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  1. Between 2015 and 2018 Connor Goldson only made 32 appearances, a period that also saw him diagnosed with a serious heart defect. He's been almost ever-present since he joined us. There's no way our medical and coaching staff don't know all about Souttar's injuries and his recovery, or lack thereof, from them. I get the concern about Souttar but we either have faith in our medical team or we don't. Football is a small community and everyone talks to each other. I remember buying Oleg Kuznetzov, he'd been almost entirely injury free for 5 seasons, dominating the Soviet league and starring for the USSR national team. He did his cruciate in his second match for us. Every player is a gamble to some extent.
  2. Rangers first priority should be the health of our supporters, players and staff, everything else should be secondary. Based on the available public health advice the game on Boxing Day shouldn't have a crowd at it. As has been pointed out by others the likelihood of these crowd reduction measures being reversed by mid-January seem slim, so for me whether we go into a winter break now or in early January as planned is fairly moot, we'll all be playing behind closed doors at some point I think. The argument that a delay to mid-January will benefit Celtic as it allows them more time to get players fit is fair, but with Balugun, Barasic, Davis and Roofe, all potential starters if fit, also in danger of missing out perhaps a delay might not be that bad for us either. The African Cup of Nations taking possibly 3 of our players away for nearly a month is a problem. Losing 3 players does mean we can legitimately ask for postponements of matches but that would really cause fixture chaos, particularly if our next 3 matches are postponed as well. The club is well within its rights to point that out. I suspect Rangers, and every other club in Scotland, will be looking to minimise the number of matches played with few or no spectators allowed in. A look at last year's accounts shows just how important having a full Ibrox is for the club's finances, and that applies to every club up here. There's no fat for us to fall back on, losing our biggest revenue stream, again, provides some significant challenges for our board. I can understand why bringing the winter break forward is appealing to many boardrooms, if it means there's a chance of fewer matches being played behind closed doors. Of course no one actually knows the answer to that. Politically these recent measures have been unpopular, and with populist governments in place in Edinburgh and Westminster, it maybe that opinion polls rather than health advice carry more weight around cabinet tables this time round. So maybe restrictions won't last as long as they did last year. Or maybe they will, no one knows for sure. (I'm not trying to make a political point or agree or disagree with Government and public health advice. So don't @ me, I don't care.) All we can expect of anyone in our boardroom, or any other club's, is to deal with what they know, not what they suspect. For now that means a loss of crowds and revenue for 3 matches. That being the case bringing the winter break forward and so moving those 3 matches to later in the season is the sensible thing to do, even for Rangers. As an aside, as none of us really know what will happen, it's worth remembering that Celtic are in the Vauxhall Conference Euro Cup. Despite everything that's a tournament they could reasonably expect to progress quite far in. It's not inconceivable that come March and April Celtic are still playing European matches while trying to fit in 5 postponed SPFL matches around a diminishing fixture calendar. I think our board should be looking to book a tour of Japan for this summer, just in case.
  3. It was a horrible tackle to be fair, how he stayed on the park is beyond me.
  4. I imagine it'll be Paterson we sell. Whatever we get for him will be all profit, it doesn't weaken the starting 11 and there seems to be genuine interest in him from clubs with money. Selling Paterson alone should put us into profit for this financial year and allow us to sign some players in January, albeit probably Bosmans.
  5. Dropping Kent and Davis was fairly bold management, and it worked so credit for that. Also thought it was interesting he left Morelos on after he was booked and the game was won. I can't decide if GVB simply doesn't know his past and how he's refereed differently to others or if he simply has more faith in his professionalism than I do. That was a Dundee side in good form going into the match made to look very poor. I can't claim to be a master tactician but even I can spot the difference in what's expected from our full backs since GVB took control. So much of our attacking play under Gerrard came from our full-backs, they were often our furthest forward players. I felt other clubs were starting to nullify that threat more, they'd figured out how to play us. The last couple of matches has seen a subtle change there, with Tav and Barasic still venturing forward but not all the time and as an addition to the attack, not its mainstay. So far it's worked, I think both Livi and Dundee would have caused us more problems had Gerrard still been in charge, we were huffing and puffing against those types of sides earlier in the season. Interestingly I think Barasic has benefited from this change, but Tav seems more subdued. Everyone played well but I thought Arfield was man of the match. I felt he worked exceptionally hard and his running and attacking created space for others to exploit. That said another 3 or 4 were also excellent so I've no complaints with Aribo winning the official award. A 1-0 win for Dundee Utd today would see us go level on goal difference with the team in second place, it seems only a few weeks ago they were miles ahead on that measurement. Overall you have to give enormous credit to the board and Ross Wilson as well as to Gio and his staff and indeed the players, for the almost seamless transition of management team. I'm not sure all of us fully appreciate how seismic our entire first team management team walking out on mass must have been.
