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  1. I'll take anyone at Ibrox. Quite fancy and Old firm game at Ibrox
  2. Now there's a blast from the past! Good to see you back @CammyF
  3. Agree with the bit about Dundee Hibernian. I'm not sure Stewart would be good enough to play up front on his own for us. Would probably be OK at Ibrox but not sure about tougher away games
  4. Yeah definitely. Tav has turned the corner a bit since his rocket up his behind too
  5. I would want at least 30M for Barasic and I canr't quite believe I am saying that because I would have punted him in August! The transformation has been staggering
  6. Nah its seperate mate but I know a lot of guys that go on the Jack. Aye its called Jolly Botanist now. Bit ponsy now like. Diane's pool hall used to be decent too but that's now an Irish pub
  7. I'm not too sure to be honest mate. I have been going on the bus for about 14-15 years now but John was on before my time so i never knew who he was or anything
  8. I go on the Edinburgh bus. John Niven Loyal
  9. Bit of a random comment here but I still feel we need another striker. Even maybe just a loan deal. With Morelos out for the 3 games after the winter break we now really only have Defoe as an option. Heaven forbid Defoe picks up an injury - what do we do then?
  10. Don't mean to sound paranoid but I'll bet it was another Rangers player
  11. Bang on and it doesn't matter how many times my post is edited I feel the same way! I think it was you that said in this be careful what we wish for I think that's spot on too
  12. Totally agree 100% Some of the decisions in England have been farcical and no doubt Scotland would manage to eclipse it even further somehow. I agree with 95% of the Rangers statement and I think its a good one but I still don't want VAR up here
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