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  1. thanks frankie,my pub is in a celtic area , they hate that we have a rangers bar on the main street, my pub would no dought be a busier pub if i didint make it a rangers loyalist bar, that was my choice and i wouldint have it any other way, its hard just now for rangers bars, thats why we need our own backing us and not giving negitive threads , supports us we are all in this together.
  2. i didint say he was our best captain ,i said he was the captain of our great club, anyway i am not looking for negitive threads ,i am trying to promote a great event for a x rangers player one of our own and i am hoping as rangers fans we will support him,
  3. as i said the speaker broke on the night and we couldint do anything about it thats life, i am sorry if you were unhappy, the next time you drop in i will give you your fiver back , i was offshore that night and didint know anyone was complaining lets hope we get it right on friday,
  4. i tryto put a good show on in the pub .i am sorry the speaker broke on the night, but a negitive thread will not help me in anyway . as i said i took a fiver that night,if you whent to see jorge anywere else it would have cost at least £15
  5. if we cant go and show our support to an event like this there is something wrong. thats the first time i have heard a fan say he wasint popular with our fans and also a bad player,i must have been watching a different player, he was a rangers captain or dose that not matter too you.
  6. we have now added, k perez ,zenden,and bosvelt. to the away team , and t buffel to the home team,
  7. hi bears, i have a rangers legend and a loyalist singer in the bar on friday, all bears welcome free entry, the rangers legend just wants it low profile thats why i havent given out his name . you wont be disapointed thats a cert.
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