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  1. Oh, shit! It's real now. I. Am. Sh*ting myself. Eintracht Frankfurt 0 - 1 Rangers FGS Tavernier
  2. I know we were all -- or, at least I was -- salivating over a £20M+ fee for Joe, but with the length of his contract left, it will be lower. But, £7M barely gets them a couple of dreadlocks!
  3. What are your thoughts, folks?
  4. Let's hope GvB is a 'Prijzenpakker' with us.
  5. I was thinking, we have a few loanees too, but are they ahead of King, McCann and Lowry. I don't think so; not at all. That's certainly a mark against the loanee system, and a mark in favour of the B-team. Middleton is playing regularly in the Premiership - albeit at St Johnstone. Is he better than Lowry? Pfft...
  6. I don't see why they can't play now? Lowry can be a starter now, and will be a star player if he progresses. King and McCann can come on in the last 10-20 minutes in games, with the odd start. They have done nothing wrong and look composed. Devine is further behind because I think Zukowski is ahead of him, and then there's Taverneir in front.
  7. Nice. Correct Result (1 pt): Dado, One, Devil, DJ, Rousseau, Yorkie, Bill, Franc, MacK, Ted, 26th, CammyF, T-1000, and NV. Correct Number of Rangers Goals (1pt): One, MacK, 26th, and FS. FGS (2 pts): Rousseau, Yorkie, compo, CammyF, and T-1000. Correct Score (3 pts): MacK. Latest Standings:
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