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  1. Lot of ifs buts and maybe in there, I am sure you know the difference between a rights and an open, however not worth the time as Res 8 was voted down by as I said RF and the RST among others. Facts will do best in the meantime, Ashley is driving the bus so to speak, when we arrive at his chosen destination he will let all know. I enjoyed Mr Houston's well written and cogent piece, how about you.
  2. I note that Mr Houston of SoS concurs with your reservations (you should read his contribution very well thought out), always good to see some approach from the angle of truth rather than wishful thinking, there would be less beeling people in the world
  3. Bill has really set a few people on the back foot, after all what has changed except the names on share certs, Laxey via Kingsnorth have all but admitted they were powerless against Ashley, even with 16% shareholding. What will the new share holders be able to enforce against Ashley that the Laxey camp failed to. There will be no share issue it will be a rights issue if any at all, the share issue was voted down by RF and RST amongst others. When Ashley decides good or bad we will know. Haven't seen good buddy RangersRab about, surely not another enforced holiday.
  4. Good fairies only appear in pantomimes, whereas in the real world. The Rangers Football Club Ltd (TRFCL) has reported an £18.19 million pre-tax loss for the 13 months to June 30, 2013. The company, with operates “a professional football club in Scotland, together with related commercial activities”, reports it owes parent company Rangers International Football Club Plc (RIFC), £16.16 million. TRIFC notes the amounts owed to Rangers International “are unsecured, repayable on demand and do not accrue interest".
  5. I would say you certainly are, and with forthcoming good cause.
  6. Chip wrapper one expert here dismissed it as. I would put money on Dave's contribution being at least doubled he did after all admit to his crimes, with jail time thrown in, always darkest before the door slams shut to reveal your new SA cell kapo. "Billionaire businessman Dave King is the most prominent among high-profile South Africans who could be slapped with far higher tax bills if their deals with the taxman are reviewed. The findings of the investigation, carried out by a panel headed by Johannesburg advocate Muzi Sikhakhane, largely confirm reports by the Sunday Times over the
  7. I always enjoy reading the Newcastle boards articles who do like to post up the relevant regulations to further their opinions, no doubt the telegraph whom Ashley's people constantly give a bloody nose to will be along shortly with their anti Ashley take on matters. http://www.nufcblog.com/2014/11/29/uefa-rules-how-rangers-newcastle-can-compete-in-europe/
  8. Obviously many do not understand the structure of UEFA or its clear ruling on dual ownership, which of course the SFA are in direct breach of, as I recall the SFA were also warned of serious sanctions by FIFA/UEFA over the outcome of the transfer embargo affair.
  9. McCoist will be telling us he worked months for nothing next. Wonder how it will be received when he votes with the board on Monday.
  10. Play it down ? you couldn't give it away, a relic of Advocaat and murray's vanity.
  11. Whatever happened to your promulgations, swept away on a floodplain ?
  12. The part of Ibrox you don't see the roof, is said to have major issues however as yet not serious enough to involve building control or any other authoritative body. However left unrepaired it is only a matter of time until things degenerate to a dangerous level.
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