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  1. The character assassination of Stewart was wonderful, and it sounded heartfelt too, pardon the pun. Levein also did his prospects of being further employed by the BBC even greater harm when he declared he wanted Rangers to win the league this season. Cosgrove nearly choked when he said it.
  2. A fair and considered response and good advice. My formative years were spent trying to avoid advance parties of the Milton Tongs an organisation with a similar philosophy to your Sgt Major, as such I came to rely on my wits, my eyesight and my ability to run, so when rare opportunities to take advantage did arise I made the most of them. Old habits and all that.
  3. It's almost impossible to be involved in sport's manufacturing or retail in the UK and not come into contact with Mike Ashley or his associated companies. That's not an exaggeration. Ashley is also pretty bright and quite vindictive. Ashley put Puma into Newcastle (and Rangers) simply as a 'get-it-up-you' to Adidas with who he was involved in a spat. He knows the historical animosity between the two brands and so wanted to show Adidas he'd muscles to flex too. That spat is largely over now so he no longer needs to use Puma, leaving the door open for another manufacturer to move in. Ashley has
  4. To be fair the SPFL can't, that's what this is about. They asked the clubs to give the board powers to make decisions and the clubs refused. Now they're sort of asking again or at least asking what the clubs would support. Far be it for me to defend the SPFL but they're not able to give any guidance on what will happen as the member clubs won't let them. This should have been sorted in the summer, but seeing as they made such a cock-up of ending last season and 3 member clubs were still suing them days before this season started I guess they decided to leave it for a few months... Scotti
  5. Aha, so is the shop in St Enoch Square not 'ours'? I didn't know that. Apologies, I've got that very wrong then.
  6. Just me that thinks this is nuts then? Do we need two shops in the city centre in normal times far less in the current climate? I assume someone somewhere has done the maths on this but I think I'd have held off for a few months, I suspect there will be a glut of retail property in the near future and I'm increasingly inclined to think the pandemic will create systemic changes in our behaviour even when it's a distant memory.
  7. It's a deep, deep cover TB, you've no idea how high this goes!
  8. Managers are taught various things while sitting their licences. One thing that gets a lot of focus is media management. Neil Lennon demonstrated this superbly last week when he took a public swipe at Maurice Ross. The media loved that story, it dominated the back pages and the football news cycle for a few days after. It's clever management from Lennon because it took the focus away from him, his players and their run of results (2 losses and a draw is apparently grounds for dismissal in some quarters now). He was at it again yesterday when post match he had a go at the referee accusing him o
  9. I seem to have caused some confusion and debate. Let me try and clarify. I think there's a high likelihood the Championship, Leagues 1 and 2 and the steps in the pyramid below that won't finish the season and so the SPFL need to speak with clubs to try and agree what happens should that take place. I class part-time sides playing in the professional leagues as professional. I also think there's a chance the top league in Scotland will be disrupted and also might struggle to finish. As such again the SPFL need to consult with clubs on what to do in that event too. My reading
  10. Because politicians make decisions usually for political reasons. Because public opinion might turn on highly remunerated footballers if examples of poor behaviour are reported while large parts of the country are locked down. Because already several clubs in Scotland have been unable to keep their players and staff in a secure bubble while infection rates are quite low and the weather was ok. Because part time teams in particular will find secure bubbles almost impossible to maintain as players have other jobs. Because clubs might find it hard to fulfil fixtures. Be
  11. There is a chance that professional football in Scotland could be stopped before Christmas and a very real chance that the league won't finish before next summer, so while I understand the suspicion the SPFL need to at least begin communicating with clubs on what might happen if that turns out to be the case. If we were to get a bad winter weather wise leading to weather related postponements, on top of Covid postponements we could have some farcical looking league tables in a few months, that's assuming the government doesn't implement a full lockdown before that. I suspect everything will be
  12. Maurice Ross speaks surprisingly well. He's a coach at Motherwell now I learned, which didn't prevent him stating he wants Rangers to win the league, live on BBC Scotland radio, that's got to be off the roster of guests now surely... I was interested to hear him and Stewart describe us as a counter attacking side. I suppose against sides that attack us we are, but we so rarely play against teams like that I don't think of us as that type of side. I think the truth is we can play in many ways. We can keep possession for long periods and control matches and we can also sit deeper an
  13. We learned a few things yesterday. Firstly the players Celtic had missing. I think it's true, they certainly weren't able to play their first choice starting 11 and in Christie, Eduarde and Julien that's 3 important players for them who'd almost certainly have started. But here's the thing many pundits seem to be missing; football is a squad game and Celtic's squad is not as deep as Rangers now. I'm not sure how that happened, or when it happened, but somehow what felt like a chasmic gap in squad quality has not only been bridged but been overtaken. Someone at our club deserves enormous praise
  14. I see the guy who founded the club played for Crusaders in Belfast, I did wonder when I saw their badge which is identical to the Belfast club's but for the colour of the cross. I assume from that he's a Northern Irish bluenose enjoying life in Surfer's Paradise instead of the Shore Road. If both clubs get something from it all the better. I've a soft spot for Crusaders, I used to go and watch them when I lived in Belfast, 'mon the hatchet men!
