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  1. Great news! Dead wood removed. Jones' best moment was the cross for Morelos against Rapid Vienna (?). And that's probably it.
  2. I had to go with Davis (after suggesting he was poor against Livingston!). That goal is priceless.
  3. You should have said - I'll try to get to more or these over that time.
  4. Ooft... Correct Result (1 pt): - Correct Number of Rangers Goals (1pt): Rousseau, compo, Dado, CammyF, r_s, T-1000, GS, Yorkie, Devil, and Bill FGS (2 pts): - Correct Score (3 pts): - Latest Standings:
  5. Stevie Davis, you beautiful, wonderful man! We were p*sh, but we've got a chance; we're still in it.
  6. Eh... oops! My fault. Bassey added.
  7. I thought Davis was poor, for the most part. He was better when Lundstram came on, and he was freed from the deeper position to influence the game further up.
  8. I thought Gerrard summed the game up quite well. We started strongly, then the mentality changed and we kept taking too many touches, slowing and over-complicating the game. Then ended strongly. It's just that middle part where we need to find the easier solutions.
  9. Anyone watched any of The Hundred? I just can't seem to get excited about the shorter forms of the game. I'm looking forward to the Test match, though.
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