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  1. Listened this morning, well done, really enjoyed it.
  2. I agree, if Kilmarnock can fill 3 sides of their ground good on them. They've had a good season and they might, conceivably, still be challenging for second come that match. Certainly they'd want to secure third and European qualification and you have to say that's a pretty impressive season for them. Plenty of sides have been grateful for the blue pound over the years, but if they can fill their own ground they should. (I might revise this post if we're one win away from the title that day...).
  3. Urquhart scored a rasper against us in a friendly and Grieg signed him that evening. I don't remember him playing but my Dad's not the most complimentary about him. I worked with a guy years ago who believed we'd have won the European Cup that season if Derek Johnstone had been fit. We beat Juventus and then PSV Eindhoven and were drawn against West German champions Cologne. We lost 1-0 away and Johnstone failed a late fitness test so Urquhart started, Derek Parlane wasn't fit either and started on the bench. Apparently Urquhart missed a number of good chances and we eventually played out a 1-1 draw. Anyway, it's all if and maybes, but he maintained that if Parlane had started and more importantly Derek Johnstone, we'd have beaten Cologne at home. That would have seen us face Notts Forest in the semi final, an exceptional side but in a 'battle of Britain' type match you'd have given us a good chance. The final was against Malmo of Sweden. Imagine a European Cup final between the champions of Sweden and Scotland, the marketing directors at UEFA would have had a coronary. So we started the match with guys signed from Shettleston Juniors and one from Inverness Caley just a few months before. Changed days.
  4. The last one to join us certainly. We famously signed Billy Urquhart from the Highland League the following season, that didn't work out as well as Bobby Russell. I had the pleasure of playing in a charity match with Bobby Russell once, he was still the best player on the pitch and he was about 50! Darian MacKinnon of Hamilton came from Junior football. Rab Douglas, the former Celtic and Scotland keeper, was signed from the Juniors by Livingston, but he's very much the exception.
  5. The OP disqualified signings from the Juniors, or him and Sam English would be straight into the side.
  6. Peter McCloy - player swap from Motherwell Graeme Souness - £300,000 from Sampdoria, still a bargain though Davie Weir - free transfer, say no more Harold Davis - was told he'd never play football after being shot, signed for a nominal sum from East Fife. Dado Prso - free transfer from Monaco, that bandaged head towering over their defence... Ally McCoist - £185,000 from Sunderland in 1983. Sunderland had spent £400,000 on him just two years before. Scott Arfield - free transfer from Burnley, okay still a bit early in his Rangers career Marvin Andrews - free transfer, industrial in style but effective and popular. I'll find three more later...
  7. McGregor came to us straight from a boys club, I'm not sure he qualifies for this team.
  8. Baxter's transfer fee was a Scottish record at the time. I mean we can agree he was worth it but we paid top dollar for him. Likewise wee Doddy cost £65,000 in 1968, that was a big fee back then, again a great player and a good servant. Gordon Smith also cost £65,000, still a decent fee in 1977 but he was good value and left for over £400,000 just a few seasons later. Ian Ferguson is still the most expensive player St Mirren have ever sold. Would we spend £900,000 on a young Scottish player today? Ian McMillan is a fascinating player. He only left Airdrie because they refused him a testimonial after 10 years playing for them. He remained part-time at Rangers, working as a quantity surveyor during the day and training a couple of nights a week. Yet he starred in what some say was our best ever side. Great idea for a thread, really thought provoking.
  9. The frustrating 11 is different from the 'I just didn't like them 11'. Frustration suggests players you thought should have done more, didn't give us what we thought they could or would. So here goes... Oleg Kuznetsov - bloody hammer throwers... Basil Boli - Boli genuinely looked like one of the best defenders in the world at Marseille, he looked like he'd won a competition to appear on the pitch when at Rangers. Bruno Alves - What a CV, what a disappointment. Joey Barton - could also make it into the disliked 11, but he had ability, he just didn't seem to have it anymore. Niko Kranjcar - we were building a midfield around him, we built a medical centre around him instead Vladimir Weiss - possibly the most frustrating player we've had in recent years. Fast, great at taking a man on, total inability to know when to pass, shoot or cross. 99% of his runs led to nothing. Charlie Miller - literally one of the best players in the world when he was 16, ended up a Dundee Utd player, what an utter waste of talent. Duncan Ferguson - Should have been a Rangers legend, had a side built around him, led the line for club and country, terrified defences across Europe. Went to prison instead. Derek Ferguson - all the talent, all the ability but a dodgy shoulder and some poor lifestyle choices. Kyle Lafferty - still the most frustrating player. It's there, he shows it in glimpses, then it vanishes for months on end. Seb Rozenthal - Our first South American forward when South Americans were still exotic and exciting. Was probably hugely popular with the nurses in Ross Hall...
