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  1. Mayo isn't that young, he's 22 and needs to be playing first team football regularly. A couple of Thistle supporting friends said he did well there last season, so he's probably earned a shot at the top league. This is the path McCrorie, Kelly and Williamson have taken before him and none of them were able to properly cement a first team starting spot in the top flight following a good spell in the Championship. I suspect the strategy with players like them is to get them regular first team experience at as high a level as possible in the hope we can sell them for something, perhaps just a further 'sell-on' fee, to a lower league English side. These players can look at someone like Docherty, Hardie or further back Kai Naismith and see the potential for a good career at an ok level with the chance of progression up the leagues. I'd be surprised if Mayo is ever a first team player for Rangers.
  2. UEFA and FIFA prefer teams to wear all one colour where possible and for one to be in 'light' and the other to be in 'dark' colours. You're seeing it more and more in international football these days as well. There's some science behind it where they've proved it's easier for officials and spectators to distinguish if a team is in all one colour apparently. The dark/light colours is connected to colour blindness believe it or not. Apparently 1 in 12 men are colour blind (I'd no idea it was that common), and so if a team is in all red and another in all blue for example a person with colour blindness can't tell them apart. So Frankfurt decided to play in all white and us in all blue giving the light/dark contrast. I only read about this recently, that's the only reason I know.
  3. They finished fifth, a point off Champion's League qualification, so I could see the attraction for players. Berlin's probably the biggest city in Europe to consistently underperform in European football.
  4. I think that 'Goal' account is a parody, I think it's a bluenose at the wind up. Funny all the same.
  5. It's ridiculous to only pick one, the effort from everyone was extraordinary and it's not just emotion to say every single player made a significant contribution. If I have to pick one I'm going for Tav. Not only for his goal, but for his leadership, his overall performance was superb and also because his journey is Boys Own stuff. On top of all that he was our best player last night.
  6. There have been a number of occasions in my time supporting Rangers when everything changed. I remember sitting in a Naafi outside Belfast watching Rangers play Shelbourne in a Euro Qualifier in one of Advocaats first matches, Smith's 9 in a row team had broken up in the summer and I think I recognised about 2 Rangers players that night, it really felt like the end of one era and the beginning of another. Likewise when we played our first matches in Division 3, McCoist, McDowell and Durrant remained familiar faces but a lot of the team were new and the feeling of complete uncertainty that had enveloped the club for months remained. A few years later I was watching Warburton's first competitive match against Hibs, we were following it on an iPad while travelling to a wedding. Once again most of the players were unfamiliar, so was the manager, it was another changing of the guard so to speak, a break with the past and a new era beginning. Throughout all that one man remained constant, a familiar face in the background, a reassuring presence for supporters who are far from the boardroom or the dressing room. Despite his low profile it was clear Jimmy Bell was someone players, coaches and managers gravitated too. You'd see him in the background of Rangers News photoshoots from some sun-drenched preseason training camp. You'd see him coming off the coach on Sky Sports as the camera searched for a big name player, these days you'd see him in the background as the club posted pictures from the training ground or travelling to a match. Despite what so many people think football clubs aren't businesses in the normal sense. The hint is in the word club. Rangers epitomise this as much as any. We've had turbulence in recent years, some amazing highs and terrible lows, yet we remain. A club greater than the sum of its parts. As supporters we celebrate the ephemeral, the transient player who thrills for a few season, the great performance that brightens us for a few months, the trophies we celebrate until the next one starts. But I think that as supporters it's really the long term recognition we cling too. The things that don't change like the marble staircase, the blue jerseys, the St Etienne bike; things we value way above their actual value. Jimmy Bell was one of those. His presence reassured us that everything would be okay, whilst everything on the surface had changed below the surface everything was the same. We've really needed that reassurance at times. I never met Jimmy Bell, I never spoke to him. Yet he was as familiar to me as any player or manager. He played an important role, far more important than managing the kit or driving the coach, he represented us in the club. Today is a sad day in the history of our club.
  7. Right, so this is last week's man of the match! Couldn't figure out why someone had voted for Arfield. Wondered if Van Vossen had joined Gersnet...
  8. I think you're probably right, but sometimes events can overtake people. Circumstances outside his control might force King down a particular path, ill health might become an issue, perhaps his children or his wife might feel differently about the shares should they come into their possession. Plus, sometimes people hear what they want to hear, 'I was duped' springs to mind. I suspect David Murray would rather his legacy was 9 in a row and Auchenhowie rather than crippling debt and Craig Whyte. Knowing when and how to leave the stage isn't always in our own gift, no matter what we might have planned.
  9. I don't have a huge issue with them buying King's shares. I understand the argument that the money would be better going into the club, and in a perfect world that would be ideal. However, if Club 1872 don't buy King's shares I worry about who does. Assuming our major shareholders and current directors haven't expressed an interest in buying them then, for me, Club 1872 is a better option than some of the alternatives. From a business perspective if we want people with resources and business acumen to get involved in the club it would be an easier 'sell' if there's a clear exit strategy too. Club 1872 or something similar strikes me as a decent one. The thought of a decent chunk of the club falling into the hands of someone like Mike Ashley or Charles Green again is a bigger concern for me than Club 1872, for all its faults. The antagonism that seems to exist between Club 1872 and some of the current board isn't helpful, it pushes us to take sides. Fixing that would be in everyone's best interests. Easier said than done I accept. If, as a support, we expect our shareholders to simply write off a lot the value of their shares rather than expect to at least recoup what they paid for them, then I worry that will discourage a fair number of people from investing in Rangers. Even the wealthiest of supporter must baulk at potentially losing millions of pounds.
  10. There was a tactical battle last night. We started strongly and were able to get Kent in particular running at them and causing them problems. They changed formation and stopped Kent, Bassey and Tav from getting forward and isolated Sakala. We then changed formation dropping Lundstrom back allowing Borna and in particular Tav to get forward. As soon as Tav was playing in their half we started to cause them problems again. It was a frustrating evening as it feels like Braga are beatable, they're technically good and have some excellent movement and passing as you'd expect but we've played better sides this season. Everyone can see we're missing Morelos, Sakala can't play that role and I don't think Roofe can either. How we adapt the side to deal with his absence will be season defining. We're still in the tie, hopefully we can find goals from someone as that's what this side is missing.
  11. JohnMc