  15. All that being said they gerrymandered the fixture list to get this date to play us, so they're getting what they wanted after all...
  16. As amusing as this is I think if we'd lost 4 players during the international break we'd be a bit hacked off too. International football always runs the risk of players picking up injuries or losing form after traveling long distances, I can remember when McCoist broke his leg playing for Scotland. It would a pleasant surprise if all of our players returned without any of them picking up a niggle far less anything more serious. Personally I think it's very contentious playing international football in the current climate. Players at clubs can exist in some sort of bubble, and so European club
  17. If we're really looking at out of contract free agent players then I'd prefer we signed Mandžukić. He's a type of striker we don't have and his physical style would suit Scottish football, with a couple of Croats here already and our previous success with strong Croatian forwards I think he's be a good fit. He's 34 so I doubt he could play 2 games a week and has probably lost a bit of pace and energy, but as an option for us even from the bench he offers something different that might complement the more technical forwards we currently have. I've not heard him mentioned by anyone and I've no i
  18. West Ham signed him over 2 years ago but have literally just paid him to leave, they couldn't even find a club to loan him too. He's been available for months, him being released by West Ham didn't come as a surprise to him or his agent, clubs have known he's been available for a while. I accept at one time he was a very talented player, but it's difficult to judge if he still is as he's played so little football. Clearly West Ham don't think he is. Gerrard strikes me as being something of a taskmaster, demanding in terms of application and attitude as well as ability. We'll just
  19. "I don't think it affected the result, if my memory is right." 🤣🤣 Many, many moons ago I was gainfully employed in what was then the Clydeway Industrial Centre, these days, post gentrification it's The Skypark. It had a very different look and feel in the 80s, it was owned by Glasgow Council then and housed mainly light industrial companies by day and ladies of the night by, err, night. On the ground floor was a business who I think were called Heatwise. At a time of mass unemployment they employed a lot of guys who were long term unemployed. The idea was they got used to working a
  20. I've was told a while ago that Wiltshire's lifestyle issues are fairly acute and injuries were used to cover up for lengthy absences caused by other reasons. The fact no one in England signed him tells its own story.
  21. “I imagine one of the reasons people cling to their hates so stubbornly is because they sense, once hate is gone, they will be forced to deal with pain.” James Baldwin.
  22. Celtic's clamour for supporter's to be allowed back is eye-catching. I'm not sure allowing say 10,000 back into a 60,000 seat stadium would enhance the atmosphere much, so this can only be about the money. Celtic promised their season ticket holders exclusive access to Celtic matches being shown on their in-house TV. Unlike Rangers, where anyone can purchase on a match to match basis, currently the casual Celtic supporter, or supporter of whoever they're playing, can't. People who claim to know about these things tell me this has been quite successful for Rangers from a revenue perspective. Pe
  23. It's going to be be increasingly difficult to hang onto our better kids. The money and facilities on offer down south plus the lack of young players establishing themselves in our first team will only lead to more of our 'in-demand' players leaving. Us attracting young players from Ross County and Glentoran is exactly the same, just on a lower level. All that said there still seems to be little correlation between being a fantastic prospect at 16 or 17 and becoming a top level professional, no matter what Scottish side you're at. Believe it or not, at one time the most sought afte
  24. It sums up Scottish football. The guy who carried out the challenge suffers no repercussions, Gerrard goes up in front of the beaks. They're not even trying to hide it.
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