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  1. There's at least one of our three red cards nailed on
  2. Doesn't make it any less sickening each time it happens
  3. I agree. The way this season is going I can see us beating them twice and then losing at home to Hearts and Hibs or something
  4. Not sure how that's happened but that wasn't me that posted that comment!
  5. Our players look scared to shoot from outside the box and nine times out of ten when they do its awful
  6. Terrific??? No offence mate but you must have been watching a different game from me. Also agree with @pete that Goldson was very lucky to stay on. As for the rest we did our usual and huffed and puffed without really looking like scoring
  7. Morelos would have laid him out
  8. We should be so much closer to them or maybe even in front. They are not a great side. In a way I'm more annoyed now than I was last night at our failure to win
  9. He was going to go over to goad the Hibs fans. The other players stopped him
  10. Why does Gerrard not use the bench??? So many missed chances too. We got what we deserved. We are still two or three players short of a championship challenge. Hibs are an awful side and the fact we have hardly beaten them since that Cup Final really really sticks in my throat
  11. Brilliant news. I still think he'll go in the summer but hopefully we have shoved a minimum release clause in to the new deal
  12. Never a penalty in a million years. PSG missed a few chances and paid the ultimate price
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