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  1. Yeah i agree the '' YER A NEW CLUB'' brigade will jump on that statement '' back to a traditional Rangers''
  2. The stadium badly needs some atmosphere to the rest of the stands...I hope this happens?,but I can see the bears who don't want to move from the CR do have a point
  3. Watched him all through the 70's very underated no nonsense centre half..RIP Colin
  4. Maybe I have shown naivety over the years?...But I never knew we were hated so much ....Most of it surfaced in the last 3 years
  5. I think we will go the Hearts route a coach and a director of football....I would give McCall a chance (tin hat on).......that was not his team given his chance I think he could build a good team.....then again most of the fans don't want him
  6. They can't defend the indefensible. .but I thought they would have said more?
  7. We know Moshni shouldn't have retaliated but he did and will get punished, I have saw worse than that in my 55 years going to football......If we had invaded pitch there would have been a call for us to be punished,I can't see this in the papers today re Well fans invasion?..Why is Erwin not being vilified ? If he doesn't push Moshni violently nothing would have happened,why are they no calls for Well to be punished for the flares?,why did a daft fan try to hit the ball with a flag when players are in the vicinity?....No action taken!!.. he should have bee evicted from the stadium,I have saw Rangers fans threw out of stadiums for less...........We are back to lets all kick Rangers
  8. Yes we can do it.....But I don't think we can,we simply are not good enough...We can score 2 goals but can also lose stupid goals as well...Just as we have been doing all season
  9. It was a nuisance nothing more...Do we want to sanitise our game to the point you can't even shout at a player when he takes a corner?
  10. i think we could win 2or3-1 my only concern is cross balls..We are very weak at them
  11. I feel McCall should get more time, yes he will make errors like he did against Hearts..but the best managers in the world make errors from time to time.....i feel Stuart has got us playing a wee bit bit better considering we have the worst squad in living memory....his tactics are a lot better that Ally's
  12. How ironic! they ban players if they gamble on football matches,then get a bookie to sponsor their leagues....You couldn't make it up
  13. The replies in that tweet are so boring..I think some of them will implode when we get back up
  14. To be honest both Rangers and Hibs played the last part of the game to draw
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