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  1. I like these draws: there is less pressure. Win and it's unbelievable; lose, meh, expected. I wanted Milan.
  2. Tillman hints at PSV stay as Rangers line-up £1.2m windfall https://www.glasgowtimes.co.uk/sport/24133564.tillman-hints-psv-stay-rangers-line-up-1-2m-windfall/?ref=rss
  3. Which could make all the difference at season's end...
  4. Last season was fine; good, even. Personally, a few weeks after the Killie game this season.
  5. I do wonder where we'd be if we had acted sooner.
  6. You're making a fool of yourself.
  7. Harry Kane joined Bayern to win trophies. It now looks like, after winning 11 league titles on the bounce, Kane's Bayern will not win anything. At least he'll win the top scorer award:
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