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  1. “I imagine one of the reasons people cling to their hates so stubbornly is because they sense, once hate is gone, they will be forced to deal with pain.” James Baldwin.
  2. Celtic's clamour for supporter's to be allowed back is eye-catching. I'm not sure allowing say 10,000 back into a 60,000 seat stadium would enhance the atmosphere much, so this can only be about the money. Celtic promised their season ticket holders exclusive access to Celtic matches being shown on their in-house TV. Unlike Rangers, where anyone can purchase on a match to match basis, currently the casual Celtic supporter, or supporter of whoever they're playing, can't. People who claim to know about these things tell me this has been quite successful for Rangers from a revenue perspective. Pe
  3. It's going to be be increasingly difficult to hang onto our better kids. The money and facilities on offer down south plus the lack of young players establishing themselves in our first team will only lead to more of our 'in-demand' players leaving. Us attracting young players from Ross County and Glentoran is exactly the same, just on a lower level. All that said there still seems to be little correlation between being a fantastic prospect at 16 or 17 and becoming a top level professional, no matter what Scottish side you're at. Believe it or not, at one time the most sought afte
  4. It sums up Scottish football. The guy who carried out the challenge suffers no repercussions, Gerrard goes up in front of the beaks. They're not even trying to hide it.
  5. I'd prefer Split but either will be a big step up and easily our hardest game of the season to date. I was speaking to a Dutch pal last night about Willem II and he was pretty dismissive of them. He said they usually fight relegation and no one could understand why they did okay last season. He said they're a good team without any stars, stronger than the some of their parts but if both teams play to their best we'd beat them. He's a season ticket holder at NEC Nijmegen but travels around Europe a couple of times a year going to see different matches. He's desperate to see a Rangers/Celtic mat
  6. Can't we be drawn against Standard or APOEL's opponents if they lose their ties DMAA? Playing Spurs in a one-off match would be fun. They'd, rightly, be favourites, but they're not in great form and the Scotland/England thing levels the field a bit. How are Aberdeen seeded and we're not? There was talk on the radio last night that Sporting Lisbon have a Covid outbreak in their squad and might struggle to put out a team against Aberdeen. That might just have been wishful thinking from the heavily Aberdeen influenced presenters and pundits of course.
  7. How the mighty have fallen. I'm sure they'll find their niche...
  8. As well as being a fantastic player he comes across as a pretty decent human being too. What an acheivement that is for any player, but somehow it seems more admirable when it's playing for a country for who simply qualifying for a tournament represents a major success. They've had some fantastic results during his time playing, and he's been integral to many of them. I think Davis might be the Rangers manager one day.
  9. Can I just check, are the Glasgow police against us now too? I know the media, politicians, civic society, those in the arts and junior and senior judiciary are actively plotting our demise but I hadn't realised the police were also part of this cabal as well. This might come as news to the couple of coppers I know. Again, I think it's a big jump from hastily scratching obscenities onto a car to setting it on fire.
  10. To be completely honest my first reaction to this news was 'what's McGregor been up to'. I don't know where McGregor lives but I'm going to assume it's one of the city's more affluent suburbs, where you'd expect the chance of passing neds happening upon his car opportunistically is less likely. Plus it's quite the escalation from shouting stuff at him or his house or even scratching or vandalising his car to torching it. That's premeditated, that's someone arriving with the necessary tools to carry it out and the means of escape at the ready, because torching the car is going to wake everyone
  11. Guy's like Stewart aren't actually BBC employees, they're freelancers, so this is unlikely to make much difference to this particular parcel of rogues. With a large majority Tory government and a new BBC Chairman due soon, appointed by said Tory government, a move to the right and a reducing of budgets seems likely at the BBC. As ever though I expect the goings on of a regional sports department won't be high up on any new Chairman or DG's agenda. Keep up the good work 26th, always an entertaining read.
  12. I like Borna and he's developed into a more influential player over the last 12 months, but I wouldn't be totally opposed to selling him. He's had a funny career. He had a 'big' move from Osijek to Zagreb earlier in his career and it didn't work out for him, he barely played for them. He stepped back to his home town club, Osijek, again and caught our eye in the matches against us in Europe. He looked really good and I was delighted when we bought him. But he struggled to make an impression at first, perhaps the change of country, language and culture coupled with injuries but it was really la
  13. Aye, that's a fair point, although there would be some TV money I suspect, but nothing like the occasion it would be under normal circumstances. Although a trip to Ibrox would be significantly less expensive for them than a trip to the continent I suspect you're right and they'd prefer to play us under more normal circumstances. From our perspective though it's a short trip if we're away and we'd be massive favourites to win, significantly less tricky than a trip to Bosnia.
