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  1. My point was that he can't score goals if he doesn't get the chances; he had very few chances. He did create a good few chances for others. I was impressed with that side of his game on Sunday.
  2. What are your thoughts, folks? Halliday and Arfield jump out at me. I think I'll go with Arfield, just because he grabbed the goal.
  3. Outwith his goal, did Morelos have any chances yesterday? He can't score if no one creates for him. I recall one where the 'Keeper smothered it, close-range, but that was it.
  4. Jeez. I've just turned it on for the last 5 minutes. They look good. Can we promote them all to the senior XI?
  5. I think we were all waiting on another goal, or two, for some decent points. Everyone who entered gained 1 point for the Correct Result. BEARGER and r_s gained 1 point for the Correct Number of Rangers Goals. compo and FS gained 2 points for Arfield as FGS. BEARGER and r_s gained 3 points for the Correct Score. Latest Standings:
  6. [FT] 1-0. I'll take it. That second half was much better. Kamberi made a difference.
  7. Another goal chopped off. Delightful ball from Morelos, nice finish by Kamberi. Our play this half deserves another goal.
  8. Another good move, Kamberi at the heart of it, with Morelos' finish chopped off. Was it offside?
  9. Good build-up, cutting them open, but Jack misses the target from a nicely weighted lay off from Morelos.
  10. Hagi nutmegs the defender in a dangerous area; nothing given. Hagi nutmegs the defender in the centre of the pitch; foul given. They're are the same.
  11. Halliday has been brilliant. He lacks quality, but you can't fault his effort.
  12. It's a better tempo this half; they're trying. Their confidence is still absolutely shot, though.
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