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  1. As ever the headline is a little misleading, wishing the best side in Scotland had a couple more Scots in it is hardly news. When looking to buy a player Rangers always look at Scotland first. That doesn't always mean the player will be Scottish (Novo, Kamara for example), but there's a higher likelihood they will be. If for example the club is looking for a central midfielder we'll look at who is available in Scotland first. This is perfectly logical as someone already based in Scotland knows the league and is probably on a poorer salary than we'll pay them making a move to Range
  2. I did wonder when someone was going to take issue with much of the hysterical coverage last weekend has created. Thanks for sharing.
  3. It's more the hypocrisy of it I was trying to highlight. The irony of criticising me for failing to mention something they were indulging in themselves.
  4. I think my point, poorly made as it is, was that politicians have far more power to implement societal change than football clubs do. Politicians can improve schools, indeed that's literally Humza Yousaf's job now. I agree that individuals have the ultimate power to change.
  5. It’s Not What You Say, But What They Hear I made a mistake last Sunday. In a pique of frustration over the inevitability of much of Saturday night’s events and annoyance over some of the coverage it garnered, I sent a Tweet. As Tweets go it was quite long, and was an attempt to remind people that Rangers supporter’s who fight police officers, or themselves, on a Saturday night in town are no more representative of me, or the vast majority of our support, than the Rangers supporter’s who went bird watching, long distancing running or line dancing are. I wish I hadn’t. I’
  6. I don't think he should be in the squad, I don't think Gilmour should be either. Both clearly have huge potential but neither have played anything like enough first team football to warrant a full international call up. Anyway, they're in it now so I hope both of them do very well.
  7. It's come to something when Brian Wilson sounds reasonable and moderate to Rangers fans. It's a fair article and raises some good points.
  8. Yes, there is - https://www.ipso.co.uk/
  9. Congratulations Gunslinger, hope this Saturday goes as well as last Saturday.
  10. It's ironic, but Glasgow police were criticised in some quarters for not following the letter of the law when we won the league. Some wanted kettling, mass arrests, roads closed and forced dispersal. Glasgow police, sensibly I thought, pointed out that would have been disproportionate and that officers on the ground made decisions based on crowd and public safety and their feel for the mood and moment. I'm surprised to see you're a critic of that approach. 😉
  11. Ah now, Del, read it again please. You've taken half a sentence, read the whole paragraph please. I said there is a chance Glasgow won't come out of level 3 because of rising infection rates and so people should stay away from Ibrox and George Sq. I didn't say it was because of that gathering, or any other. Since I wrote that it has in fact been announced that Glasgow and Moray will now not leave Level 3 lockdown like the rest of the country. As someone affected directly by that I find it both very frustrating and more than a little concerning.
  12. I'd say for a lot of people it was. Some may have been tipped off and were waiting for it, but a lot knew nothing about it until it happened. I'm not condoning it, I'm just pointing out it shouldn't be compared to what's being discussed for tomorrow.
  13. That's naive Billy, and you know it. Many were fairly happy to excuse the celebrations when we won the league, I certainly was. There was a spontaneity to it and a release of pent up tension and anticipation. This time it's different.
  14. Frankie, it's not news that football supporters are treated differently by police and usually politicians. I mean I've been going to football regularly since the early 80s and it's been happening as long as I've been attending. My issue isn't whether politicians are opportunists, they are and always have been, and it isn't whether the police view 2 large groups of people differently if one of them is wearing football scarves, they clearly do and always have. My only issue is people equating two quite different gatherings of people. The gatherings when we won the league were a spontaneous outpo
  15. It was spontaneous for a lot of people, the vast majority of who had no idea they were going to take part in it when they woke up yesterday. I'll leave what condemnation they should get to people who want to get involved in the politics of it. I don't. But as a gathering it's entirely different to what's being spoken about happening tomorrow.
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