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  1. I quite like it now. I get up at least an hour later. No annoying train or bus. Technology doesn't always work very well and lets you down but that happens in office too. It'll be a while yet until I'm back anyway I think
  2. agreed. Barca are my Spanish team so I cant stand Ramos. Grudging respect for his achievements but not a likeable chap imo
  3. Literally just cursed the same thing - I had 1-0 Wales too
  4. Finland 0-0 Russia Turkey 0-1 Wales Italy 2-1 Switzerland Ukraine 3-0 N. Macedonia Denmark 1-2 Belgium Netherlands 2-1 Austria Sweden 0-1 Slovakia Croatia 1- 1 Czech Republic England 4- 0 Scotland Hungary 0-2 France Portugal 0-1 Germany Spain 3- 0 Poland
  5. Good to see some of the 'old' guys back. I dont mean that personally
  6. Turkey 0-1 Italy Wales 1-1 Switzerland Denmark 2-0 Finland Belgium 3-0 Russia England 2-0 Croatia Austria 1-0 N. Macedonia Netherlands 2-1 Ukraine Scotland 1-0 Czech Republic Poland 1-0 Slovakia Spain 3-1 Sweden Hungary 1-2 Portugal France 2-2 Germany
  7. decent game and deserved winners. Blue is the colour
  8. Creepy Connie - love it. Great stuff as always @26th of foot
  9. Agreed. Double it then we'll start talking. We should be like that with most of our prized assets
  10. Predictable boring nonsense and that's without reading the article
  11. The worst one for me was actually Welsh - Savage. Cant stand that guy. Arrogance always pours out of every one of them and last night was no different
  12. epic penalty shootout and some brilliant penalties. Especially from the ones after the original five
  13. I was listening to our game on the radio. Didn't have Setanta. I remember getting half way down the stair coming to moan to my Dad about them winning it when I heard the roar from our end at the game. Unbelievable feeling. I still remember the minutes in between the two Motherwell goals felt like a lifetime. after all they only needed a goal. We thought - like many that the second roar was full time at Motherwell. I have always had a soft spot for Scott McDonald since then even though he scored a winner for them against us after that!
  14. Never saw it but delighted. Get it right up ye ya spoon burning junkie bast*rds
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