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  1. Glad to see we are sticking to just giving them the corner too
  2. Brilliant stuff. Cant wait to get back.... already
  3. I need to change the bit under my avatar!
  4. I am happy with how it runs to be honest, but I want my trophy back
  5. Great game again. Feel a bit sorry for Leeds. The keeper made a couple of howlers for them which contributed to the defeat. Hope Derby go up
  6. Two unreal semi finals. Bet the final is 0-0!! Cant see it having said that
  7. Brilliant from Liverpool, but Barca were woeful
  8. We are well overdue a home win against this mob. Interesting to see if Alfredo comes straight back in
  9. I think its a shrewd bit of business. I liked Davis first time around (loan and permanent) I think once he is fully fit he could be a key player
  10. Steven Smith aka Whosthedado Man of the match - Davis
  11. Love it I actually got greedy and wanted a 5th Everton goal
  12. Brilliant today.... 3-1 flattered Hearts big time
  13. I hope Ajax win it. City must be gutted with that last minute drama. Correct call ultimately but to go from such a high of getting what looked like a winner to that must be gutting
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