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  1. I had the ODI series against Ireland on in the background, but I wasn't too interested. England won it 2-1. I'm much more looking forward to the Test series against Pakistan, which starts today.
  2. Coaches are not using Youtube. That's only for us plebs.
  3. You weren't impressed by Leeds?! For me, they are one of the best sides in the country, behind only Liverpool and Man City. I'm a huge fan of Bielsa. Did you maybe watch them before Bielsa? Roofe didn't shine pre-Bielsa in a really poor side. Roofe can play anywhere across the front line. He's two-footed, versatile and dynamic, with a bit of pace. I wouldn't say he's prolific, but I do expect him to lead the line well -- and, to be fair, no one asks more of their leading forward than Bielsa, and he thrived in that role -- and chip in with a decent amount of goals. I think he fits that fluid front-three that SG wants: Kent, Hagi and Roofe all running and inter-changing. I don't know much about Itten, but from the clips he looks like a penalty-box striker, or poacher, who likes to hover around the back-post to use his good aerial ability and has a knack of finding space. He looks like he has a bit of pace too when he gets going. I see him leading the line quite well. I think Roofe will be preferred at first, but he can play one of the other positions in our front three, so they could play together, with Itten leading the line and Roofe in one of the wider roles.
  4. Just realised he's been given the No.11 shirt, following a long line of legends that could change a game single-handedly: Laudrup, Cooper, Albertz, McCann, and Josh Windass. A lot to live up to.
  5. This looks like the other option we were looking for: a target-man, poacher-type player. He looks to have a bit of pace, but he looks a bit one-dimensional and clumsy. He has a decent scoring record, though. He suits both our games: poacher type when we play domestically; and then the pace for the counter-attacking game in Europe.
  6. I think this is a good signing. He fits nicely into the fluid front three that SG seems to want. He's not prolific (1 in 2, if I'm being generous, which is not bad, to be fair), but I feel sometimes players don't have to be to do well in our League.
  7. OK-- Have at it! (I've merged the threads to include the few predictions we had in my question post.)
  8. Ahem-- may I introduce Rangers fans, 'debating':
  9. I don't know what it is, but I can't take to Lampard.
  10. Who's your MotM vs Aberdeen. I thought we were quite rusty overall, but a few players showed up well, like Kent, Aribo and Jack. For me, Balogun gets it. Absolutely strolled it. Read everything, cleared everything in the air, and those runs to take men out the game will be very effective going forward.
  11. SG: Make a run, Fredo! AM: Meh... *fight at the corner flag* AM:
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