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  1. A cheque for £650,000 generally solves most of my problems (i wish). Im thinking the jam tarts will deal----lets see.
  2. but,each to his own----------you said it my man.
  3. Fair enough,i want Pedro to be the best manager we ever had.The fact that i think he will fail doesnt call for the shit i read.Its not on.
  4. To come onto a forum and suggest other members want the manager and by extension Rangers to fail is disgracful. Admin should nip this in the bud,now.
  5. Perhaps he was like me and has not seen a ball kicked in ANYof our friendlies----win,lose or draw. Now you think i talk shite(fair enough)but surely let me do it after ive seen a match.
  6. Needs must i suppose.Better this than him hanging around with his face tripping him.Poor wee soul.
  7. Fair enough,to this day ,ive not met any.(Worked in killie for forty years)
  8. The killie supporters trust wrote to their celtic counterparts begging them not to boycott them(because of the abstension) They more or less blamed their chairman(whom they all hate).Make no mistake the fans were right behind that lot.
  9. Good post,you do understand that english will NEVER waver from his stance,never. Hes a rebel dog imo------i wont waver from that opinion either.
  10. You will never stop them,never. They will say they are entitled to their opinion(which they are). Personally----i dont give a feck about their opinions.They can shove them.They are wrong,but that wont stop them.
  11. Yes,most certainly.Lets face it,if WE cant draw a line under it .How can we expect them to?
  12. Its been ruled upon-----Who amongst US really care anymore. Let THEM get on with it as they see fit,it doesnt matter a f-ck.ITS OVER. Its a free country----poeple can do as they wish,or not give a shit (i know where im at.)
  13. Yes for me,without hesitation.
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