  6. I watched Mayo for Dunfermline a couple of times last season and he didn't look like he was close to being ready for us. I think the fact he went out on loan in the Championship again tells us what our coaches think his level is currently. I suspect Leon King, Lewis Mackinnon or Kyle Mclelland are now more likely to step up. A lot is expected of King but I've not been convinced when I've watched him. He's one of those boys who was built like a grown man while still in his mid-teens and I felt that helped him dominate at age group football. It'll be interesting to see if he can make the next step.
  7. We're being naive if we think Aston Villa aren't an attractive club for anyone raised in England. They genuinely are the proverbial sleeping giant. They've a big support, based in the second largest city in the country, and a decent history to match. They might have been a yo-yo side in recent times but I'm old enough to remember when Man City and Chelsea were too. Aston Villa have ambitious billionaire owners, a decent squad and money in the bank from the sale of Grealish. On top of that Birmingham is only a couple of hours drive from Liverpool, Gerrard could be home with his family every night. I suspect Gerrard knows that unless he can turn Rangers into perennial Champion's League participants his managerial pedigree isn't good enough for the Liverpool job currently. But, take a side like Aston Villa back into Europe, have them playing exciting football, maybe win a cup, and he's very much in the frame. Remember Klopp had won the Bundesliga and reached the Champion's League final before he was considered for Liverpool. We've not spoken a lot about our recent financial report and what that might mean for the club. Gerrard and his coaching staff are ambitious and our failure to beat Malmo was a huge blow to the club. If we don't win the league this season we might have a problem, we can't keep losing those kind of sums. Having crowds back is a huge help, but we can only balance the books by qualifying for the Champion's League or by selling someone for decent money. Gerrard and his coaching team might feel they've taken us as far as they can with the players we have. Hopefully that's not the case and he does fancy a crack at winning the SPFL and then straight into the Champion's League next season.
  8. This is a great thread, thanks for all the posts 26th. Message boards can be combative and unpleasant at times, I'm as much to blame for that as anyone. This type of thread is what the internet was made for; warm, intelligent, informative and original. Hat tipped.
  9. For what it's worth it's not been as bad as predicted, yet. Most of the closures are on the north side of the river and affecting Partick and Finnieston areas. I'm told getting to parts of Govan, specifically near the Clyde by the BBC, Science Centre area is a challenge as well. If you're travelling along the M8 or M74 then stay on until Ibrox or Govan don't try and come off early would be my advice. I think the best advice though is to try and park in the city centre, St Georges Cross or Cowcaddens area, there's a few multi story car parks near Cowcaddens, and jump on the Subway. It's driech morning in Glasgow and the traffic is very slow, if it's similar tomorrow night it could be grid lock.
  10. Right, well as fun and enlightening as this thread has been I think I'm going to leave you to it, there's really not much more to say. You will require a Covid passport for this Sunday's match, I'm not sure of that's Bill Gates, a secret cabal of Jews or Nicola Sturgeon's doing. It is kinda funny now though. - https://www.rangers.co.uk/Article/supporter-update-29-09-21/3eSwxvlwMD20cDeixDQZoU AHEAD of Sunday’s Scottish Premiership match against Hibernian, we once again highlight the introduction of vaccine certificate checks across Scotland. Sunday’s game is a “test event” and thus, we are required by law, to carry out the same procedures as when the “grace period” is over. For the avoidance of doubt, following legislation introduced by the Scottish Government, everyone attending matches at Ibrox Stadium must be fully vaccinated and everyone must bring proof of this status with you to the match, unless exempt.
  11. Just to be clear, are you claiming being double vaccinated doesn't reduce a person's chances of contracting Covid?
  12. This subject genuinely seems to have tipped some people over the edge, it's remarkable. Sharing medical information with stewards? Do you think they're going to memorise what they saw and sell it to big pharma or maybe just nod and let you past? I mean the club already has your name, address and bank or credit card information, plus it's probably following you all round the internet with the cookie you accepted to visit the Rangers website and that already tracks your phone use so they know already your deep, dark web secrets. But aye, a bored steward on zero hours contract and minimum wage glancing at your covid form is what we should all be focussing on, that's the deep state made incarnate. I look forward to some roaster doing his Laurence Fox wannabe act and shouting angrily about freedom and Orwell at some poor student in a hi-vis jacket nursing a hangover on Sundany when he's stopped and asked for his Covid form. Nothing surer than he's planning it right now.
  13. Great stuff 26th, looking forward to reading this during the season ahead.
  14. Apologies, Blue Moon. You're right about it being a shambles, which is why I think they'll withdraw it before it needs enforced. Whether it'll encourage anyone unvaccinated to get the vaccine is the bit I remain unsure about. A version of this was unpopular but fairly successful in France over the summer. The fact they've had to withdraw their main vaccine encouragement advertisement recently too won't help either. It's a mess.
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