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  1. Massive game. I hope the team are up for it, I am sure they will be. I think we are all confident anyway, but win this game and I will be even more so
  2. What a strange topic!! The chances of Lampard or Benitez ending up there are between zero and nil. Pie in the sky. Plus why would Gilmour even contemplate leaving never mind going there?
  3. I get where you are coming from gs but still don't understand the reason for them not playing
  4. Am I right in thinking they dont play this weekend? Seems absolute madness but I am a bit like @craig I dont trust them one bit and seems more to this than meets the eye
  5. It was a woeful game. I was hoping for a good game after we didnt play very well but jeezo it was dire. A lot of the so called 'big' English games end up like that
  6. so who'll go first Lennon or Mcinnes
  7. I have been like that anyway even with this big a lead
  8. Morelos. Looked back to his best. really positive signs
  9. easiest one of the season........... McGregor. Not a bad keeper for a free! We could have paid 4m for some unknown greek
  10. Just keep ticking the games off. One game at a time. Look no further than Pittodrie
  11. Oh how this one came back to haunt the 'Rangers fan' that posted the opening apprehension!! I think quietly terrified is the correct phrase
  12. Bang on. I'm shaking and almost in tears but that was brilliant
  13. fuck me did we lose that game?? I seem to be the only one delighted with that. Bring on the Celtic
  14. He did @MacK1950 but that doesn't fit the narrative so selective amnesia has been applied by Goodwin and the mhedia
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