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  1. I actually find SG comments about Porteous embarrassing. We shouldn't be lowering ourselves to that wee smug prick's level. Bitterly disappointed with that result today. You have to win games like that to win titles and we just don't have the bottle to win them
  2. Brilliant preview, really enjoyed that. Is it Sunday yet
  3. I've put Tav a couple of times this season but didn't tonight 😮
  4. easy win in the end and nice to see Defoe back and in amongst the goals. Tougher test next week!
  5. four going on ten! Bit sloppy near the end but overall very good win. Hope Utd go down - preferably the tubes - dirty *******s
  6. I only watched bits of the Friday Scotchland game and then gave the czech game a miss. Cant be arsed with internationals
  7. I dont' wish him any harm and he was by no means the worst player to pull on our jersey. I agree though Tin Man I don't think he'll be back
  8. first attempt at embedding a tweet failed! Basically the new Willem striker has a broken metatarsal and is out for a few weeks!
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