  10. JohnMc

    Fave XI

    These threads are fun, but they're always skewed by age. Some of the guys most of us never saw play must have been spectacular. Alex Smith played 406 times for Rangers, retiring in 1915, Sandy Archibald and Dave Meiklejohn both played well over 500 games at a time when medical treatment was considerably poorer than it is for professionals today. Guys like Alan Morton, who features in what I think is the most iconic photograph of any Rangers player, amassed 31 caps for Scotland in a period when we only played 3 matches a season. What a player he must have been. During the 1960s we had a side that made two European finals, we could genuinely say we had world class players. Baxter most people know about, but players like Willie Henderson, Ralph Brand and Bobby Shearer are largely overlooked these days. Even players who don't only appear in black and white, like Jardine, Derek Johnstone, the always underrated Willie Johnston, a man who scored 2 goals in a European final and was genuinely a player who would get you up off your seat when he got the ball, and Tommy McLean another player who we forget as a player only remember the crabit, negative manager now. Plus how can any Rangers select not feature John Greig? 755 appearances, captain of club and country, treble winner, European winner, a player who stayed with us for his entire career when players of his ability were in huge demand in England. Anyway, I realise it's about favourite players, not the best ones. Allan McGregor, that save in Germany, countless others too Hugh Burns, I loved Shug, at a time when we didn't have a lot to love... John McLelland, came to visit my BB when I was about 12 simply because someone asked him too, we all got our picture taken with him and Gregor Stevens and he donated a Northern Ireland strip he wore at the World Cup to raise funds. A proper Rangers captain. Gregor Stevens, see above. Ian Durant, pre injury simply the most exciting player I'd ever seen Rangers produce. That goal against Celtic from Copper's run and flick, the big hair when he first broke into the side, the performances in successive Skol Cup Finals, possibly my favourite ever Rangers player. Graeme Roberts, that game, the conducting, the sheer mentalness of it all. Souness, my formative years watching Rangers weren't littered with success, Souness arrived and suddenly stuff my Dad and older guys said made sense. What a player he was too. Laudrup, quite simply the finest footballer I've had the pleasure of watching in the flesh. Gattuso, I loved his industry, his work rate, his perpetual anger and aggression, he was the most Scottish Italian ever. McCoist, this shouldn't need explained. Derek Parlane, he left the club when I was 10, DJ was a much bigger name, but Parlane looked cooler, hair longer than Rangers players were normally allowed, even as child you knew he was a cool. Scored a ton of goals too which meant his name reverberated around my primary school playground. I doubt I ever saw him play in the flesh, yet somehow he epitomised my formative years getting into football. We'll do our most disliked 11 in another thread I hope...
  11. Any player who signs for Rangers needs to understand that the minimum expected is winning the league. Obviously we won't always achieve it, but that's what the support expect. We're the best supported, most successful club in the country, I don't believe we have a divine right to win it, but we do have the resources to win it and that should always be our expectation at the start of the season. Now, we live in difficult times. The last 10 years or so have seen the balance of power swing east, they've currently got more money, better resources, more power and, frankly, a better squad. But, as I said above they've got a managerial change, and whoever is in charge next August is starting afresh. Some of their better players will take to the new manager and continue to play well, but some won't. I tend to agree with you about trying the same thing over and over, however I don't think we are. I fully expect us to go into the new season with Gerrard still in charge. He'll have had a full season managing us at SPFL level, something no Rangers manager has had since 2007. There will be a stability and continuance about the side for the first time in a decade. Now is exactly the time to add seasoned quality over potential in my opinion.
  12. I think next season is our real opportunity to win the league. Realistically they've got more money and a better squad to start with, however they either go into next season with Lennon in charge or with a brand new manager, either way that will create some upset in their dressing room. Their players were signed by a different manager, one who largely got the best out of them. Their next manager might not. Either way there's a period of flux, settling in, and getting used to new rules, tactics and so on. When Gerrard joined Rangers really the only way was up, we were playing so poorly last season that as long as he showed progress he was going to get the backing of the support. It won't be like that across the city next season. They're a treble winning squad and they'll win at least the double this season, so any stumble or drop in that standard will bring criticism from the support, a drop in attendances and unrest. That's our chance. We've a season under our belts, an okay squad that needs strengthened, if we can get that right we can win the league next season. Their support will turn on their manager and their board if they stumble at all, for all their jubilation at the weekend I know a few who are far from happy with Lennon already. I'm not normally a 'short-termist', but this summer I am. If we can win the league we stop their Champion's League money and then they do have a problem, a serious problem. The playing field is level then.
  13. It might be a controversial opinion but I think we need to be signing players who can improve our first team and command a starting place from day one. I understand the mid to long term logic of signing a Greg Docherty or a Hastie, but we need to be winning the league next season, is Hastie ready to help us do that? I haven't seen enough of him to know, but this window I'd be happier if we were signing experienced professionals rather than promising young players.
  14. Wasn't Dirt Road only published last year? I read How Late It Was, How Late and never felt the need to read any of his books again, perhaps that's unfair of me.
  15. I've got to be honest I wasn't looking forward to the pod last night, it was the last thing I felt like doing. But it was cathartic and the time flew in and as Pete says Stevie Clinton helped lighten the tone.
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