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  1. Some contrition today - https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-ireland-56292056
  2. That man achieved more in 25 years than most of us will in 3 times that. Great post.
  3. Goldson for me, would have been Helander but for that poor pass in the first half that gifted them a chance. Goldson is so good we don't even notice anymore, we take it for granted. If we lose him for a few matches then we'll all see just what he brings to the team.
  4. Yes, I wondered if there might be a bit of player sharing at some point too. I don't follow German football closely dB so is there a reason why Hamburg and now Schalke are struggling? I mean other than they've got poorer players and coaches than the other sides. Have they finance problems or systemic structural issues or is it just bad luck? I watched some of the Hamburg match the other night. St Pauli had a forward who was a bag of tricks, Muslim sounding name, great close control but poor final ball in half hour or so I watched. Certainly looked to be a better player than lower h
  5. Henry McDonald, their Northern Ireland correspondent, has been very critical of Greenslade in the past, as he has been about Irish republican violence in general. McDonald's upbringing and background give him an insight into the reality of these people that violence tourists like Greenslade will never understand.
  6. I see a great favourite of many of the journalists who often feature in this thread made the news this weekend and lost his job today. Roy Greenslade, one time Daily Mirror editor, Sun journalist, Guardian columnist and, until today, Professor of Journalism at City University of London was himself the subject of an article yesterday. The Sunday Times reported about Essex boy Greenslade's unwavering support for the Provisional IRA and INLA at the weekend. This of course came as news to absolutely no one who has even the slightest interest in these things. He wrote a column for the
  7. In some ways not drawing an English side in lunchtime's draw means BBC Scotland Sport can probably survive the pressure they must now be coming under from headquarters in Manchester for a chat with Gerrard. Had we drawn Man Utd can you imagine Match Of The Day, Football Focus and Five Live just accepting they couldn't speak to Gerrard or McAllister, who they must know fairly well. This might still come to pass of course.
  8. Point of order, she's not Glaswegian, take your well deserved ire and point it in the direction of Bute.
  9. You might be right. I understand his style is based around relying on two or three match winning players being supported by everyone else in the team. This was not unlike Walter Smith's Rangers in his first term, but is miles from Gerrard's 'total football' philosophy. I think he is able to organise and motivate players, at least initially, but as @stewarty points out above that can only last for so long. Anyway, nothing was funnier or more enjoyable than watching his own fans turn on him, that's got to have hurt.
  10. Yes, all fair points. The rumours of how his Hibs tenure ended certainly back up what you're saying. I think I'm just touchy to any narrative that suggests somehow our success this season is down to Celtic having a poor manager, I don't think they did, he just isn't as good as ours.
  11. It took me a week to get over the first bloody match and then they go and do that to us! Whatever else you say about this Rangers team they're entertaining. Kent and Morelos were outstanding and while not as effective Hagi worked so hard he too deserves a mention. It's the strangest tie to review, I mean we conceded 5 goals, that would normally deserve much scrutiny and criticism but when you score 9 in reply it can be glossed over. Of the 5 we conceded 3 were poor defensively and one was a dodgy penalty. That said while I don't think we set out to concede so many I do think the game plan was
  12. Funnily enough I don't have a problem with them lionising Lennon. If you actually are a Celtic supporter then he probably deserves the title 'legend'. He played over 200 games for them and has managed them twice, that certainly should earn him a place in their virtual hall of fame. He won trophies as a player and as a manager, we have to accept that. I think there will always be a question mark over all the titles he won, but he won the Scottish Cup and League Cup last season, so credit where credit is due. Celtic have only lost 4 league matches this season, 2 of them to us. That's not a terri
  13. I just hope the club are working on this in background, talking with victims, offering support and dealing with it away from the media. The interview with the former player suggests otherwise unfortunately.
  14. It's clearly late in the afternoon as this thread is confusing me. Albertz is our leading 'foreign' goal scorer in Europe, so surely he must make every team. Of course that's if this thread has anything to do with Europe, and I'm not sure it does. For the purposes of this thread is England 'foreign'?
  15. McGregor man of the match?? WE CONCEDED A GOAL! He should be dropped for the next match. Standards gentleman, standards.
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