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  1. I do think the doubts around this signing have some validity (him being primarily a counter-attacking player), but I think that's mainly down to the way Killie played and therefore used him. However, I do think Jones has more about him than O'Halloran.
  2. Pakistan made a steady start, perhaps setting something up, but... it's gone. 154-5 (32), chasing 337.
  3. India set Pakistan 337 to win.
  4. Sarri has now been appointed Juventus manager.
  5. Probably more creative than anything else; maybe box-to-box too. According to Transfermarkt, he's played Left-midfield (6 times), Right-midfield (4), Central-midfield (18) and Attacking-midfield (10). He got 9 goals and 5 assists in 36 games.
  6. It's been confirmed that Sarri has left Chelsea. Is Lampard the answer? Too inexperienced, for me.
  7. Anderlecht finished 4th in the regular season and 6th in the championship round. Where did they get 3rd?
  8. Pakistan win toss and choose to bowl.
  9. The atmosphere is electric!
  10. I must admit, I find this a strange one. Juventus have built their success on tactically pragmatic managers over the last decade. Conte was a very pragmatic, reactive manager; and then Allegri, albeit more adventurous, is also pragmatic tactically, adapting to opponents and what he has available to him. Sarri is an idealist. He may have the quality available to him to implement his ideas, though. Juventus maybe want to transition into a more proactive tactical philosophy? It's certainly where the game's going.
  11. Finally! I can stop asking if he's signed! I think this is a good signing. It all depends on SG getting the best out of him. Stewart was a standout at Kilmarnock, yet floundered at Aberdeen.
  12. Decent move for the lad. Top end of League One. Should get a lot of game time.
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