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  1. Schalke are poor at the moment: I can see David Wagner (formerly of Huddersfield) being sacked before long. Wolfsburg-Frankfurt is a better game, albeit lacking quality; the intent from both sides is entertaining.
  2. 'Messages' - top right of the page.
  3. I was actually going to make a similar post, @Dave M609. (Firstly, I dislike the 4-4-2 and a target-man -- at least traditionally; a wide target-man is more interesting to me, e.g Mandzukic. I like forwards that are mobile, that can come deep but more importantly stretch play.) I think 4-2-3-1 suits two of our best players, in Kent and Hagi. The other wide position, though, I didn't like the sound of another 'winger' -- too easy to deal with, and doesn't help the one up top. I was thinking of another forward for that position, who could come inside to make it two at times and help create. A player like Mandzukic at Juventus. I think Kamberi can play there -- and deserves to play, going by his most recent performances. (Is he still with us? I do hope we sign him up permanently.) Kamberi also suits the Raumdeuter role too. I like the idea of Jack sitting, with Aribo next to him as a box-to-box player; allowing him to use his ball wining ability alongside a license to get forward at times. I think we'll need width on the right from Tavernier, with Barisic staying back a little more -- he has a good deep cross, anyway, and it maybe opens up a long shot at times. I like the 4-3-2-1, but I don't think it suits Kent. I would drop him for those games where it's employed. It needs someone else to play alongside Hagi. We could even bring in a forward, changing it to a 4-3-1-2-type formation.
  4. Yeah, I watched it. Unbelievable. They're so weak. They can play some nice stuff, they've got a decent coach, decent squad-- Oh, they've lost. Key game, as well. They're now in the play-off spot, two points behind Stuttgart in an automatic spot.
  5. Berahino is, or was, a top talent, but his mental state and work ethic is worrying. If we're getting that, then it's not a good move. However, I did read somewhere that he was looking to almost rededicate himself to the game, so he may have matured. In top form he's certainly good enough for this league, and EU competition, IMO, but who knows what we'd actually get?
  6. They had an off day, but I did note they were vulnerable to in-swinging crosses (Wolfsburg scored 2 such goals).
  7. £1.75M sounds alright to me. Ferguson looks a decent player, with potential.
  8. Yes, that's certainly true - and then when they did take a shot it was pitiful.
  9. Hamburg host the leaders Bielefeld this lunchtime. This will go a long way to defining their season.
  10. 79% have voted for the GPL season to be declared Null and Void. There we have it. We'll start again next season, whenever that is.
  11. I'm quite enjoying the M'Gladbach game. 1-1 early in the second half, with goals from two up-and-coming stars Havertz and Thuram. It's generally slow, but there's clear quality on show, with some nice passages of play. As I type, Leverkusen have just scored a penalty to retake the lead; Havertz again with his second, adding to his two last week - I don't recall him being so good against us?
  12. Yeah-- I think I'll watch the 'Gladbach-Leverkusen game. They were both pretty impressive last week.
  13. They'll find a way to make it the most convoluted league season imaginable.
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