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  1. Fookin brilliant, as stated above keane signing aint gonna help the fact their defence is utter gash. glen loovens as captain??? brainwave!!!! and i thought john barnes was the best sellick manager ever
  2. Cmon now Jim, waaaaay too slow. Scott Broon will be out for a further 2 months due to another ankle opertaion required. gutted. NOT
  3. lets them continue being deluded that they are all getting better when in fact the OF is absoultely shocking at the minute!
  4. geo1873


    Whose all got a PS3?? What games have you got? What would you recommend. other half just got 1 as her free gift for getting a new fone, and not really clued up on it as been an Xbox man for the last 5/6 years.
  5. not a big fan of these games either, will give it a go tho. wont be q-ing in the middle o the night for it tho
  6. Dunno like, looks like a right tit to me
  7. geo1873


  8. more importantly, how the fuck did he manage to pull her in the first place?
  9. cheers boys :cheers: aye I regularly look in on the site, just to see wht news there is. and of course to check out how the totty thread is coming along as for the mrs gazza, she got replaced
  10. dunno bout starts but 146 appearances, still v impressive
  11. scottish cup def 30th May CL final 27 th May
  12. Happy New Year everyone. All the best for the coming year
  13. Here we go - 97-2000 Rangers (aps) 47 (Goals) 14 2000 -2006 Charlton 147 - 27 05-06 Norwich 12 - 3 06-08 Malmo 46 - 20
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