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  1. There might be some gnashing of teeth and hurried memos to the music department at Pacific Quay this morning as Dougie Payne, Travis bass player, has publicly outed himself on the BBC Sport website. Obviously BBC Sport headquarters failed to pick up on Mr. Payne's loyalties before the interview. I'm sure Richard Gordon and Stuart Cosgrove will have a word, can't be having Rangers fans being portrayed as anything but reactionary neanderthals now, former art school indie band rockers not supporting the 'Tic or some diddy team, that's going to confuse the listeners. "But it has to be said t
  2. I thought Roofe, Kent and Morelos were all below par yesterday. Kent flattered to deceive but worked hard, Morelos worked hard and got into some good positions but his finishing was very poor and Roofe was as quiet as I remember him in a game. Dundee Utd deserve some credit for stopping us playing at our most fluent but we controlled most of the match and should have won by a more comfortable margin than we did. For me Morelos was never as good as some thought he was this time last season and he's not as bad as some think he is this season. All strikers go through spells where it
  3. Morally obligated? No, I don't think so, King went into this with his eyes open. He knows better than most that his shares might be worth a lot less than he spent on them. Had he agreed to buy the shares on the proviso that Club 1872 or the greater support would then buy them from him, in a similar way to Budge at Hearts, then I'd feel their was an obligation on our part, but that didn't happen as far as I know. I think it would be better for the long term future of club if significant investors are able to get most of their investment back. I think selling to supporters is prefer
  4. This is a great thread with some important contributions. Yes, it's been tetchy at times but people are passionate about it and that can only be a good thing. While I can see a lot of merit in what Club 1872 are proposing to do I can understand why some are sceptical of the organisation and who ultimately benefits. I'm not sure if that invalidates this proposal though. Before I started working from my bedroom a living like a hermit earlier this year I used to attend conferences and seminars. A regular topic at these events was 'exit strategy'. This basically means how
  5. Who is Kinnear? I'm surprised Arfield and Barasic are playing, thought they'd be rested for sure. Decent side, mon' the Bears!!
  6. I suspect TV will want to show the Celtic v Aberdeen match so they'll have a lot of input into the date. I also suspect Celtic will try and hold this match back as long as possible in the hope of getting fans in. It would be ironic if by the time supporters are allowed back into matches Celtic's are boycotting theirs...
  7. I had to listen to the radio to follow our match on Sunday and found it surprisingly enjoyable. Neil McCann, Brian Rice and, I think it was, Paul Mitchel on commentary were quite balanced and insightful. Both Rice and McCann had decent knowledge of some of the Falkirk players and their style of play and both as well as the commentator were very complimentary of Rangers and our performance and our style of play. If you'd just been transported in from outer space and had never listened to Radio Scotland before you could almost have been forgiven for thinking this was normal coverage. I can only
  8. Other than Jermaine Defoe who was missing out for that reason? Zungu, Jack and Aribo were injured, and Edmundson and Jones, even before their party weren't troubling the first team much. Look, I'm not criticising the management, just pointing out that our squad isn't as deep as some think. Even with the strongest squad in a decade we were a couple of injuries away from introducing teenagers the other night. Players pick up knocks and suspensions as the season goes, we've been fairly fortunate so far, that's all I was pointing out.
  9. It's worth bearing in mind that the BBC 'boycott' is a BBC Scotland Sport management decision, not one made by individual journalists or presenters. As we've pointed out in this thread before individual BBC employees have fallen out with specific clubs or managers in the past and it's not resulted in those clubs being largely ignored. Sir Alex Ferguson refused to speak to Alan Green for years, Alan Green was one of the leading commentators on Five Live and Match Of The Day during that time, indeed a much more high profile position than Chris McLaughlin has. Strangely the BBC didn't choose to s
  10. Put me in the 'why didn't we make any subs' camp. I'd have replaced our forward three with Barker, Hagi and Itten and either Davis or Arfield with Helander when it was 2-1. We were clearly struggling to match them at that point as their 4 subs injected freshness and energy to their play. Looking at our bench you realise we're still a bit thin squad wise. It feels like Stewart and Barjonas are simply being kept around to make up the numbers as neither looks like ever playing while Dickson and King are not close to being ready for this level. That grumble aside I can't lose sight of
  11. I think you're mistaken there. When he first came to prominence in Glasgow back during the poll tax protests he played down his club allegiances for fear of alienating potential support and because it wasn't fashionable for politicians to openly support football sides. He played Junior for most of that period so he wasn't seen attending senior matches, but there was no doubt what club he supported, none at all. He was pals with Billy Davies so maybe that's why you think this, but trust me he was always a Tim.
  12. Google tells me I'm 3.7 miles from the old lady of Edmiston Drive so I'm happy at this development, but I have to say Covid is rife in this part of Glasgow currently and I'd be astonished if they allow even small crowds of people to congregate anytime soon near here. As has been pointed out 4,000 in Ibrox won't make much difference to the atmosphere or the coffers, but it's a big deal to St Mirren or Hamilton far less Yoker Athletic or Petershill. I think Glasgow will be one of the last places to see this restriction lifted though.
