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  1. Goldson for me, would have been Helander but for that poor pass in the first half that gifted them a chance. Goldson is so good we don't even notice anymore, we take it for granted. If we lose him for a few matches then we'll all see just what he brings to the team. 

  2. Yes, I wondered if there might be a bit of player sharing at some point too. I don't follow German football closely dB so is there a reason why Hamburg and now Schalke are struggling? I mean other than they've got poorer players and coaches than the other sides. Have they finance problems or systemic structural issues or is it just bad luck?


    I watched some of the Hamburg match the other night. St Pauli had a forward who was a bag of tricks, Muslim sounding name, great close control but poor final ball in half hour or so I watched. Certainly looked to be a better player than lower half of the German 2nd division would suggest. 


    1 hour ago, compo said:

    Since this Greenslade story first broke there hasn't been a single word of condemnation in the Guardian 

    Henry McDonald, their Northern Ireland correspondent, has been very critical of Greenslade in the past, as he has been about Irish republican violence in general. McDonald's upbringing and background give him an insight into the reality of these people that violence tourists like Greenslade will never understand. 

  4. In some ways not drawing an English side in lunchtime's draw means BBC Scotland Sport can probably survive the pressure they must now be coming under from headquarters in Manchester for a chat with Gerrard. Had we drawn Man Utd can you imagine Match Of The Day, Football Focus and Five Live just accepting they couldn't speak to Gerrard or McAllister, who they must know fairly well. This might still come to pass of course. 

  5. 4 hours ago, Scott7 said:

    Leaving Lennon to get back to PQM, I saw last night on Sky News the closing fragment of a discussion involving Alistair Bonnington and a bizarre looking woman, whom I had never seen or heard before, the latter grinning vacuously and hee hawing, as only weegie wifies can, about Nikla. The piece ended and the presenter thanked Bonnington and the apparition whom he named as Angela Haggerty. 

    @26th of foot, be ashamed. You have been far, far too kind to this person. How can someone like this have an authoritative voice in national broadcasting? 

    And Goon Shall Speak Unto Goon

    Point of order, she's not Glaswegian, take your well deserved ire and point it in the direction of Bute. 

  6. 11 hours ago, the gunslinger said:

    dinosaur of a manager who bullies his players into some initial success then implodes. 



    You might be right. I understand his style is based around relying on two or three match winning players being supported by everyone else in the team. This was not unlike Walter Smith's Rangers in his first term, but is miles from Gerrard's 'total football' philosophy. I think he is able to organise and motivate players, at least initially, but as @stewarty points out above that can only last for so long. Anyway, nothing was funnier or more enjoyable than watching his own fans turn on him, that's got to have hurt. 

  7. 15 hours ago, stewarty said:

    I don't necessarily disagree with what you've said but the counterpoints in my mind are that I think that he is a manager that has quite a short shelf life unless he finds different ways to motivate his players.  That may be the way with modern football generally in terms of managerial changes, but here's only so many times he can bollock his players to better performances and results.  


    He was regularly throwing individuals under the bus and the club, presumably with his blessing, strong-armed players to stay with them this season when clearly they were eyeing up moves elsewhere.   


    Over his time, the coaching and structure put in place to very good effect under Rodgers was slowly eroded.  Add in his very poor judgement of players in terms of recruitment, and I'm left wondering whether he has simply been left behind by the more modern, tactically astute and technical approach epitomised by our management team.  The contrast is stark in my view.


    Yes, all fair points. The rumours of how his Hibs tenure ended certainly back up what you're saying. I think I'm just touchy to any narrative that suggests somehow our success this season is down to Celtic having a poor manager, I don't think they did, he just isn't as good as ours. 

  8. It took me a week to get over the first bloody match and then they go and do that to us! Whatever else you say about this Rangers team they're entertaining. Kent and Morelos were outstanding and while not as effective Hagi worked so hard he too deserves a mention. It's the strangest tie to review, I mean we conceded 5 goals, that would normally deserve much scrutiny and criticism but when you score 9 in reply it can be glossed over. Of the 5 we conceded 3 were poor defensively and one was a dodgy penalty. That said while I don't think we set out to concede so many I do think the game plan was simply to overwhelm them upfront. Two very attacking line-ups was always going to leave us open. Some of our goals over the tie were things of beauty, Kent must be registering on the radars of richer clubs by now, if he wasn't already. Nathan Paterson's goal feels like vindication for the liberal hand-wringers on here like Gonzo, Bill and me... 


    I'd like AC Milan next. For someone of my age they exude glamour and majesty, but whoever we get can I just say how proud I am we're in the last 16 of a European tournament for the second year in a row, Berwick, Brechin and Peterhead feel that bit further away again. 

  9. It's clearly late in the afternoon as this thread is confusing me. 

    Albertz is our leading 'foreign' goal scorer in Europe, so surely he must make every team. Of course that's if this thread has anything to do with Europe, and I'm not sure it does. 


