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  1. Thanks Frankie. Not doubt he will miss the game against Them
  2. Will Mr Gerrard be in the stands for this one now? Not heard what happened after Wednesday
  3. Goldson for me too surely a contender for Player of the year now that Tav has missed some games
  4. @Rousseau incoming - four points four points four points! Have to admit joking apart absolutely buzzing for tomorrow. Just wish we were all going
  5. Would never have bet on them. McInnes getting sacked and us winning the league would make my season
  6. Will be interesting to see who they go for long term
  7. Aribo for me. Mcgregor made two vital saves and Kamara did well. Kent was sharp too
  8. Utd actually played well in that game and probably deserved the goal.Overall excellent again. Aribo was outstanding and Kamara made a big difference. Like the look of Wright in the wee glimpses we have seen. I think he deserves a start but might have to wait until the League is clinched
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