  13. Thanks Bluedell, a very helpful summary. We really are incredibly fortunate to have the directors we currently have, I'm not sure supporters fully appreciate what they're doing just now. As you say we'll need to start selling good players quite soon, if not January certainly in May. Our wages to turnover ratio feels high at slightly over 73%, but then I guess that's why we made a loss. Celtic's is sitting at around 80% I understand so these things are all relative. Anyway, thanks BD and thanks Mr King, Park and Bennett.
  14. The criticism of McBurnie is ridiculous and you can't help feel his stated club allegiances play a part. It's not like he's keeping someone better out of the team, when Dykes is fit he plays and McBurnie is the sub, it's hard to think of a Scottish striker any better after that. Griffiths, if fit and in form, would probably be picked ahead of him, and it would be hard to argue with that based on footballing ability. But Griffiths is clearly not fit or in any kind of form and it underlines the lack of quality that he's even making the squad currently. The players themselves can see Griffiths is
  15. The history of Dynamo Kiev is fascinating, there's a few books on it well worth reading. They not only had state backing during Soviet times but because they travelled to the 'west' regularly for matches they were used as a cover for all sorts of scary stuff. I must have mentioned this before @der Berliner but on my only trip to Berlin I struck up a conversation with my airport taxi driver who it turned out was a Dynamo Dresden supporter. The first match he ever attended was Dresden against Rangers in the old Fairs Cup in the late 60s and he'd followed Rangers results ever since.
  16. Peter Lawwell is on the European Club Association board, as such you'd expect he has some insights into what is planned regarding European competition, so Celtic pulling out of this is probably quite telling. There were talks at quite an advanced stage between the Belgians and Dutch to create a unified 'super-league' with clubs from both nations competing. I suspect Covid has interfered with its plans but it was being reported that UEFA were open to it. The Dutch and Belgians are neighbours so the extra travel isn't a big issue, 60% of Belgium speak Dutch and they use the same cur
  17. From a commercial perspective it's a league with a combined population of around 30 million, which would make it the eighth largest in Europe. It wouldn't be as attractive as the others as they all operate in one economic area with one main language, this league would have 5 different economic areas, 3 in the EU, 2 outside, 5 different currencies and at a push 3 languages if we group the Swedish and Danish together. In four of these countries English football teams are the best supported club sides. Football isn't even the most popular sport in Ireland and none of their clubs attract any kind
  18. When you and Bluedell got married which one of you was the bride? To be fair I'm sure you both look good in blue, everyone does.
  19. I struggle to accept that the Glasgow polis are fundamentally anti-Rangers, most of the coppers I know certainly aren't. That said I'm still not sure if Green and co were pursued by people who dislike Rangers or who dislike Charles Green and friends. I still feel there was something deeply suspicious about what happened to us and who benefited from it but that might just be my compensatory control kicking in and trying to infer order onto something that was in fact random and chaotic.
  20. Am I correct in stating there are clubs using this quite extensively now for recruitment? Brentford and Midtjylland are the two I've read about, Midtjylland clearly finding success with it. The inspiration for it coming from Moneyball and the Oakland baseball team's success with recruitment that went against perceived sport wisdom? Baseball, like cricket, has a history of statistics based fandom, something that relatively new to football. I remember being told that professional scouts could watch youth matches and decide in 10 minutes whether a boy had the ability to 'make it' or not. I rememb
  21. When it started on radio in the 80s it was ground-breaking. Apparently clubs used to get tapes of the show and play them on the bus home from games, but Celtic stopped because the send-up of Danny McGrain was so cruel, and accurate, I should add. Davie Hay didn't come out of it well either, the infamous 'who's the best Scottish player of all time Davie? Pele. He's not Scottish, Davie. Always wondered why he never got picked for the national team.' Apparently Hay was furious at being portrayed as an imbecile (I thought it was funny). It's well past its sell by
  22. Pastor Jack Glass once used that very phrase on TV during a debate about education in Scotland, he might have been debating against the said University at the time. From an entirely personal perspective, having not attended either establishment, all I can contribute is that I pulled in Strathclyde Uni's student union but always found Glasgow's fallow ground. In the spirit of this thread my expected xG was better in John Street and that was the only stat that mattered at the time. Of course that probably says more about the young women who frequented both establishments than
  23. It should galvanise the Rangers squad. Again Lennon uses every opportunity to take the narrative away from his team's form and performances and have the media and supporter looking elsewhere. I sincerely hope Rangers ignore this completely. Our players will need to be very careful from now on though, another breach of protocol, how ever it occurs, is likely to see harsher punishment from the authorities.
  24. Yes, you might well be right and it wouldn't be a big surprise if you were.
  25. Carson shouldn't have any obvious antipathy to us, as a Methody educated Belfast 'Prod' you'd expect him to at least have an open mind. I'd be surprised if Carson doesn't at least encourage his Sport's Department to try and rebuild some bridges, but I doubt he'll force it or fire anyone over it. I met his Dad once, we didn't talk about football unfortunately!
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