    Next Season

    I don't think so, but let's be clear, I don't know any inside info, that's just my amateur opinion. Alegria can't get in the Thistle side currently, and i've not been impressed when I've seen him play. I don't think Weston is ready to step up to our level, if he ever will be. McCann might be, but I think a loan move is more likely.
  12. JohnMc

    Next Season

    Yes, I'm feeling more optimistic than most, I don't think there's much between the sides. We'll need to see where the squad is come August but I disagree that we needed wholesale changes. I also think there's a plan, the club know certain players are out of contract in the summer, this isn't a surprise, likewise others are entering their final year. Discussions around this will have taken place, the club must know who is open to renewing and who isn't, they'll know who they'd like to sign as replacements as well. Next season will be a strange one. The World Cup will be a big interruption coming mid-season and players who go to it will inevitably return jaded. We won't have many going as things stand, even if Scotland qualify it's still only likely to be a handful of players at most. Let's see how we react to this defeat, that will tell us a lot about this squad as well. There's still a lot to play for this season.
  13. JohnMc

    Next Season

    I get there's always a knee-jerk reaction after a disappointing defeat like Sunday's, but the level of pessimism surprises me. Had Morelos been fit I don't think we'd have lost on Sunday, his ability to hold up the ball, occupy centre-backs and operate as fulcrum for the team can't be underestimated. If we had an alternative to him, someone who could also play with their back to goal, bring midfielders in and win free kicks in their half it's a different match. So we're one player away from matching them. Plus Celtic have 3 important players in the their squad who are on loan, Jota, Carter-Vickers and Meada, there's no guarantee that at least 2 of them will still be their next season. We don't require wholesale changes, we do need strengthened and I expect we'll lose at least a couple of key players in the summer. We should be able to sign a centre-half who is as good as Goldson surely. I don't know if Soutar is that player, but presumably our scouts and manager do. In Robbie Fraser we already have a deputy left back, I'd be very surprised if he doesn't step up from the B team in summer, he's had a great season for the Bs. I expect Leon King and Lowry will also become first team squad members next season, of the crop currently out on loan I expect Katic and maybe Ben Williamson will join them in the squad, I can't see any of the others making it at Rangers though. Celtic will have access to Champion's League money, a huge bonus for them, but there's no guarantees they'll spend it wisely, they haven't in the past. Plus their squad will lose players in the summer or else they'll have to spend big simply to keep it as it is. They've spent millions to get a wee bit in front of us, let's see what the next few months bring. Financially we're in a slightly better place than we were last season with the Paterson money and the Europa run. Plus, I've not given up on this season yet, there's still football to be played.
  14. In 1909, when supporter’s of Rangers and Celtic suspected the clubs were colluding with each other to increase their revenue, both sets of fans nearly completely destroyed Hampden in response. That was following the replay of the Scottish Cup Final, which like the final also ended in a draw. There had been suspicions for a while both club’s directors were more interested in making money than listening to the support and replays were lucrative. In that instance the fans destroyed parts of the terraces, pulled down the goal posts, dug up large parts of the turf and set fire to the ticket boxes and turnstyles before mounted police were able to restore order. History doesn’t record if any tennis balls were thrown onto the park though. There was no second replay, the cup was declared void that season. Other than heavy fines for both clubs and much indignation from the media life pretty much carried on as normal afterwards. Following this match the term ‘Old Firm’ was popularised. The belief that both club’s directors were making decisions that were of mutual benefit while maintaining a pretence of extreme rivalry. In my experience boards of all businesses make poor decisions. For successful, well run companies these decisions are rare and when a poor one is made they’re recognised and remedied. Poorly run companies make more bad decisions than good ones and that usually results in their demise, sooner or later. But even the best run make bad decisions from time to time. Time will tell if the Sydney Cup turns out to be a bad decision or simply an unpopular one, the two aren’t always the same. There are some intelligent, successful people on our board. That doesn’t mean they won’t make bad decisions, it’s how frequently they make them we should be looking at. I suspect we can’t afford to pull out of this Sydney match as things stand, so the board will need to thole it for now. If we win the league and are guaranteed a Champion’s League windfall we might decide we can afford to take the hit. If we don’t I suspect this type of match will become a common occurrence each season. As others have said Bisgrove is simply doing his job, there’s no way senior people at the club didn’t know this would be unpopular with at least some of the support. In the end they know we’re unlikely to try and destroy Hampden, or Ibrox for that matter, and we’ll keep turning up, buying strips and TV subscriptions.
  15. I notice a fellow pod contributor in that. It looks great, look forward to seeing it.
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