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  1. Now Google Eyes Whyte is at Helen St police station, according to the Record.
  2. Right on cue, Gollum has said he's been charged and will appear in court in Glasgow tomorrow. Sheriff court I'd imagine.
  3. Let's save the cheering and celebrating until Whyte and Green et al are actually charged with something. Arrest is just a procedure at this point.
  4. I fully expect the spoon-burners to have some hugely amusing chant about how happy they are to have lost their best player.
  5. What is the age cut-off for compensation when you sign a young player on a bosman? Would we still have to fork out if the Spurs lads did well and we wanted them?
  6. Reminds me of our 'interest' in big Glenda Loovens, the tims snapped him up then we promptly went out and bought Boughie
  7. I know it counts for fuck all*, but he's noticeably faster than Boyd in FM and Fifa. (*unless you're Sky Sports News)
  8. No idea if that account is accurate but it'd be an outstanding bit of business if we could get him. Don't think he even made the Owls bench at the weekend there iirc.
  9. Honourable mention for big Ugo, came in with SDoW and settled in immediately. Plus *that* overhead kick winner at the San Giro.
  10. Insurers will take the chance eventually, he'll just be paying an absolute fortune. edit: even more of a fortune.
  11. Supposedly the price wanted is £4m and they're not paying it. Source was a back page of one of the tabs, same one that had Steven Fletcher's £60k wages being the reason he won't sign for them. Nothing to do with the fact that they're shite.
  12. Half of last season's squad had an SPL level history and that did us no good at all. No good looking at what we'll do there if we don't have the tools to get there at all, like last season. If Derby fans will be raging if he joins us, and they're well aware of his age, that's as good an endorsement as I need.
  13. Some Derby fans on twitter reckon missing him through injury last season for a while seriously hampered their chances and wouldn't be happy to see him go. If that's the case, he should absolutely cake-walk the championship. Any young lads we bring up/in will need an experienced head or two to lead them through games so I don't see much of a problem here. I've never heard of him, but it's not my job to have heard of him - that is what W&W are there for after all.
  14. It all depends how we use and coach the players we sign. Bobby Russell came from the juniors and was brilliant, whereas James Beattie had a premiership history. Where we get a player from shouldn't completely determine what we expect from them.
  15. Just glad it wasn't NYR/Ducks/Kings. Would have preferred Tampa from the final. So gutted the Pens blew it.
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