  14. Is it still a one off game or will it go to 2 legs? Hope we draw Coleraine, who had a brilliant result last night. I used to work with a guy who was a director of Coleraine, he was a big blue nose too.
  15. Giving this a bump, it deserves a read and you never know who might have a connection.
  16. I was lucky enough to be given a copy of a new book titled The 50 Greatest Rangers Games by Martyn Ramsay. This is my review of it. We all have a favourite Rangers match, or at least a handful that standout above all the others, but I’m not sure I could rank my top 50 and certainly not in order of importance. So I approached this book with a mix of trepidation and excitement. In a recent edition of When Saturday Comes magazine, the writer, Taylor Parks, talks about the 3 ages of football supporting. The last age is nostalgia; always looking back, comparing everything
  17. I still think Docherty wasn't given a chance and we need his type of player in some games, last Sunday's being an example. I'd play Docherty over Hagi in that type of match all season long. I noticed Lewis MacLoed, once of this parish, joined Plymouth this week, he joins Ryan Hardie there. He's another that's had a terrible time with injuries.
  18. I'd sell Kent and buy Martin Boyle from Hibs and David Turnbull from Motherwell (I think he's quite good, plus lols). We'd probably still have about £7 million left to spend on people I've not heard of.
  19. Mixing up Linfield and Glentoran doesn't go down well in parts of Belfast! Charlie Lindsay is seen as a real talent in Northern Ireland, he's the youngest player in Glentoran's history to play for their first team. Glentoran would be of a similar standard to Ayr Utd, Dunfermline maybe even a Hamilton type side, mid to upper level Championship club.
  20. Reach are significantly more than the Record and Sunday Mail, they're actually one of the biggest printers in the UK. Put simply Reach have printing capacity they need to fill and Rangers need someone to print and distribute their programmes. The contract printing side of Reach is quite separate from the newspaper publishing side, I'd be very surprised if anything changes in our current relationship with the Record and Mail (reach also own the Daily Mirror, Daily Star and Daily Express plus their Sunday equivalents and a raft of major local titles). Their CEO is a guy called Jim Mullen, from H
  21. Richard Gordon isn't on Go Radio, I think it's Rob McLean, easy to confuse them to be fair. As a commercial station I suspect Go Radio will endeavour to be far more balanced than BBC Scotland, if only from a revenue perspective. Alienating the Rangers support won't be good for business or please advertisers (or indeed new commercial partners...). Paul Cooney is a talented producer and despite his personal leanings Clyde's football coverage was much fairer than BBC Scotland's when he was in charge of it. I've yet to hear their new show, I see they've got Si Ferry and Barry Ferguson
  22. With respect BD neither you nor I are black (you're not, are you? I'm going to look pretty stupid if you are) so we're not affected in anyway by this. Let's be honest, there's no chance at all of Marxism making any kind of political inroads here, (and it's laughable to suggest it could happen in America) and by supporting the club and the players I don't think anyone is going to mistake either of us for Leninist agitators. This whole Marxism thing is bewildering, we're not living in a 1960s Le Carre novel, our way of life is not threatened by Conor Goldson protesting. The Israel/Palestine thin
  23. I don't think you can equate Rangers with Formula 1. FIFA equate to Formula 1, Rangers are a car in it. Of course the club have an option. Not everyone feels like they're being railroaded into this BD, many, many people have looked at this and can see the merits of it and accept the sentiment it makes. Judging by Stewart Robertson's statement earlier it suggests the board are comfortable with this. Conor Goldson has told you what the phrase means to him and why he's using it. If that's still not good enough explanation for you I don't know what else to say.
  24. I disagree with those who think this is just posturing and won’t make any difference. It might not make any difference to a 45 year old who supports Britain First and thinks Tommy Robinson should be the PM but it might make a 16 year old who perhaps hasn’t really thought about these issues properly give it some consideration. Modern day footballers have a platform, they do have influence. I went to see Rangers play West Brom at Ibrox in a pre-season friendly, Google tells me it was almost exactly 37 years ago. West Brom had a number of black players and it was the first time I’d s
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