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  1. All businessmen should be watched. They didn't become wealthy being straight and transparent. Definitely not, just different sides of the same coin. King continues to damage us without . He has had more than enough chances to buy us and always fall short to the point of embarassment and his rhetoric does untold damage. Green on the other hand, very affable but raped us from within. We as fans didn't help either during the whole process with the blackening of a couple of suitors to allow the BK's an advantage. I am both sad and disappointed that no other wealthy Rangers man stepped up, eg. M
  2. After the Alloa game, I vowed never to return until Ally had gone. I've got 3 season tickets and my teenage kids just take a mate along, so at least the bums on seats are there. However, after seeing the crowd on TV, it made my heart sink. We really shouldn't be doing this. No matter how shit Ally or the team are, I am of the opinion we need to support them. Watching Ally's post match interview, even though he got a win, I just couldn't help feeling sorry for him, as much that I have given him his character over the last year. We know he won't be around long term, as he just hasn't got what we
  3. Well, exactly. I assume it's because they are not buying up the shares from the current investors. It appears that unless you are MA, you have to buy them out at the price they want, so unless you have a shitload of cash to burn, it isn't going to happen. MA has a stranglehold as they have all thrown their hat in with him. I really don't know how this can be changed unless someone buys them out.
  4. As far as I am aware you cannot legally buy a business, using the funds of that self same business, which Whyte in effect done by mortgaging the season tickets. What I don't understand is how Ticketus are also not in the dock. The deal was also struck before Whyte even the legal owner of the club, so how could they lend to him in mortgaging season tickets that he in effect did not legally own at that point. Also, as a competent lender, they also must have known that the transaction was illegal.
  5. Exactly! He along with any other suitor needs to put up or GTF. Fed up with constant deflections and drivel that we are fed. Drip feeding us with loans is not the solution, but it wouldn't be for him either. If it is to be him, I want to hear the long term plans, the level of investment and see the colour of his money. As for what has been going on, I doubt if we will ever get the full story. We know we have been corporately raped and the parties involved, but as for MA, CG effectively handed him the keys that he need not let go of, unless he has the mind, so how do we turn that into a posi
  6. I don't, but I don't see any alternatives. The current board and investors are only letting MA in and no one else, that is clear. Unless an alternative investor comes up with enough readies that they would be happy with and do one, the door is closed. We need cash now and as it stands only MA's cash is being accepted. There is not much we can realistically do about that, or is there, without puting the club in peril of admin 2?
  7. L What's going on in the real world then? King and his dog and pony show are riding in with millions to save us? RF will become the largest shareholder? McCoist is going to buy us with his small change? I await in wonderment at some facts.
  8. For MA, peanuts thus far. His big pay days are when we are in the top flight and Europe. As for the rest, they have well raped us and fled. On second thoughts, , there are several amongst the playing staff still raping us and still with us.
  9. I get that, but how the f@ck do we stop it , because I really don't know? We've even got supporters ripping us off!
  10. Exactly nowt and I don't. For me the pointer is his man up for election, so it isn't a short term thing. I cannot see the for him to have the brand, even for nothing, if we as a team are not successful on the park. It doesn't make good business sense in the context of football. Clubs need to be successful on the park if they are to be successful off the park in business terms. Otherwise there is no point him bothering. Our brand is everything to that success. He'd make a fortune if we were winning as in the nine in a row years. My point is that he is the only substantial and credible financial
  11. What part would be untrue? I do understand that the at times can be difficult to accept. I even believed CG and what a lying c@nt and disaster he turned out to be. MA has has too much to lose to screw this up if he takes us over and I don't mean in monetary terms. His reputation as a businessman would be at stake. I don't mean I trust him, far from it, as everyone of those business type need watched like hawkers and I'm sure everyone of us will be doing just that. For him, his prestige as a top businessman is what counts and for him to be successful as the owner of our club, we need to be su
  12. What percentage of the support would be the supports' more favoured option? Now let me see, SOS, RST, UOF, RSA..........now I'm struggling to get to double figures.
  13. Any effective jostling has stopped and all that remains is mud slinging by bad losers. MA's man is up foe election to the board at the AGM. That Amy's all about who is in control. The brothers back MA, so it's sewn up as tight as ducks erse. As for King, for sure, the biggest tyre kicker I have ever seen He has repeatedly proven that doesn't love Rangers as many would believe. He has done untold damage with his mud slinging tactics. He is a convicted serial fraudster. You would need to be a total idiot to go into business with such an untrustworthy character. MA is no fool and he doesn't ever
  14. It's a no brainier that we will never achieve that figure and if by some miracle and the time that we do, there will be little shares to trade when the new owner buys up what is currently available from all the institutional shareholders, to ensure that such a scenario never happens. What major investor, particularly one like MA would leave such a door open for others to influence what he does. No chance.
  15. If he were to become outright owner, which I am confident that he will, Rangers would be his company and his money to do with what he pleases as with any owner. We need a level of sustainable investment that will continually see us at the top of the SPFL and in the Champions League group stages. That is where MA's head is at, in promoting his other business interests. To achieve this, we would need to at least equal scum fc's investment and in the grand scheme of things, is minuscule in the MA world and in how much he needs to sustain NUFC. We are a much bigger brand than them, so makes for g
  16. More mud raking and negative spin by the kingleon for the sake of it. MA is and will be our only saviour with no other credible financial investment by so called "Rangersmen" or any other. The kingleons do need to come to terms with the fact that the King is dead, otherwise the men in the White coats will be taking them away.
  17. I don't think there are many accepting the status quo. We are where we are and there wasn't much any ordinary supporter could have done about. I agee on having a supporters rep on the board, but the concept of overall supporter ownership is alien to me. As a business model for a club of our size, I just cannot see the sustainability for the funding that would be needed. These are hard times economically and from the little support there is thus far, the majority of fans appear not to want it, no matter how much it is pushed. For me, yes we need a sugar daddy, but one who is fiscally prudent
  18. I think the biggest issue is that we don't get value for the amount we spent. High wages for shit players under a manger who has proven himself inept in the job.
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