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  1. Aye, I used to get a fair bit of abuse in another place for challenging the Judas, and was accused of only doing so because McMurdo was a supposed Loyalist lol. Me, who grew up in a blood and thunder flute band in Northern Ireland, and as you say, McMurdo being loyal to the coin.
  2. Not only did he give a platform to the pretend Rangers fan John James, when McMurdo's mighty, global RSL Forum (stop laughing at the back) folded, he actively promoted and tried to direct people to the John James blog. Now, there is no doubt in my mind whatsoever that McMurdo knew full well by that stage (if not from the start) that the bold JJ was not whom he said he was, indeed, that JJ was out to try and sow as much discord amongst bears as possible, and generally try to damage Rangers as much as possible. When McMurdo started I quite enjoyed his blogs, and I think all Rangers Boards should be equally held to scrutiny. But it quickly became apparent that McMurdo was a paid (in one form or another) propagandist for Jack Irvine and Mediahouse. And as such, he lost all integrity and morals, if he ever had any, considering his previous selling miracles stunts. He obviously has no shame, spinning continually for those to set out to rape and pillage our Club. How could any supposed Rangers fan do that, I honestly don't know how he sleeps at night. That his and Mad Phil 3 name's blog were both 'spinning' the same lies and propaganda, would tell all sane Bears all you need to know. Now I just think he's all consumed by bitterness, and would do anything to see the current Board fail. Thankfully most Rangers fans seen him for what he really is a good while ago, while for others, their petty, pathetic 'inhouse' squabbles is much more important than what is good for Rangers, and as such backed McMurdo in his malcontent campaign against the genuine Rangers fans trying to save out Club. Though thankfully I think even most of them have deserted him, as he posted things such as likening the current Rangers Board as Nazi's, or saying we are a new Club, or his support of Rangers haters such as the Hag or Spiers. He us quite rightly despised by the vast majority of the Rangers support, and seen for what he really is, a treacherous little Judas, scumbag.
  3. As I'm sure it will come as no surprise to anyone, that treacherous little rat and paid propagandist McMurdo has not one, but two blogs out, saying the Hag and Spiers were hard done by, and backing up what Spiers was saying.
  4. Siam69

    Welcome Thread

    Near Sattahip. I live in London, but try and over about twice a year, work and finance permitting. Just a small Condo, but it's a good 'base camp'. Then going exploring around Kanchanaburi etc. Lots of knowledgeable posters on here, I mostly just read and absorb to be fair
  5. Siam69

    Welcome Thread

    Welcome, mate. I have a small 'holiday' place by the sea in good old Siam, myself.
  6. Well in my opinion, and it is only my opinion, it would be any Bear who realised and took issue with the fact that McMurdo junior was purposely and very deliberately pumping out lies and propaganda on behalf of those who were then in charge of Rangers, while, shall we say, those in charge were putting their own interests, or the interests of someone else, before what was best for Rangers. And also, while all the time, McMurdo proclaimed he was only doing what he was doing as he had Ranger's best interests at heart.
  7. A paid propagandist masquerading as genuine Rangers fan. No morals, no integrity, quite rightly despised by all right thinking Bears, in fact would probably get lynched if pointed out at Ibrox. Honestly don't know how he sleeps at night, scumbag!
  8. I agree, same as last Season, they had a bad start, but improved a lot as the League went on. TBH, we were lucky to beat them at Ibrox, they missed two sitters. If they had been more clinical, it would've been a different result. Still think we'll win the Championship, but no way Hibs will be the likes of 20+ behind in my opinion. Our 2 games end of Oct, start on Nov against them and St. Mirren will be massive.
  9. Bit injury prone, and had to endure alsorts of bigotry from his fellow Oirish, both real and plastic for signing for us. Good luck to the guy.
  10. I was at the game yesterday, they destroyed Lyon. Stadium was nearly full, good atmosphere, was up and down doing the Mexican wave like fuck! Then down to China Town for a buffet
  11. Have a look at this video and Stubbs when asked, I'd put my Mortgage on he has at least told Stubbs he wants to go. http://sport.stv.tv/football/clubs/rangers/1325225-scott-allan-tells-hibernian-he-wants-to-leave-to-join-rangers/
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