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  1. There's probably some sort of correlation between Scotland becoming a poor footballing nation and the 'Tartan Army' seeing football as of secondary importance. I'm not sure we can criticise them for their choice of songs, singing songs that have got nothing to do with football is hardly unique to them. But the dressing up and giving people ranks and all that martial nonsense, they deserve all the derision you can muster for that.
  2. The majority of Rangers fans don't attend matches regularly so there might be something in what you say. Fat Eck always went to Scotland matches and was in the Supporters Club last time I spoke to him (which was a few years ago now) so some who go to both do exist. It could be under 10%, I'm not sure what that proves though? Like a lot of people I was initially surprised by this, but as the club with the biggest support I suppose the odds were we'd still be well represented. As I understand it the data comes from the official Scotland Supporter's Club member database, there's an option on it to declare what side you support apparently. It was the head of digital for the SFA who published it. I'm not sure the SFA are all that interested in deflecting criticism, they're fairly impervious to it all in all.
  3. At this stage of their careers they simply need games, they need to be playing week in and week out and learning their trade. If that's not going to happen at Ibrox then it's better for everyone they go out on loan. It's very hard for a teenager to become a first team regular at our club.
  4. I don't think you can doubt the credentials of the data, I can't see why the guy publishing it would make something like that up, it could cost him his job for a start. The echo chamber nature of modern digital media, and it's particularly pronounced when it comes to football and politics, can lead to tunnel vision, the lack of exposure to people with different views can lead to you believing they simply don't exist. For me this data simply underlines the one universal truth about our support; that it's a very broad church. Personally I've not been to a Scotland match for a couple of decades, having been to almost every home match for the two decades prior to that. I've absolutely no time at all for middle-aged men dressed as extras from Rob Roy and my heart sinks when you see them marching around with feathers in their hats and a look on their face that suggests they think their more Scottish than anyone else. Knobs. But then, in all honesty, I cringe at some of our songs and some of our fans too, it doesn't stop me supporting Rangers. I hate flag waving (all flags, whatever their colour or design) and all shows of nationalism (all nationalism, whatever its flavour) make me uncomfortable. Yet I still find myself turning on the radio or the TV and following the Scotland match. In the end I still want 'us' to win, or at least fuckin compete. I also think that international football is perhaps the only 'pure' football left at the elite level. It's much harder (although not impossible) to buy success at that level, smaller nations can and do compete, and at some level it clearly stops being directly about money for the players and becomes about winning for winning's sake again. Yip, I know doing well at international level has a direct affect on a players earning ability and profile, but it still feels less mercenary than club football. For me then this simply proves that despite the best efforts of our haters, and some of our own, you simply can't pigeon-hole the Rangers support. We're broad, we come from all over, we've no proscribed views on any subject except wanting Rangers to win. Plus, on some level, the sheer pain and frustration watching Scotland brings does make watching Rangers all the more enjoyable, even in recent years.
  5. What do you think is the point of it Rangers Syntax? I understand there are millions of people in China with a burgeoning interest in European football and an increasing disposable income, but I suspect we must seem like a Junior side compared to the Champion's League and big Spanish and English sides. What I would say is Celtic made some money when they signed the South Korean and the Japanese players a few years ago. I'd a long conversation recently with someone involved in that and apparently Celtic were astonished at the interest it created there, and the subsequent web traffic and shirt sales that followed. For me, a bit more time spent shoring up support in this country would be money better spent. I worry we're heading down the 'Ireland' road now in Scotland. So many young lads in Scotland now support Man City or Chelsea, I suspect there will be a few supporting Liverpool and Spurs in the coming years too. That's a far bigger threat to our club than potential shirt sales in Shenzhen I think. We had that tie in with a Chinese club before, you could buy their shirts at Ibrox for a while. How did that work out in the end?
