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  1. it’s the scoring rate that is so impressive for England. anyways, that’s leach gone so England all out for 360, lead of 31
  2. Can be both of those and other factors… eg pitch and weather conditions, whether the ball is seaming/swinging. But mostly it’s because you get very few tail end bunnies these days. Almost everyone can play a shot or two, and when they catch a bit of luck, anything can happen. I think also that England lack someone with a little bit of extra pace and bounce, combined with aggression, to really steam through tail ends.
  3. Your assertion was wrong, and the subsequent reply above, a mystery. Anyways, my nuance is matched only by my humility. Do keep up.
  4. I agreed with him, for a start.
  5. Blair's legacy over Iraq is clear to many people, myself included. But I'm not even remotely trying to argue that the UK/US/The West is in any way an innocent bystander in terms of world affairs. Whether Putin is trying to restore the Soviet empire is debatable. Meantime he has been actively agitating to increase Russia's territory and influence and is prepared to sacrifice many lives in the process. He agitates on multiple fronts, but primarily through oil and gas - one of the key reasons he wants the Donbas by the way, not that it gets mentioned so much. Also, whilst I'm sure there are many defence suppliers and contractors lapping all of this up, the mental gymnastics of suggesting that Zelensky wants to preside over a nation at war is quite a staggering leap of logic. Some politicians like Boris quite clearly see personal opportunities to try and shore up their popularity with PR trips to Ukraine, but that is more about his domestic credibility. Meanwhile, the men, women and children of the Ukraine, and the young men conscripted to fight for Russia, are dying in their thousands because Putin has unilaterally and illegally invaded Ukraine. You can have all the "two sides are bad" debate you want, but when faced up by an enemy determined to remove you from the map, all such prevarication becomes irrelevant.
  6. No need for pages and pages. A few headlines should suffice. Though I would warn you to avoid more lazy assumptions.
  7. Buster, old chap, you have jumped to a false conclusion based on your own bias. A few points: 1) There is only one side in this conflict that is presenting a direct threat to me and my family. You may disagree with that, as you've indicated, and thats fine by me. 2) If the truth and the lot of the ordinary citizen was so important, why do some seem hell-bent on excusing the falsehoods and war crimes perpetrated by Russia? And for the avoidance of doubt, that includes sympathy for the alleged reasons for Putin's actions (which, also for the avoidance of doubt, are absolute horseshit) 3) I'm more than happy to debate in good faith. Sadly there are some who are unable to do so in return. Thats on them. 4) Poking the bear is precisely what we (the west) have avoided for the last 20 years, even going so far as to turn a blind eye to all manner of clear provocations, and where has it got us? 5) Whether Putin is behind Project for Russian domination, is irrelevant. Putin is the one in charge of Russia's forces and is the one making the decisions. If you're saying that he doesn't really want to restore Russia's empire ,then I disagree. 6) Perhaps neighbouring countries wouldn't feel the need to seek alliances and shore up their defensive/offensive posture if they didn't fear there was an existential threat for the bear. Hell, Sweden has dispensed with its long-held neutrality because of this. They didn't even do that during ww2 ffs. 7) Diplomatic efforts will fail until Russia is prepared to own up to its clearly inflammatory and genocidal actions. And that wont happen whilst they are under the yoke of an authoritarian like Putin. History has a habit of repeating itself. '8) There is no appetite for conflict in Ukraine. There is however a desire from Ukrainians to defend themselves, their families and their way of life. There is also a desire from the west to help them because its clear to me, and in fairness, most western leaders, that this conflict wont stop if/when Putin secures the Donbas or whatever reduced aims he otherwise claims. At some point, the western world has to stand up to Putin fully. We are just playing around the edges of this. And that isn't some warmongering thought from me, its my conclusion having watched this play out so far
  8. You wouldn’t be suggesting that Russia/Putin is full of shit, would you?
  9. Such provocation! That would certainly test NATO’s mettle.
  10. Appeasing Putin is what got us to this point. I’m afraid much stronger and more concerted effort is needed by the west to stop him. And if we don’t do it now, it won’t be long till his next target will be in focus and it’ll be much longer and more expensive to get rid of him.
  11. I think thats a little premature. Whilst I don't think we will be spending the sums that many have guesstimated based on last season's transfer and prize income, but I do think we will be net spenders this window. Its still early in the window given all of the post season internationals... I'd like one or two in for the start of pre-season though.
  12. So how does that relate to our involvement in Ukraine being about making ourselves feel better?
  13. No, but I can see through you. If you have a point of substance, why don't you state it clearly instead of all this condescending and vague nonsense.
  14. Hmm. I think you are (again) being disingenuous, simplistic and short sighted.
  15. Dealing with Putin, validating him on the world stage and trading with his mafioso regime, is not in our interests no matter how much easier it might seem in the short term. Surely we have at least learned something from all of this?
  16. Nonsense. We are helping the Ukrainians because its in our interests to do so.
  17. Sorry, I meant "extra" condescension. 😁
  18. C- You could have added some condescension for extra marks.
  19. Lol. Obvious fishing is obvious.
  20. Stop it!!! Wee Vlad told us it was just a special military exercise, then it was about liberating Ukrainians from Nazis, then it was about the Donbas… Pretty sure that the root cause of all of that is those Ukrainians who wont lie down and be butt-fucked with a hammer and sickle…. What could possibly have been misconstrued???
  21. I wouldn’t dare! 😳
  22. Humility, my arse. I’m not Mandela ffs. I’m not making a unique admission, its a statement of the blindingly obvious. You stick to your simplistic analysis and twitter threads. It suits you. One question thought: Do you have a mode of debating that does include being snide?
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