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  1. I too fell some players look shattered, and should subbed, from time to time. But, then again, I do appreciate the need to keep that intensity in the side; these guys are switched on, whereas a player being subbed in would take a while to get up to speed. I did think Arfield looked knackered against Midtjylland last week, and I said he should be subbed, then he proceeds to run the length of the pitch and score!
  2. More than I expected gained a point. Yorkie, weebludevil, BD, Bill, T-1000, 26th, FS, Franc and Bill gained 1 point for the Correct Result. weebluedevil gained 1 point for the Correct Number of Rangers Goals. No FGS. weebluedevil gained 3 points for the Correct Score! Latest Standings:
  3. You always like an away goal, but a draw is a decent result.
  4. There are only three things certain in life: death, taxes, and @der Berliner trying to shoehorn our 4-3-2-1 into a 4-2-3-1.
  5. England win toss and bowl. It then starts raining.
  6. I'm not sure you'd want to bat first, as it's a bit overcast. Edit: Toss delayed.
  7. Ahem... "Supporters with a ‘RangersTV Unlimited’ subscription will be able to watch the match live and it will also be available on pay per view within the UK and everywhere else* for £9.99."
  8. I was just thinking that: there were two Premier League games on that I completely forgot about. I've had the Cricket on all day, other than flicking across to catch our game. Cracking day's cricket.
  9. Decent scores all-round, with two full points! Everyone who entered gained 1 point for the Correct Result. Yorkie, Bill, compo and Lenny gained 1 point for the Correct Number of Rangers Goals. Rousseau, wb91, Yorkie, Les, BD, Stevie, Ian, BEARGER, compo, 26th, TB, T-1000 and r_s gained 2 points for Defoe as FGS. Yorkie and compo gained 3 points for the Correct Score. Both Yorkie and compo gained the maximum 7 points for the round! We have a new leader for the third week on the bounce! Latest Standings:
  10. I wasn't talking about this match specifically, but in general. I'm a big fan of Jack.
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