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  1. Hearts bottom and Hibs down there too! Levein and Heck must stay
  2. I would love to see them go down, although a Hearts and Hibs double would be even better
  3. agree with every single word
  4. I went for Jack this time. He has been immense so far this season. Night and day compared to last season
  5. Have they taken lessons from the SFA on fast tracking all things Rangers!!
  6. All about opinions. I would have liked to have seen Jones on and thought when we were struggling around 65 mins and it should have been changed
  7. I could have written this post I agree with it that much! One of my only gripes with Stevie G is the lack of subs at times
  8. Yeah I thought Jack and Davis and obviously Greegs were good
  9. I'll take that. Need to create more at Ibrox but we look solid defensively
  10. Strong line up and strong bench. I personally would have had Jones in the team somewhere but who do you leave out I suppose is the obvious question
  11. Is this game going to be on anywhere does anyone know?
  12. No danger Brophy will ever join us from both sides of the coin. 100% no for me
  13. Even better equaliser From Neves. Decent game too
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