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  1. PRW

    Rangers first

    Whether we are fan owned or owned by shysters or even good Rangers men with good business acumen some online supporters of our club couldn't agree on the colour of shite and will be taking petty swipes at one another whatever our fortunes, it's just a sad truth and reality for us a support and always will be when we have such a massive support. We'll always attract a fair share of rockets... I wont allow that to get in my way though or stop me from contributing from a good scheme with great intentions. Thankfully neither will 2600 + (and that number is increasing rapid fold)
  2. Because we need investment or we fold and if we do so he'll be held accountable. He would obviously prefer BPH dip into that £50m they have stuffed down their couch and forgotten about to back the share issue, but alas it turns out McMurdo is being fed the same cytotoxic tabs of acid as mentally Phill.
  3. Also worth noting that Robert and Greg collectively have put a lot of their own money / shares into RF, it's completely unfair to suggest they are doing so for personal profit.
  4. No money has actually been put into the club as yet. The board thwarted that sort of investment before the AGM. All we can do is wish him well and rebuild our club into what he and we all believe we ought to be.
  5. If you tally up the shares owned by Smith, McCoist and the fans and add it to recent purchases from bears it's around 50%
  6. laughing so much at Phill Mcwhat'shisdaughtersage He's like Nostradamus on acid with his predictions.
  7. Just been explaining to my two year old that he'll get to go to Ibrox like I did with his Granddad. He pointed at the couch and said "chair" HE UNDERSTANDS!
  8. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS Actually just roared with delight there and my two year old is giving me funny looks.
  9. Here's hoping.... Interesting twist that he's acting on his lonesome, could actually be a good thing. Taylor et al buying out Laxey and offering funds for a fresh share issue might just have created the spark King needed to wake up and get round the table with investors. Time will tell but I'm daring to hope once more, if it unravels into failure and the shysters who've run us into the gutter are still standing tall after this then it will be the final nail in the coffin for me I think.
  10. Which is why it wont really take that much other than for us to get our act together off the park (easier said than done) and we will be challenging in no time. They know this and they are pig sick at the thought of it. Just need the good guys to push on and secure the shares needed.
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