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  1. @Rousseau it doesn't show as an edit but as you said in the other thread it might be because you are admin or something
  2. Easter rd for them on Wednesday night too - that wont be easy
  3. Aribo for me closely followed by Lundstram
  4. Its curtains for us if we don't win tomorrow although we still sneak into the vauxhall conference Cup or whatever it is
  5. Not got a clue what to put nowadays! 1-0 Gers FGS Balogun
  6. Lundstram again. Could do with a couple more of him
  7. Very frustrating day. First half was excellent but we just didn't turn up in the second half. Looked like we were going to see it out luckily. Not going to blame McGregor because he had a couple of good saves. We still aren't firing on all cylinders. I actually think Europe is just a distraction this year. I would rather go out and concentrate on winning the league with the CL place as a bonus at the end
  8. Hopefully 4LHAD gets belted out a few times just for Michael Stewart and Jeanette Findlay
  9. They did in the second half on Saturday but back to the dreary usual rubbish last night. Actually lucky to win in the end
  10. I would imagine Newcastle will go for someone more experienced like Conte
  11. I'm still revelling in beating them. We still get that Cup Final thrown down our throat every five minutes so anything back the way is most welcome
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