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  1. Double bluff from MW to get rid of Allan from the hibs team and weaken them. The schum and hibs fell for it.

    Intelligent man. :flute:


    Reminds me of our 'interest' in big Glenda Loovens, the tims snapped him up then we promptly went out and bought Boughie :D

  2. Feel for the guy he hit, but can you imagine filling in your insurance form - previous claim: yes, driver at fault: yes, how much was the claim settlement: £6million...


    Add to that, age: 23, occupation: footballer, car: high performance...


    It's hard to imagine him being insured again.


    Insurers will take the chance eventually, he'll just be paying an absolute fortune.


    edit: even more of a fortune.

  3. I would have thought the beginning of our new journey should be with a captain who has more than just one or two seasons left. I don't see any point in signing players now that will be of no use in the SPL.


    Half of last season's squad had an SPL level history and that did us no good at all. No good looking at what we'll do there if we don't have the tools to get there at all, like last season. If Derby fans will be raging if he joins us, and they're well aware of his age, that's as good an endorsement as I need.

  4. Some Derby fans on twitter reckon missing him through injury last season for a while seriously hampered their chances and wouldn't be happy to see him go. If that's the case, he should absolutely cake-walk the championship. Any young lads we bring up/in will need an experienced head or two to lead them through games so I don't see much of a problem here.


    I've never heard of him, but it's not my job to have heard of him - that is what W&W are there for after all.

  5. I hope we're going to be targeting continental players and not just lower league English level players.


    It all depends how we use and coach the players we sign. Bobby Russell came from the juniors and was brilliant, whereas James Beattie had a premiership history. Where we get a player from shouldn't completely determine what we expect from them.


    Wouldn't have thought so, we're gonna need more than just McGregor and Kieran as CBs. Even if Zal is still here, then I don't imagine Wilson playing second fiddle to him.

  7. A few players I'd take highlighted above.


    Quite a few good quality keepers on that list like Heurelho Gomes and Chris Kirkland and I noticed Rhys McCabe on the list released by Sheff Wednesday.


    Gomes can be a bombscare but I'd take a punt on Kirkland. Bell dropped so badly in my (and probably others) estimation after the playoff final.

  8. I hold somewhere between 750 and 1k shares which I bought throughout the last few years. I bought them through an online stockbroker rather than a fan scheme. Does anyone know how I go about getting some proof of ownership from them which should enable me to attend the EGM and vote?

  9. The chairmen of those 10 clubs should be now asked why they voted Rangers out of the then SPL. A phantom EBTtax bill ? Which Rangers eventually won? Surely not. Maybe Killie did the right thing abstaining.

    Cant be a newco though. Celt@c did that in 1994 &2001 and didn't get thrown out


    "Greatness inspires envy, envy engenders spite, spite spawns lies."


    Wee truthbomb from the Harry Potter books. Fits rather well when it comes to those wee wanks.

  10. I just love the fact that they hate us so much ...............


    It's like some weird form of Stockholm Syndrome. The more we horsed them over the years, the more obsessed they got.


    I genuinely that with us equalling 9IAR and then pumping them 3-0 at the piggery for the title under DA, it broke something within their wee grubby heads more than we ever realised.

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