  6. Very interesting, thanks.
  7. Oh he wanted Laudrup and expected him to be there when he joined. Murray had told Advocaat he was confident he could persuade Laudrup to remain at Rangers. Murray was nothing if not confident about most things. For all his tactical shortcomings Walter Smith was able to build incredible team spirit and Laudrup bought into, and enjoyed, that aspect of Rangers. As has been said by others I also would have loved to see Laudrup under Advocaat, however Advocaat was a Marmite type manager capable of falling out with his best players, so who knows what might have happened.
  8. 100% agree. If anyone is any doubt that Laudrup was indeed 'world class' I suggest they watch the Brazil v Denmark World Cup quarter final match from 1998. Laudrup was astonishing in that game, a game a country of 5 million people had no right to be in, against the eventual World Cup runners up.
  9. I saw Sturridge had been released by Liverpool and woendered if Gerrard, who must know him fairly well, might be interested. He was a superb player but his injury record is a worry and Klopp all but questioned his commitment a season or so ago in public. I suspect he's still capable of commanding a hefty salary from someone too. I thought Wallace was home bird and wouldn't leave Scotland? Maybe he thinks he's signing for Queens Park...
  10. Nope, you really didn't say that Pete, you said "Laudrup had failed in pretty much with Bayern and was pretty much a bench sitter in Italy so he was also a bit of a risk." No mention he "was good player but not world class" only that he was a bench sitter and a failure. By all means criticise Laudrup, but to describe him that way is laughable and insulting to those of us who were lucky enough to watch him.
  11. C'mon, Laudrup played 31 times for Fiorentina, almost every match that season. He struggled to get into the AC Milan side but be fair, that Milan side were the best team in the world at the time. They won Serie A and the European Cup that season. The 3 foreigner rule was in place so he was competing for a starting spot with Boban, Desailly, Savicevic, Papin, Radicioui and Van Basten as well as most of the Italian national side. Not getting into that side hardly made him unproven. Every signing is a risk but with a player like Laudrup or Gascoigne, or today someone like Arfield or Defoe, you already know they can play at our level, they've already proven themselves at a higher level. They are still a risk of course after all they might not settle or there might be a personality clash but they're proven at our level, that's why they're paid so much. A player like Polster is a different type of risk because he's not proven at our level yet. The gamble is can he step up, improve his game, develop and adapt.
  12. You've chosen an odd hill to die on dB. Comparing Polster to Gazza or Laudrup is just bizarre. Polster has played 3 seasons with struggling MLS side and has one US cap, a friendly against Bosnia. Gascoigne was one of the most high profile players in the world when he joined Rangers, a first choice internationalist who's played and starred in top flight football in England and Italy. Laudrup was also joining from Serie A, having previously starred in the Bundesliga, he was also a first choice international and had played in the winning European Champions team. Weir was an experienced player who'd worked with Smith successfully and was seen as a short term stop gap. Polster, on the other hand, is the very definition of 'unproven'. He might turn into a Kamara or a Goldson or he might be a Grezda or an Ojaria. He's unproven, so we'll just have to see.
  13. To be fair to Richard Gordon it is hard to consider players from a team you refuse to watch...
  14. We were good at developing keepers. Goram went from a good keeper at Hibs to one of the best on the planet while at Rangers. Klos was excellent when he arrived and remained excellent throughout his time with us. Antti Neimi couldn't break into our side but proved himself to be a very high quality keeper when he left. McGregor first time round was superb and is still very good even in the twilight of his career. Big Wes is a better keeper today than when he joined us. Liam Kelly's form with Livingston suggests our keeper development remains strong, hopefully the 'other' McCrorie will continue that run. Our inability to produce a forward player of any note since Robert Fleck is a source of some embarrassment though.
  15. Some of those English stats are astonishing, no way is that sustainable. As for us if the figures are correct then that's not great reading, however the issues around merchandise are a contributing factor and something our directors are aware of. We clearly need to get our income up as I suspect our wage bill will rise this summer, that's inevitable if you want to sign better players. That said the costs involved in paying off Caixinha and some of the signings that didn't work out might be included in those figures. I suppose this comes down to trusting our current directors to protect the club and not overreach.
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