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  1. What's your thoughts, folks? I thought Aribo deserved it today. I thought he had a very good game. Goldson and Katic were good too.
  2. The title is slipping away from me! Everyone who entered gained 1 point for the Correct Result. Rousseau, WB91, Dado, BEARGER, Yorkie, 26th, r_s and compo gained 1 point for the Correct Number of Rangers Goals. Ian gained 2 points for Katic as FGS. Dado, BEARGER, Yorkie and compo gained 3 points for the Correct Score. Latest Standings:
  3. I think that's been a really professional and assured performance. We didn't play in the most entertaining way, but it's a tactical shift that suited the conditions and the opponents. We were barely under any pressure with 10 men. Superb.
  4. Stewart wins a free-kick 25 yards out. Chance for Barasic? Hits the post!! 'Keeper touches it onto the post.
  5. And then a minute later, Arfield is replaced by Stewart.
  6. Defoe replaces Aribo. I think Aribo has been brilliant.
  7. Clever subs as we head into extra time. Provides fresh legs, and wastes time.
  8. Defoe and Stewart coming on. Please just be playing, McGregor! You're too important!
  9. Goldson's been immense. Katic too has been good since that early bombscare period.
  10. Arfield goes forward one, Polster takes his spot.
  11. Is that more objects being thrown at our players?
  12. Defend it out for 18 minutes. We've gone 4-3-2.
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