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  1. I have praised a lot so far this season but second half there was awful. Difficult in a friendly but just couldn't get going
  2. Fair enough. I choose not to go to the friendlies so I suppose that's the price you pay for not going!
  3. £12 is ridiculous for a pre season friendly. I could go for not much more than that
  4. Treble next season - without losing a goal was what I was really thinking
  5. Not getting carried away but some of the pressing and movement was excellent today. Hopefully another few routine Euro wins and friendly wins before Killie
  6. Bang on mate. Imagine going mental at a last minute winner against Arsenal at Ibrox in the Europa League Quarter Final only to then be told five minutes later actually it's offisde or there was a foul in the build up. Takes the whole spontaneity out of it
  7. Seems like it if its all coming down to the corrupt SFA to look at it
  8. QPR have signed a young Irish defender from Liverpool. Some of the quotes sound very familiar Manager Mark Warburton told the club's website he wants Masterson to challenge for a place in the first team. "He is another player with a lot of potential. I want the pathway for young players to be clear," added Warburton
  9. I had a quick look after I saw your post and thought I saw the 2nd leg was on Thursday 4th. Surprised they never won by more at home
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