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  1. Wow i will be staying off this forum now. cheers for the telling off. you need to get a life mate, too much time on your hands disecting an opinion.. and your an admin??? supposed to encourage people not shoot them down on their first post.. good luck mucker.
  2. [quote name=craig;544874Didn't work for Roy Keane Just because HE shows passion doesn't mean he would be able to get players to show it. In fact' date=' there is just as much chance that his passion would lose him the dressing room - he is from a different breed of player and if the players he manages don't operate the same way them the split between management and dressing room would be seismic.[/quote] Everyone is different , Roy Keane could nt spell manager.... so your saying the dressing room will split if someone tries to reign them in? Jig needs to be brought down a peg and he w
  3. Former Italy midfielder Rino Gattuso wants to be Rangers manager one day. Current Rangers team boss Kenny McDowall is working his 12-month notice having handed in his resignation. And 37-year-old Gattuso, who spent a season with Rangers as a player, this month applied unsuccessfully for the vacancy at Hamilton Academical. "My dream is to maybe one day to have the chance to work for this club," he said after attending a tribute match for former defender Fernando Ricksen. "I played today, but manager is a different job. I am sure 100% that this is a big club." Gattuso di
  4. Hi All I have been watching this forum for a while and with great interest. I am based not far from Bournmouth and work with a lot of football fans. they are all english and everyone of them have said well done to the Rangers fans for having the balls to take the fight to the thieves that are taking the club from them! i do fly up for games at least once a year and this forum will be a great place for information etc as iam slightly a bit of a distance away. my last game was Cowdenbeath and soon after that Mcoist resigned.... i look forward to some banter with you all! thankyou for h
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