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  1. Whosthedado

    Goldson Out Of Killie Match

    Worral and McCauley I would imagine. Katic seems to be out of favour for some reason
  2. Whosthedado

    C****c Park Diseased Pitch

    The whole club is diseased
  3. Whosthedado

    Bluebear54's GPL 2018/19: Kilmarnock vs Rangers

    Kilmarnock 0 Gers 1 Kent FGS
  4. Whosthedado

    Predict the unpredictable

  5. Makes sense from both sides point of view to send him back. I have a feeling Hardie might go out on loan again too
  6. Whosthedado

    Ayr United/Ian McCall statement

    Glad it wasn't just me
  7. Whosthedado

    Ayr United/Ian McCall statement

    Whats that about? How are they worthless?
  8. Whosthedado

    An SFA stitch-up to stop Celtic: Sutton

    I have been in the pub since about 2 and it didn't have a TV - I thought the Celtic statement was a wind up This whole few days since the Old Firm game has been exceptional
  9. Whosthedado

    The Premier League

    A Liverpool/Rangers double for Mr Gerrard
  10. Apologies about LG I'll keep that off this forum but fuck Dundee Utd
  11. Bang on mate still laughing at Dundee Utd! Still typing too !
  12. Yaaas a Rangers win and a Hearts win fuck Leigh Griffiths your football teams wont be winning anymore oh oh oh and Alloa 2 Dundee Utd 1 Carlsberg Sunday
  13. Whosthedado

    [FT] Rangers 1 - 0 Celtic (Jack 30)

    Lots of negativity on this match thread. I can understand it and I am feeling the same way after Wednesday but I am still starting to get the old butterflies a bit that only come before an Old Firm game. I'll be a bit more confident if the likes of Arfield and maybe Goldson make it
  14. Whosthedado

    Bluebear54's GPL 2018/19: Rangers vs Celtic

    Rangers 1 Celtic 0 Tav
  15. Whosthedado

    [FT] Rangers 1 - 1 Hibs (Morelos 25)

    I am buzzing for this game already - stuff Christmas Two massive home games coming up. Two wins and we'll be flying going into the New year after the break 🏆

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