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  1. can we not make it late august lol .... so i can do it lol Good luck with this mate!
  2. the tone of other club directors is bias by the colour of money.... the SPL now have sky pulling the strings in the background over the new tv deal rangers in the spl is a must but the 75% reduction in prize money and 10 points per season is a joke for me ..... rather be in the 3rd tier of scottish football playing with kids
  3. i understand that the blog is about the big boy done it and it was not the club mentality ... but on the other hand i was on about the club say ok we are to blame and take what we get ... but then that opens the floodgates for the SFA/SPL to throw the book at us again ..... and again... and again .. IMO they'd love that
  4. thing is... a load of fans still believe DM put every penny in to rangers from his pocket and never took a penny back and he is the hero.... this is the people the program was aimed at last night IMO the big question is who gave Daly the info and what do they have to gain from doing so?
  5. yeah we take the fall that is true ..but the question is have is how much do we take before we say f**k that! you have went far enough on the other hand about DM he has to take the fall as well ... he cannot walk away from rangers and the way he ran us to the ground with little or no punishment ... after the BBC doc last night DM has had a bashing in terms of his business tycoon reputation but still has no punishment in place
  6. "take it on the chin" ? 3x we have been hit on the chin so far .... that enough? or do we let the SPL/SFA walk all over us (and the bbc ) as much as the feel like and still "take it on the chin"? As for getting any trophies and titles being removed. That's a lot of rubbish, they haters and powers that be would have to prove we wouldn't have won those trophies, which would be virtually impossible to do, so ignore any such notion when you read the hates talking about it - the best bit of the blog IMO
  7. About time IMO ... Murray has had the can do no wrong title for far to long now .......... has and will always be known to have played the biggest part in the downfall of OUR club.
  8. what makes me think is..... this news from you frankie and brian kennedy saying he is watching rangers situation ... he now looking toward getting in to this consortium ?
  9. not bad for some i just nipped down the shop and it feels like -2 outside lol
  10. i just cant handle this!!! when i got married ... nerves! kids...nerves wating on rangers to win the spl crapping it big style!!! up since 5am ... anyone else in the same boat lol
  11. in a season where we see ref's go on strike..... a massive media campaign against celtic being the poor victims of everyone ...... and now the battle to dirty rangers and the fans name now im not saying rangers did not sing song that were a taboo and wrong (at a football match) but no more that seasons gone by ... and celtic are the same same songs as years gon by but rangers find them self in the dock because of the "songbook" now i know rangers represent scotland in europe and they dont.. and their is nothing to like these so called ied's and the rangers supp
  12. Reply to bludel's video it's amazing what you can do with �£30 software .... that never happend shhhhhhhhh....
  13. yet the celtic fans are these victims .... .... sure the record will twist it in to rangers fans calling and texting the guy
  14. what does everyone think of this program.... everyone i talk to find it funny.... i just cant get in to it
  15. did not know that only ever play the xbox when im at my nephews ... the live still goes down from time to time ... anyway im getting tore in to crysis 2 while we have downtime
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