    For the purposes of this thread is England 'foreign'? 

  10. Surely he can't play on Sunday, even if we wanted him he'll have to self isolate for 10 days as a minimum after breaking the Covid bubble, won't he? 


    I believe in second chances, particularly for teenagers. If he can rebuild his career at Rangers he should get that chance, but it won't be this season and he'll need to work very hard to earn the trust of the management team and the support. I suspect if someone made a bid for him or any of the others we'd accept it. It might be best for him if he goes out on loan for the first half of next season, he needs first team football and I suspect a right back just went to the top of Ross Wilson's to-do list. 

  11. 1 hour ago, Uilleam said:

    I don't think it matters: there seems to be a legal position on the definition of malicious prosecution, beyond malevolent, and involves pursuit without just cause, no matter the motive. Actually, that may well be worse. 



    When actions are agreed out of court they almost always carry a 'no blame' caveat. Even when it's clear that one side has won and one has lost, when damages have been agreed and they are clear to everyone lawyers always insert a 'this agreement signifies no acceptance of blame etc...'. Clearly the LA and the PF think they have that here, however it seems one the Duff & Phelps team feels they don't. A lot will hinge on that. I suspect the Crown will push very hard for that and a gaging order agreement on the remaining cases still to be agreed. 

    There's little doubt in my mind the current LA is choosing his words very carefully. He's not going to admit to 'malice' in the sense that we understand the word while related cases are ongoing and also because he knows it would start a feeding frenzy I suspect he'd rather avoid. Today buys him and everyone involved time. There was no smoking gun, and this will drop down the news agenda while the related cases are dealt with. When it returns to the public eye, well, who knows where we'll all be by then. 


  12. 2 hours ago, Bluedell said:

    I believe a better question is who benefited from a deliberately botched criminal prosecution against those involved with the administration and buy-out of Rangers.

    Normally I'd challenge you on 'deliberately botched' but with what's come to light recently I'm now open minded to all possibilities. I don't think we got any answers today, just more questions. 

  13. 25 minutes ago, Bill said:

    Incompetence wouldn't amount to maliciousness. "Malicious" describes conscious and deliberate wrongdoing.


    Surely the only way this isn't a criminal act is if the Lord Advocate decides (for whatever reason 🙄) that he doesn't want it to be.

    The choice of the word 'malicious' was certainly eye-catching and we'll all have our own understanding of what that means. I'm very cautious attributing motive on a public forum though, especially to a current High Court judge or his staff. Hopefully we'll get full transparency on this in the near future. 

  14. I've held off commenting on this as aspects of it have puzzled me and I think we all have to tread carefully for our own and Frankie's sake. That said if, as is being reported, this was a "malicious" prosecution instigated by the previous Lord Advocate, then I'm not sure we're fully grasping the implications of that. The Lord Advocate, as well as being a political appointment, is literally the most senior law officer in Scotland ultimately responsible for all prosecutions. The lengths and expense that's going into keeping this from being aired publicly in open court is troubling. For the current Lord Advocate to make the statement he made yesterday is an astonishing admission. At best we have total incompetence, at worst we have corruption at a very senior level. So, you have to ask yourself who benefits from an attempted criminal prosecution against those involved with the administration and buy out of Rangers. I'm no fan of Duff and Phelps or Charles Green, but what has happened here is disgraceful. It will be interesting to see what more comes out of this and if there is an appetite politically, legally or from the media to punish those involved in this. 

    How this isn't now a criminal matter is beyond me.

  15. Comparing periods is very hard. The Rangers sides of the 60s, 70s and early 80s were playing in a league that had some of the best sides in Europe at that time. The calibre of domestic opposition was considerably higher than it is currently. That said, I think this current Rangers side plays the best football I've ever seen a Rangers side play. I never thought I'd see a Rangers team play more pleasing football than the one Advocaat put together in his first couple of seasons, but I now think this current side is even more attractive. Now, that's not say this team is 'better', in fact I doubt it is, that side contained Numan, Porrini, Gio, Albertz, Kanchelskis and of course Barry Ferguson, all exceptional players. Our sides of the late 60s and early 70s reached 2 European finals, winning one, you could argue that was our best ever side, even though they weren't able to win the league. 


    Anyway, Gerrard can only build a side to beat what's in front of him, and he's doing that with some aplomb just now. 

  16. I assume this means Lewis Mayo isn't in the manager's first team plans either. Isn't Leon King a centre-half? He's only 17 but aren't great things expected of him? 

    Surely we're buying another centre-half, wide player and midfielder in the knowledge that any decent offer received this summer can't be turned down. If English sides aren't looking at Goldson and Helander I'll be astonished, Kent and Kamara must be on the radar's of many clubs as are Morelos and probably Roofe. I still think it's our full backs who are most coveted though. 


    The directors deserve a lot of credit for keeping the squad together this January, indeed we've probably strengthened it which is remarkable. 

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