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  1. JohnMc

    Pacific Quay Musings?

    When Border was taken over by Granada it lost a lot of its local identity. News programmes were broadcast from Tyne Tees in Newcastle for example. But they do currently produce a daily news and current affairs programme from Carlisle and have a local advertising office there as well. It's not the same station it once was though, a similar thing is happening to Ulster TV too. It's progress, apparently...
  2. JohnMc

    Pacific Quay Musings?

    I'm lost by this argument. Should BBC Alba only cover the Lewis and Harris local league then? I've lost count of the posts on here complaining about commentary and summarisers, I'd have thought ones you can't understand would be a welcome relief!
  3. JohnMc

    Pacific Quay Musings?

    Border TV was bought by Granada TV, the Manchester based ITV franchise nearly 20 years ago now, they in turn merged with Carlton consolidating the ownership of all ITV regional franchises with the exception of STV and Grampian TV. Border TV has most definitely not been replaced by BBC Alba. If someone lives in the Border TV broadcast region that's the ITV channel they'll get. Your X Factors, your Coronation Streets and your local regional news will all be broadcast, free to air, on Border TV. BBC Alba is a digital only channel, it's available on Freeview as well as the other digital and satellite broadcasters, but it doesn't replace anyone's ITV channel Gonzo, you're mistaken on that. In my opinion funding something like BBC Alba, and minority language broadcasting, is exactly what the BBC budget should be spent on. I don't think the BBC should be spending licence fees on chasing Saturday night ratings, they should leave that to the many commercial channels. I mean we can discuss whether a specific Gaelic language TV channel can stem the drop in speakers or whether that requires other governmental involvement, but I'm puzzled why we should criticise it for showing lower league Scottish football, that's being ignored by all other broadcasters currently.
  4. JohnMc

    Pacific Quay Musings?

    I read that there is some editorial attempt at providing balance in the Question Time audience, so someone from Scotland who openly supports UKIP is more likely to get a ticket as there are fewer applicants from that political persuasion applying up here. Hence the same person appearing more than once. I suspect Stuart Cosgrove already knew that, and if he didn't it wouldn't be hard to find out, he's fairly well connected in media and Question Time is produced in Glasgow. I can't watch Question Time, it makes me want to emigrate. I forgot to turn on the tranny last night, how was last night's gutsy, plucky performance from wee Celtic heralded by the great and the good?
  5. JohnMc

    Pacific Quay Musings?

    Sanjeev Kholi can be funny and is actually, believe it or not, quite a decent guy, but I'm not sure Benburb social club is his natural habitat.
  6. JohnMc

    Pacific Quay Musings?

    The "second highest weekly reach" statement is disingenuous. The only commercial stations that can possibly compete on 'reach' are Talksport and Classic FM and neither of those stations produces Scotland only content. Their commercial competitors, such as Clyde, Forth, Capital etc are regional stations and so have a much lower potential reach to begin with. Radio Scotland massively underperforms, taking only 6.7% of its potential audience. A station like Clyde 1 reaches 14% as a comparison. BBC Radio Ulster, the equivalent BBC station in Northern Ireland, has 19.9% of audience share in their market. The problem I have with BBC Scotland is its disproportionate influence on Scottish football. By holding exclusive radio rights and TV highlights it has a monopoly for anyone without access to BT or Sky TV. If Radio Scotland continue to refuse to cover Rangers equally they should be forced to allow other stations to provide a coverage.
  7. One light moment in this is the embedded Tweets at the bottom of the article. One is from the Chris McLaughlin parody account.
  8. The difference between the Morelos and Lennon coverage proves my point I feel. It's the media that shout 'sectarianism' at supporters criticising Lennon, the media don't criticise him, he gets a complete bye from our media to behave in any way he wants. When supporters, rightly, pull him and them up the bigotry accusation is levelled. White, Irish Lennon doesn't get called a devil, an animal or a nut job by our media. The difference here is it's the media who are demonising Morelos, who are cheerleading his transformation from the most exciting prospect in our league to something that crept out of Dante's circles of hell. I've no real issue with opposition supporters hating Morelos, that just proves he's doing his job and makes me love him even more. The media should be much fairer though, and they simply aren't and that a disgrace.
  9. JohnMc

    Pacific Quay Musings?

    I heard a fair bit of that programme too. That annoying question aside I quite enjoyed it, the Ross County and ICT guys came across well and, at times, spoke a lot of sense particularly regarding young players. Plus every time I hear the Roos County owner McGregor speak I'm more convinced he's really a bluenose. One thing that did come over fairly clearly was that everyone there has Morelos rightly receiving a red card. No dissenting voices on that, only McGregor saying he hadn't seen it and couldn't comment.
  10. Okay, let's say it's not about his colour for a moment. One of this morning's papers describes Morelos as a "devil" and another as a "nut job" in their back page headlines. I'm sorry, but if national paper had described Neil Lennon as a 'devil' or a 'nut job' there would have been questions in parliament about it. If it's not about his race and it's not about his nationality then why isn't young Scott McKenna being described as a devil and a nut job? After all he was also sent off last night and not for the first time this season. As I said above Lewis Ferguson also seems to be getting judged by different standards. I'm unsure wether this is a case of straightforward racism because of his colour or, more likely, racism around his nationality and background. Funny looking South American who doesn't speak much English, hey lets start with the comedy Manuel stuff, stick in a few narcos/cartel jibes and, oh look, he doesn't like getting intimidated by big defenders, must be a typical Latin hothead, let's throw that in too. It's lazy, racist bullshit and we should be calling it out every time it's used. The story of last night's match wasn't Morelos being sent off, it was his total dominance of the Aberdeen defence up until that point. Last night was a great advertisement for our league. It was competitive, exciting, fast, it had moments of brilliance and moments of farce.
  11. I actually thought Jack had a great match, quietly effective in the first 80 minutes then making lung bursting runs to break up play, peg Aberdeen back and indeed for the 4th goal in the last 10 plus injury time. Anyway, see when Lewis Ferguson (young, white and Scottish) put his boot, deliberately, into Allan McGregor this was, rightly, described as retribution. Fair enough. So where are the headlines today describing the young man as an animal, a hot head or indeed a devil? I mean Morelos (young, black and Columbian) was sent off at Pittodrie on the first match of the season it was for attempted retribution, wasn't it? I'm not sure what it is about the two players that could be clouding the media's view on this. Two very similar incidents, although Morelos of course didn't actually make any contact with his kick while Ferguson could have ended McGregor's season.
  12. JohnMc

    Pacific Quay Musings?

    This was a Tweet this morning. Again, it's cryptic, but heavily suggesting Rangers are preventing some sort resumption of normal service.
  13. JohnMc

    Pacific Quay Musings?

    I noticed earlier that Graeme Speirs is suggesting BBC Scotland have changed their stance on this. I'd post the Tweet but I'm buggered if I know how too!
  14. JohnMc

    Passing of a Bear

    Condolences Graham, I hope you and your family are managing at this difficult time.
  15. I For all they've lost Stewart and he was an important player for them I was still impressed with their January signings. Alex Bruce should be more than capable at SPFL level, the young lad from Liverpool seems to be rated very highly and Mulumbu was one of their best players last season, getting him back is a good bit of business. I wouldn't discount them just yet, they'll beat most sides particularly at home.

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