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  1. The utter contempt in that stare. Love it.
  2. Rousseau

    The A to Z

    Not a bad team: Wallace Greig - Young - Boli - Robertson Laudrup - Russell - Mendes - Cooper Forrest - Negri Manager: Struth, Bill
  3. Some have suggested their demands are wildly ambitious. I think the point is to accept something in between, at least instigating some sort of change. I generally don't have time for protesters, but I find myself admiring their efforts.
  4. Rousseau

    The A to Z

    V. Van Vossen, Peter.
  5. Rousseau

    The A to Z

    L. Laudrup, Brian.
  6. Preferably, yes, but a few experienced heads will be crucial. McGregor has made a big difference this season.
  7. let's nip this bickering in the bud, shall we?
  8. Many disagreed, but I thought Davis has been good the last few games.
  9. I watched a little of the Edinburgh Derby. Souttar was constantly coming out with the ball. I remember thinking at the time, 'I wished Goldson or Worrall could come out like that'. I always thought he was one of the better CBs in the league. I reckon that would be a good signing.
  10. I think Demotion curtailed his Ranges career, so he may have progressed otherwise. Then again, we've had lads like Fleck and wasted them. That's a whole other kettle of fish: an unfulfilled potential XI.
  11. Alexander Boli - Svensson - Alves - Steven Smith Mladenovic Buffel - Pena - Rozenthal Sebo - Guivarc'h
  12. McGregor Tavernier - Goldson - Worrall - Barasic Jack - Kamara Candeias - Arfield - Kent Morelos
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