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  1. Yes, a DoF has to be judged on their recruitment, amongst other things. Allen has an average recruitment record. However, recruitment was not Allen's strength. Allen's signings: Docherty, Middleton, Murphy, Cummings, Martin; Arfield, McGregor, Katic, Goldson, Flanagan, Barasic, Lafferty, Grezda, McAuley, Kamara, Ejaria, Sadiq, Coulibaly, Kent, Worral, Defoe, Davis; Hastie, Jones, Stewart, Edmundson, Aribo, Helander, Barker. (I reckon there are a few more shockers that I've missed.) What's that, 10-11 first-team players? And, a few good youth prospects. That's a whole new spine to the team. It's actually not bad at all -- although, the failures are really bad! Like I said, recruitment is not actually his strength. I believe Wilson is actually a better recruiter. There was a story the other day about the Lille DoF (Luis Campos, one of the best https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11095/11830121/luis-campos-the-transfer-chief-with-the-midas-touch), where he suggested Man Utd were an example of a team in need of a DoF: no overarching strategy, or recruitment policy, causing them to make bad decision after bad decision. Mourinho wanted a DoF, because the culture wasn't right: it didn't have any cohesion. If you appoint a good manager, that can do everything, then you're in great hands. But, that's extremely rare. How many Alex Fergusons have there been? And, then why would you take the risk of ripping everything up when they leave after a couple of years? When Gerrard leaves, the structure in still in place, so a manager can slot right in with little disruption. In the modern game, a DoF is absolutely essential.
  2. Yes, probably. I think Wilson's strength is recruitment, whereas Allen's was the business side of it.
  3. Family reasons, and to pursue other options. Wilson was approached prior to Allen's appointment, but turned us down saying it wasn't the right time. I think he wanted the system in place, rather than building it himself. Allen was able and willing to build the structure.
  4. Ach, screw it! I'm going with Stewart. I thought he was very good; at the heart of so much of our good play.
  5. I thought Barasic, Kamara, and Stewart were very good. Hard to best Defoe, though, getting a hat-trick. Frankie's ratings in full here:
  6. New leader! Everyone who entered gained 1 point for the Correct Result. Rousseau, Gaffer, Franc and FS gained 1 point for the Correct Number of Rangers Goals. Rousseau, Bill, Gaffer, Yorkie, compo, Lenny, weebluedevil, Gribz, Les, Coop, 26th, TB, T-1000 and r_s gained 2 points for Defoe as FGS. Rousseau, Gaffer, and FS gained 3 points for the Correct Score! Rousseau and Gaffer gained the full 7 points for the game! Latest Standings:
  7. [FT] Rangers 5 - 0 Hamilton. I did not think it would stay at 5-0.
  8. Polster's been quite good in midfield since he's came on: composed on the ball and has pressed well.
  9. Beautiful chipped ball through by Stewart, but Murphy is just offside -- he hits the post too.
  10. Gerrard's keeping Defoe on alongside Morelos. That's disgraceful. Absolute filth.
  11. 5-0, and Morelos is coming on... THIS DOESN'T HELP MY GPL PREDICTION STEVIE!
  12. Defoe hat-trick. (Stewart really should have scored, after some delightful play.)
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