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  1. Great read. I think for me it was Rapid Vienna at home that really made me start to believe this wasn't simply another false dawn.
  2. Any guesses what incident led the Radio Scotland sport news reports this morning? No, it wasn't Rangers great win away at Easter Road and our imperious march towards the title, or plucky Celtic getting their first win of the year against bottom of the table Hamilton, or indeed Motherwell getting their first win in ages in the relegation battle away at Ross County or even St Mirren's remarkable 5 goals at Tannadice. Nope, none of those things, for some reason those stories are of secondary importance.
  3. I mean I'm inclined to give it to Alfredo for stamping on that animal Porteous, yes it was unprofessional, yes he could have been sent off and changed the match, yes he'll probably get a ban now, but that prick had it coming. Still, hard to look past Kamara, what a performance.
  4. Good to see those all those hours in the Mitchell haven't been completely wasted!
  5. It's quite something, isn't it? Having written the occasional match preview for here I can only guess at how long that took him write, he must have spent days on it. In many ways it encapsulates exactly how we've all arrived at this moment. A Celtic fan writing a Celtic blog spends months obsessing about us, imagining possible cheating and finally writing about Rangers while his own club is riven with acrimony, continues to sell it's better players, makes terrible decisions at a senior level and treats its support with contempt all from a previously unassailable financial and footballing posit
  6. Mmm, a desire for accuracy with numbers, spoken like a true accountant! It'll never catch on. I only have a vague interest in how many points Livingston actually have, my focus was on how many points Celtic don't. Point taken...
  7. There are two 'Manager of the Year' awards. The first, and most prestigious, is the PFA Scotland Manager Of The Year award. This is voted on by professional players and coaches and is seen as the ultimate recognition by your peers. As I understand it you can't vote for a team mate or your own manager. The second award is the Scottish Football Writers 'Manager of the Year'. This is voted on by the sports hacks and scribes who follow the Scottish game. There is no doubt personality and overall popularity play a part in these awards, not just ability. I've heard it said
  8. Are Ian Maxwell and Dr John MacLean really 'Celtic-minded'? Hillhead High School in the 1970s wasn't known as a breeding ground for Yahoos it has to be said. If anything his preferences might lie in the Maryhill direction, but to be honest as a doctor I've still got faith that any personal preferences he might have are ignored when it comes to healthcare decisions. I'm fairly confident Maxwell doesn't have allegiances in the east of the city either, but he might simply be incompetent, it can be hard to tell those two apart sometimes. Doncaster and Petrie need watched at all times though.
  9. All this talk of 'Champions' gives me the fear. We've won nothing yet, nothing. If the heat is turned up on Desmond I think we can expect changes down London Road way, he's never struck me as someone who'll take public criticism for very long. I was hoping Lennon would get another year.
  10. Highlanders can be a curious bunch at times; exhibit A. I met an Oban Celtic player in Brisbane of all places. He explained that a toss of a coin many years ago decided the club's name and strip, had it fallen on the other side they'd have been called Oban Rangers and worn blue. He did assure me that almost all of their players supported Rangers, and often wore Rangers attire to training to even things up. Still, 'mon the Oban Camanachd.
  11. What odds an exclusive interview with Lawwell or Lennon on BBC Scotland in the coming days? A chosen interviewer and pre-agreed questions submitted in advance. My money's on Chris McLoughlin but Micheal Stewart might be on the shortlist too. Tom English was very critical of them recently, so I expect he's off the Christmas card list for now.
  12. Ah, BD, my rapier like wit misses the intended target once again. The internet has told me many, many times before that a witty one liner is best left to others, but still I plod on like an Irish international centre-half sent out on loan from a jobbing EFL side to a Scottish team in need of defensive fortitude. I should know better. My plea for clemency for Duffy was meant tongue in cheek, apologies.
  13. Why would we want Shane Duffy prevented from playing? We should be doing everything we can to ensure that man starts every match for Celtic. I'm in the 'stand back and let this play out without comment' camp. We're 21 points ahead, 12 if they win their matches in hand, they've lost half their players for 10 days and even the First Minister is publicly calling them liars. Their squad is weaker than at any point in the last decade and their best players want to leave. Add to that the fury consuming many of their own support and the clear lack of leadership and discipline inside thei
  14. Ignore me, completely misread the post. Doh!
  15. Durrant was only 19 when he scored that goal. Totally bodying Davie Cooper is pretty funny actually, particularly after one of the best 'assists' you'll see.
  16. I travelled up ticketless along with 3 pals. It was my first trip to Pittodrie, we were pulled over by the police on the A9 for being rangers fans as far as we could tell, accosted on Union Street before the match, weren't able to get any tickets at the ground and so listened to the match on the car radio driving back to Glasgow. We stopped in Brechin or somewhere like that for fish and chips to hear Charlie bloody Nicholas score the winner for them. A shocking day all round. Durrant was also an idol of mine and by far my favourite player too, this is my favourite of his goals tho
  17. Do you mean Andy Robertson, rather than Tierney? Robertson was released by Celtic when he was 16 whereas Tierney was in their first team squad at 17 and a regular at 18.
  18. It's telling that for many of us our first thought when hearing that Jack and Arfield might be out for a few months was 'we need to sign someone as cover' instead of wondering if one of the youngsters could step up. I was certainly guilty of it. If none of our younger players are capable of stepping in for a few weeks then you do have to wonder what the point of having them is. But I suspect, with a bit of patience, some of them are and it's people like me that are the problem. As for Kennedy I suspect we'll sell him to Shrewsbury or someone like that for quarter of a million in a
  19. Jim McLean - An Appreciation Our last match of the 1983/84 season took place on the 14th of May away at Tannadice. I remember very little about the match itself other than the facts that Rangers won and that there was a rousing rendition of ‘Rangers are back, Rangers are back’ from the away support situated under the old covered terrace along Sandeman Street. Season 83/84 was one of major change for Rangers. For only the 9th time in our history we changed managers when John Grieg, arguably our greatest ever captain, resigned following a run of poor results and vocal supporter unre
  20. I emerged from my Christmas hibernation this morning and read this on the BBC website. I suspect Rangers supporters are much more familiar with the story than others might be and of course for a significant percentage of people this story might seem like ancient history now. To people my age it's not though. On the whole I felt it was quite a fair and accurate retelling of these tragic events. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/extra/B0cJMZS3B1/Fiveboys
  21. You can point to improved fitness, the quality of substitutes on our bench now and even grittier, stronger team spirit than last season if you want but my cousin didn't finish his work until around 4.15, he logged onto Rangers TV at 0-1 and then witnessed 20 minutes of the match where we scored 3 goals. We've both agreed he'll now follow this routine for every match from now on. League's in the bag for sure...
  22. You won't think that after you've read it. Posted in Rangers Chat earlier, do with it as you please.
  23. For decades psychologists have studied why humans are reluctant to accept randomness as simply part of life, instead are inclined to believe that we can, at least to some extent, predict, influence, and control the world around us. Of course there are many, many aspects of life we can influence and control, but there are just as many we can’t, so we create mechanisms to deal with these. For millennia different societies have reacted to low or reduced personal control by strongly endorsing a belief in the existence and influence of external controlling powers. These feelings manifest themselves
  24. This. I don't care if it's an OG it's getting my vote.
  25. Your state of the union thread has shamed me, I'll write one for this weekend's match if that's okay.
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