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  1. According to my calculations, we need 10 more wins, and a draw, to be mathematically sure, from 13 games. Until then, I'll be in my cupboard under the stairs, fingers firmly inserted, pretending the league table doesn't exist.
  2. I'm still not comfortable...
  3. Morelos is best when he doesn't think.
  4. I think Reach is a box-to-box midfielder, that likes to break late into the box and shoot from distance. He mainly plays wide in a 4-4-2, but he's incredibly versatile. He's not the most technical, I don't think; he's more about pace and power, shooting from range, whipping in crosses or bursting into the box to get on the end of things. For us, he'd maybe play in one of the wider positions in the midfield three; where Aribo and Kamara play now, as opposed to the central position that Davis plays. There was a spell where Sheffield Wednesday were very good, pushing for
  5. Great stuff! I think he looks a good option: good profile, for a good price. I wonder if the perception of a poor injury record is based on him missing almost the entirety of last season? Which sounds bad, but it was just one really bad injury ('Cruciate Ligament Rupture', according to Transfermrkt). A player can get a bad injury, but it doesn't mean they're injury-prone per se - although, we don't know if it'll affect him later. I might be a tad optimistic, though.
  6. He's not like-for-like: he's actually more suited to the position he'd play for us than Jones and Barker; and, at 23, he's younger than Stewart and Jones. I agree with giving youth a chance, but you need decent squad players alongside the youngsters. Wright is a stand-out player in a 'good' Aberdeen side, whereas Kennedy is still only 18 and hasn't done much in Championship sides. To bring in Wright on the cheap, is a no-brainer, for me.
  7. Really? You all got my hopes up for a Hibs victory, and to see them take the lead... I was fuming!
  8. He looks like a squad player for one of the inside forward roles - perhaps a younger replacement for Stewart? He's classed as a forward, but tends to play deeper for them, in attacking midfield.
  9. We do love a good 'keeper, don't we.
  10. Scott Wright: Rangers to make approach for Aberdeen forward Steven Gerrard's side could offer Wright a pre-contract now as he is out of contract at the end of the season but Sky Sports News understands Rangers are looking to do a deal in this window https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11095/12185104/scott-wright-rangers-to-make-approach-for-aberdeen-forward
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