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  1. Nah, it was discussed by the media because he'd spent enough time here and hadn't been capped by Spain, but he was never called up. Funnily enough I'm more relaxed about residency rules coming in than the grandparent rule. If someone came to Scotland as an 18 year old and made their life here I'm comfortable with them becoming 'Scottish' in every sense. We're just as bad as the Irish now when it comes to capping players. We actively scout English youth sides looking for any links. There's a lad at Watford of whom great things are expected, with one Scottish Granny, he's now in the 'Scottish international system' despite never having set foot here and both his parents being English. There's a boy at Feyonord too, who we've similarly 'scouted'.
  2. JohnMc

    Glasgow Cup

    Why are our side called 'Colts'? Surely Rangers sides are 'Swifts', that was traditionally what we called the sides below the first team. Oh, and I'm with Compo, the Glasgow Cup is the finest looking trophy in football.
  3. It's been amusing watching Tom English receive heat from irate Celtic supporters for his criticism of Tom Boyd's tin foil hat moment at the weekend. They've been truly angered that English doesn't agree with Boyd's ludicrous nonsense.
  4. Oh Bill, how naive you are. The universe does care and it will punish you. There is a reason I touch the top of the exit door every time when I leave Ibrox, why my Dad always has Extra Strong Mints and must offer them to whoever is sitting beside him, why I'll only wear my white bar scarf to games, none of the others I own, why I won't listen to Radio Scotland for an Old Firm commentary but will listen to Five Live, why we have to park in the Science Centre car park for mid week games even though they changed the parking payment and it's a pain in the arse now. There's a reason why Rangers players who score on their debuts don't have good careers with us, why we should never bring an old player back and why we should always wear black socks with red tops. If someone can provide me with documented, tested, peer reviewed evidence that none of those things plays any part in the result and my ongoing peace of mind I'll ignore them and continue doing them anyway. Because they'd be wrong!!!! Football and superstition are intrinsically linked. There is nothing rational about football support, it's all emotion, it's all feelings and highs and lows and delirium and despair. So don't you bastards go jinxing it with your over confidence, because that's the worse jinx of all. The universe cares and it's watching all the time!
  5. Why are we all so confident now? Celtic have had one bad result, their home match in Europe against the Romanian champions, having had a pretty decent result in the first leg. Other than that they've won their two league matches with ease and gone through in a sticky cup tie against a side in the league below them. I don't think Lennon is anything like as capable a manager as Rodgers, and he's managing Rodgers side so there will be more than a few players he doesn't fancy or who don't fancy him. But, he's still an experienced manager and they've still got some dangerous players. They'll still win against just about every other side in the league. I think this is our best chance to win the league in a decade but all this talk of being out of sight by Christmas and hoping Lennon is still in charge in January is giving me the fear.
  6. There are five Rangers players in the Scotland under 21 squad named earlier today.
  7. I'm not sure that's fair. Linfield, Glentoran and Crusaders all have players from the ROI as do Coleraine, Portadown, Glenavon and Institute and all are considered clubs with largely Protestant/Unionist supports. He'd get far more abuse from other team's supports than from ours. As long as he's doing it on the park our support will stand behind him in my experience.
  8. I've subscribed for tonight's match. I feel a tenner is actually good value, my two sons and I can watch it together (they'll be getting put off Fortnite and Minecraft so they don't mess with my connection). Certainly a few thousand others doing the same doesn't seem far fetched, like anything is making sure people know about it.
  9. I notice McCrorie didn't play for Portsmouth at weekend. He really needs to have a good season at that level to have any chance of making our first team. Barjonas didn't take his chances on loan last season, I don't know if he was injured or just not picked but he struggled first at Bury (a team in chaos to be fair) and then at Raith Rovers. Why he's been unable to push on from his early promise is the eternal question for so many young Rangers players. Barjonas is 20 now and he's only played about 20 first team matches. He needs regular first team football at some level to develop. That's why I'm relaxed about Middleton going to Hibs. If he can break into their first team and stay in it he comes back to us a much more rounded and experienced player. If he doesn't then we know he's not going to make it. Either way let him make his mistakes in Hibs first team. I'm rapidly coming to the conclusion that we should scrap our youth system and simply concentrate on our first team squad. Indeed I'd actually ban all professional football teams from having youth academies.
  10. There's a great gift in our trophy room from, I think, Katowice. It's a statue carved from a solid block of coal, they must have had deep seams in Poland.
  11. Is there a central midfielder coming through the ranks currently that could challenge for a place? Barjonas looked like he might be good enough but it seems clear Gerrard doesn't agree and he'll be away if someone comes in for him and McCrorie is already out on loan. The one I'm waiting to hear about is Zak Rudden. We're short upfront, I don't think we can rely on Defoe and Morelos alone all season, and I wonder if our management team view Rudden as a third choice striker. If we qualify for the Europa League and do well in the cups we'll play a lot of games, whoever our 3rd choice forward is they'll get game time, then it's up to them to hold the position.
  12. There are no 'spare' copies of that esteemed publication, every single one is coveted. I knew a guy from Ballymoney, just a wee bit up the road, who attended revivals in Stornoway back in the day. This is the best Ballymena side in a long time, they should be too strong for our youngsters. I'd love to go, but it won't happen. I did see Rangers play Crusaders and Ballyclare back in the 90s.
  13. Ballymena hi! We should receive a good welcome there and of course NI football is doing okay currently, champions Linfield went through to the next qualifying round of the Champions League last night. To be fair they were 3-2 up at home with 7 minutes to go, only a pub team would throwaway a lead from there.
  14. Ah, c'mon, it was a lovely pass and a decent finish. At 6-1 even I can be magnanimous! It's comedic just how much focus it's got though, I mean had it won them the match or even earned them a point I could just about understand but when it was a consolation during a trouncing you'd think they might have found something else to highlight. But as 26th so ably demonstrates every week, they don't think like we do.
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