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  1. Sorry dB, you think he's not solely here to make money? So what other reasons do you think are worth considering bearing in mind he has no known connections to Rangers, Glasgow or indeed Scotland?
  2. When Souness left we turned to his assistant and that turned out okay I suppose. I wish Kenny good luck, he's highly regarded as a coach by almost everyone in football, that's quite different from being a manager though. McCoist has taken some stick by armchair tacticians over his statement that the players out of contract this summer need sorted out. Those who have driven themselves half-mad with their hatred of McCoist the manager seized on this as further evidence of his profligate nature and inability to make hard decisions regarding players he has a soft spot for. In actual fact
  3. On what grounds do you disagree with the concept? I'm genuinely curious what might make you think Ashley is interested in Rangers for other reasons? His only public utterance in the subject was at the Sports Direct agm, his words there suggested he wasn't involving himself at Rangers for any other reason than to benefit Sports Direct. There are a number of cultural differences between the UK and Germany, one is in the ownership of football clubs. I can understand why you might look at this situation and assume that the very rich guy might fancy putting something back into the community and w
  4. I'm struggling a little to understand what point you're making here. Success for Rangers will surely always be measured against past 'successes', no? A side containing international players making a serious challenge for every domestic trophy, winning more of them than we lose is what most of us see as 'success'. Some will factor Europe in, some will want good youth players but history shows that regular domestic success is what sustains the Rangers support. However I'm far from convinced Ashley will care about that. He's not here for 50 years, we're a current potential revenue stream, on
  5. Andy, almost every club has supporters who sustain mediocrity. Outside of Celtic every side in the Scottish top flight began this season knowing they wouldn't win the league, yet they still buy tickets, strips, hats and assorted tat. Look at England, success is now finishing fourth, mediocrity is celebrated not just tolerated. Making the club unattractive to people like Ashley is difficult, all normal societal rules are suspended when football enters the equation. Loyalty to your 'team' is a cultural meme, propagated by Sky and avaricious betting companies and mass produced lager conglome
  6. Yip I agree, but these people remain 'fans' they don't go and support another side and that's the lesson business has learned. Even just now, if our side was playing anywhere close to exciting football we'd be getting 30,000. As such they're still susceptible to buying merchandise. This is win-win for Ashley just now. If the side improves, starts playing better and getting results a percentage of the support will return to matches particularly if we start challenging for the title again. If results don't improve the pressure on McCoist will become intolerable and he'll walk. A new manager will
  7. You're applying normal rules to someone who by all measurements is not 'normal'. I don't mean that as an insult, he's an exceptional person, clearly gifted in many ways, but not 'normal'. A normal person would fear becoming a hate figure and a full-scale revolt, Ashley doesn't. The Rangers support will continue to buy their kids shirts and themselves a top for five-a-sides no matter how we're performing, that's what he's banking on. What big business has cottoned onto is that loyalty to a football club is entirely different to any other commercial venture. Man Utd sold more shirts than any o
  8. You vastly over estimate what our support will accept. If Rangers can get promoted then even badly mismanaged we should finish top three in the SPFL most seasons, challenge for one of the domestic cups to at least quarter final stage and qualify for qualification stages for the Europa league. At that stage we can be pacified with 'there's always next season' talk, a change of manager every now and then and the promise that change might bring and the likelihood that the Tim's will mess up every now and then and we might sneak a title. Look at the numbers quoted above, even now, at our lowes
  9. It's got planning consent for leisure and recreation and it's a big chunk of land in Milngavie. A leisure centre, David Lloyd type of place, perhaps even a Dobbies Garden Centre kind of business would do well there. Plus don't put it past a developer to purchase it and let it go to ruin, become an eyesore and then put in an application to turn it into a supermarket or flats, it's been done before.
  10. I don't mind, Hibs looks like the next free one but if someone else wants it I'm easy.
  11. I told you not to eat that camembert before bed, but you don't listen... Firstly I've no idea if he wants to buy 29.9% or not, neither does the author of the article. It might appease some supporters and it might improve the share price though so factor that in when trying to figure out who might have briefed it. Assuming Ashley does though consider the following. He seems to have total control just now, but that can change, at 9% he could, in theory, be marginalised if someone else was able to either buy shares or create a shareblock from existing shareholders. His contracts aren't in
  12. I'm not sure Celtic do sell that many and i'd be astonshed if they turnover £60m without Champion's League football but it's a moot point anyway. I doubt the powerbrokers at Sports Direct give much thought to competing with Celtic, that's not why they're here.
  13. We won't get that £5 million, Sports Direct will. I think the press report is a PR briefing, it's the sugaring of a very bitter pill. Some will still swallow it though.
  14. We sell close to 100,000 just now and we're the worst we've ever been. With the exception of the big two in Spain, Bayern currently and Man U/City and Chelsea clubs don't sell strips to anyone but their own supporters in any numbers that count.
  15. It's about controlling retail Andy, you must have seen some of that in your previous life. When supermarkets sell Nescafe at below cost they are doing it because it brings in thousands of customers who then buy other things with significantly higher margins. That's how Sports Direct operate, get all the Rangers branded clothing exclusive to their shops and watch the quarter of a million people emotionally connected to Rangers walk through the door or click onto the website. Ashley couldn't care less if we win the Champion's League, it's of no consequence and the article is PR bullshit fro
  16. A look at Ashley's history shows someone who buys poorly performing brands like Slazenger, Dunlop and Lonsdale, cuts all costs from them, repackages them and sells them exclusively in Sports Direct. Rangers currently fall into this market, we're a once widely recognised and successful sports brand currently failing. Even simple arithmetic shows why we're attractive to him, selling only 100,000 strips at £50 a go brings in £5 million, if you already own the retail costs associated then the economies of scale are massive, if you own or control the club you control the remuneration they receive t
  17. You've far more faith in direct action than I do. Look at the state of the club, if we're not mobilised by now we never will be. I've felt for a while that many in our support simply want someone else to do the work.
  18. Better someone on the outside being ignored or on the inside keeping watch?
  19. This, this and thrice this. Well said, I'm embarrassed reading some of the vitriol aimed at McCoist.
  20. What Ness should have done when he left us was join Dundee Utd and told us it was simply to further his career, that way many in our support would have lauded him and slated the club. Simple.
  21. Aha, right, so playing for Dundee Utd is the height of his ambition. Fair enough, he's probably better off not being at Rangers then. Seriously? Was it the fantastic facilities at Auchenhowie or the salary he got since he went pro that tipped him over the edge do you think? Here's what I think, the hard-on you've got for some at the club is blinding you to the fact that this boy showed no loyalty, no patience, no willingness to fight for a place and no care for what the fans of Rangers, the people who ultimately have funded his 10 year apprenticeship, think or care.
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