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  1. Quadruple treble By winning last seasons Scottish Cup away and giess peace
  2. Could come back to bite the Tims on the arse if we are further ahead by then
  3. Professional performance and a few rested too. Hopefully European qualification sealed on Thursday and then bring on the Tim conquerors!! Thought Dickson looked lively when he came on
  4. Alfie for me his work rate was phenomenal. Looks like he has his hunger back
  5. This is the one massive annoyance as far as Sg for me. Even to kill a bit of their momentum .... all in all I am happy where we are but we could be better
  6. To be honest its all or nothing for me. I'd rather stick to where we are at just now. 4000 at Ibrox wouldnt be much improvement on the current climate. Plus how on earth do you decide who goes? Wouldnt be worth supporters buses running for maybe 1 possibly two members getting tickets
  7. Sums up my thoughts entirely. This team will take some stopping
  8. and we get some of them deducted did we not. That was amongst the many rules made up to fuck us over
  9. Massive chance now. I would have taken a draw on this before it
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