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  1. Put bluntly Glasgow Council are bust, the equal pay issue has forced them to 'sell' or 'lease' almost all the physical assets they have to either raise or save money. From a number of perspectives this makes sense. It removes future costs from the council and provides an asset for the club and its ambitions. If it also signals a better relationship with our council too, then so much the better.
  2. While I agree he's far from the finished article and his contribution looks negligible at times the only league match we've lost this season he didn't start, we've won every other match and at times are playing fantastic football. Perhaps his contribution is more tactical than someone like me can see.
  3. From one angle the Morelos penalty looks soft, but from every other angle and from the Aberdeen player's reaction it's a clear penalty. I saw the Tweet and actually thought Ewen Murray was trolling the BBC, but looking at his replies to incredulous supporters it seems he wasn't.
  4. I didn't see the match. That's what loan spells are all about for me, all young players will make mistakes, it's about learning from them. Let him make his mistakes at Hibs, return to us a better more experienced professional.
  5. At first glance it seems that Robbie McCrorie, Jake Hastie, Glen Middleton, Cammy Palmer and Stephen Kelly are benefiting most from their loan spells so far. Kelly is having a great season with Ayr and McCrorie seems to be getting plenty of practice at QOTS. Allan McGregor looks pretty solid currently but it wouldn't be a big surprise if his place was under review in 12 to 24 months time. McCrorie is surely being groomed for that challenge. Cammy Palmer is the son of a church minister, there's your useless fact of the day. He's should be great with crosses... Ross McCrorie isn't making it into a struggling Portsmouth side though, that's a concern.
  6. Depending when it is I suspect the next General Election will be all about Brexit. The SNP and the Lib Dems are against, the Tories and Brexit Party are for it, Labour I'm not entirely sure. As such I suspect you'll see some tactical voting and you'll see some people changing their vote on this one subject. If Brexit happens before the next General Election then I think you'll see different voting. We've been pushed down a road of identity politics, the last few years have forced many of us to consider our 'identity' like never before, I wouldn't like to guess what will happen then.
  7. In a case like this I'd say yes. This needed a legal judgement, if, as is being reported, the Attorney General advised this wasn't unlawful, then there's no way the Queen could have refused this without plunging the country into a massive constitutional crisis. I can't see how an elected head of state could have done anything differently frankly. The point of the head of state in matters like this is to ensure what the Government is doing is made public and open to scrutiny. I think most people accept the Government was pulling a fast one and being disingenuous over its reasons. It's not for the Queen to pull them up though, that's our job, her job is to make sure they need to make their reasons public. I mean, in this case, it worked. Johnson's Government tried to push the boundaries of what is acceptable, people objected, and the courts reigned them back in. Amazingly, despite the current appearance of chaos most of the time, the system functioned as it should.
  8. While I agree that comparing eras is difficult I think you're way off the mark if you think players from the 50s and 60s would struggle today, indeed I'd say it's the other way around. While the media like to focus on the 'maverick' players like Baxter and Jimmy Johnstone and their excesses off the field there were hundreds of top players who looked after themselves and lived life like athletes of that time. One difference was these guys still lived in the communities they were raised in, they earned similar salaries to their peers unlike today's players. So pictures of players in their local with a half of bitter and 20 Capstan give the impression of players not looking after themselves, when in fact they were as advanced in terms of fitness and conditioning as the era allowed. A lot of players were part time too, so the level of dedication and work ethic was actually very high back then. I'd actually venture that many of the top players today couldn't play in that era. The sheer brutality of football then would have counted against many of today's players. One reason I think Messi isn't as good a player as Maradona for example is the level of protection Messi gets compared to players in previous eras. As much of a genius as Messi is, he'd never have been allowed to make some of the runs he can today, he'd have been kicked up in the air by a full back and the full back would have got a talking too from the ref, nothing more. There's a video somewhere on the internet where a camera followed the German forward Jurgen Klinsman playing a match for Inter Milan. Klinsman had this reputation for diving, at that time in this country diving was viewed as cheating, pure and simple. We'd far more respect for the defender who fouled a forward than for the forward who dived and tricked the ref. Anyway, when you saw what he put up with in an average Serie A match you realised just how brave and strong he actually was. His diving was in response to the incessant and extreme fouling he received. That was the norm during the 1980s, it was even more so during the 70s and 60s.
  9. Yeah, the Tories, famous for smashing the establishment. I suspect you're correct, and in Surrey and Stoke and Swindon it will probably play fairly well, but in Scotland it's surely electoral suicide, no? There must be a number of Scottish Tory MPs very nervous about an election happening soon. Where their votes will go is anyone's guess currently.
  10. Actually, the 'constitution' worked today. Whatever way you lean on this had the Queen refused Johnson's prorogue the country would have faced a constitutional crisis. As it is the judiciary, independent of government and the head of state, reminded everyone that no one is above the law. I'm not sure how having an elected head of state could have led to a better or fairer outcome. Eleven judges decided, no one can argue with that.
  11. It's the great man's birthday today and an excellent excuse to look at some of the wonderful moments he gave us. I think this remains my favourite. I watched this from the front row of the Rangers end, the geniuses who designed Hampden hadn't matched up the end of the roof with the front of the stand and it was pouring all match. The front row was also subterranean giving us a worm's eye view of the match. Oh, but all that was forgiven when Mr McCoist slotted home what proved to be the winner. Football has always been a great escape for me, and for the rest of that match I might as well have been on a Spanish beach in July for all I noticed the rain.
  12. I enjoyed it, thought it was pretty fair overall.
  13. Am I correct in thinking Ricksen had has best spell with us when pushed into midfield or is my memory playing tricks on me?
  14. Simply attending doesn't make you a member, you need to 'join'. Members usually have to take part in a small ceremony during a service and can then take communion (although I've never known a non-member refused it) and get a wee envelope to put their collection in. They are counted on the 'church roll' which is quite important in these days of falling numbers as there's pressure on churches with smaller congregations to merge.
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