedures. If they are abused in this case, he will suffer the consequences in time. One thing that is absolutely clear in all of this, is that those procedures have failed Rafiq and each time things like this happen, it undermines those procedures for everyone.
  4. Re-read what I said above Vaughan above.
  5. No it isn't. They do. Nope, thats your prejudice.
  6. Certainly getting a lot of praise from Thistle fans. Not that I’m persuaded by that on its own, a peculiar fan base with the preverbial chip on both shoulders.
  7. Again, some obscure logic. It’s possible for players of Asian heritage to be part of the club but also for there to be a culture of institutional racism. Their chairman/former chairman who gave evidence at the DCMS meeting admitted as such, albeit reluctantly.
  8. Some of the other arguments used against Rafiq just don't stand up. 1. Just because Rafiq himself has made mistakes and indulged in behaviours that have been rightly condemned, it doesn't mean that his lived experiences are any less valid. 2. Why did he wait so many years? Institutional racism has pretty much been confirmed by a number of individuals in Yorkshire and throughout the game. It was normal and Rafiq appears to have been a victim of this. Whistleblowing is protected by law for a reason. But even then, it doesn't make it any easier on those who are brave enough to stand up and say that it isn't right. 3. He's in it to settle scores If you were the victim of abuse, wouldn't you want that to be acknowledged and for justice to be done? 4. He's in it to make money Its an odd one tbh. He might write a book, I guess, but that isn't guaranteed and is unlikely to change his life meaningfully. And for every opportunity like that, he will likely lose many others. The stuff with Michael Vaughan is different. I noted that he has apologised to Rafiq but stopped short of admitting racist behaviour. I agreed with Monty Panesar that it goes against natural justice to condemn the man before any allegations are tested properly. I myself have been a Vaughan fan since his playing days and I enjoy his commentary on the game. I don't see him as a racist man, but I also think he was involved in dressing rooms where there seemed to have been a culture where it was normal and accepted to use racist tropes routinely. He and others have become guilty by association in some ways, though the wide range of characters who have been mentioned at all levels of the game, it does rather point to there having been a deep-rooted problem that deserved to be highlighed and addressed properly. And thats why the handling of this case by Yorkshire CCC has been rightly questioned and many of the senior people there having suffered the consequences of its failure in its duty of care. I also note that Scottish Cricket has its own issues raised via Majid Haq and others. The very fact that this made it all the way to DCMS parliamentary committee tells its own story of a reluctance by those in power to acknowledge failings. However, I expect some will continue to reach for any excuse to ignore whats in front of them.
  9. I think it’ll be quite a yo-yo series, with a couple of games barely lasting 3 days and a couple of tight draws. 2-1 England.
  10. Nobody had a standout performance but airfield for me on the basis he got us off and running with the early goal.
  11. Its been weaponised beyond any original meaning, from what i can see. If you take "political correctness", and multiply it by culture wars and social media, you get "wokeism".
  12. Late to this one, but currently really enjoying the Handmaid's Tale. On season 3 of 4, harrowing stuff.
  13. Suspect we will see Smith back as captain before the end of the ashes. Frontline quick bowlers pick up niggles so much these days that I expect pace attacks to evolve throughout a series, especially with back-to-back tests and the like.
  14. Imran Khan definitely captained Pakistan. Not sure about Hadlee for NZ. To further the analogy of fast-bowlers not making great captains, I would add Andrew Flintoff.
  15. I'm the same with folk who constantly bang on about "wokeism".
  16. Geoffrey has previously been critical of the way Yorkshire CCC handled the investigation. And his comments were vindicated.
  17. The more exposure Bassey gets to first team football, the more he seems to adapt. Given the injury situation, I can see him getting a decent run of games.
  18. I had the £1 deal until a few months ago. I also wouldn't pay more than that, but not sure if it can be used again?
  19. Thats been in the post since the summer
  20. Yes. And both sides claim they're somehow uniquely better than the other for no other reason that to coddle themselves and/or to justify their own warped ideology.
  21. I had a good chuckle at that.
  22. I liked that he wanted to address the players collectively and give his thoughts on yesterday, rather than get drawn into a frenzy through the media. And a fresh start for everyone. If you're good enough, you're old enough, etc. No more favourites who play regardless of form. I think we needed to hear some of that right now.
  23. Aribo for me too. I was baffled when he was taken off.
  24. Great news. Well done to the club in securing their man so efficiently.
  25. Sometimes you need to change the situation you're in and get a fresh start in order to kick on. But even though I am not happy with the way he has flitted in the night, I think Gerrard is ruthless in looking out for himself, his team and the things they want to achieve. Aston Villa makes complete sense for them, but I was only a fan while he was with us... and he better not come back for players on the cheap! When I look back I see a Manager in Gerrard who is still cutting his teeth. If you think back to the first season or so, he got caught up in the emotion of games, and was not as guarded in his criticisms of players/opponents etc. To more recently where I think he was too wedded to certain favourite players and I think could have been bolder in revamping the squad by potentially moving on one or two players to finance it. It seems to me we held off in starting the player trading model that we are told is fundamental to our football strategy. I think Gerrard's authority with the Board probably led to a situation where he persuaded them to provide more loans as a means of adding to the squad. The Scottish game as we know has its limitations for players and managers with ambition, but I think we held onto Alfredo particularly for too long. 20/20 hindsight is wonderful though.
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