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  1. I love stats. However, those table projections give me the fear. I don't like those.
  2. Just noticed the lone fan walking out as it dropped in - a pure 'f*ck it' reaction.
  3. I went with Arfield - simply because no one has mentioned him. He, along with Kamara and Jack, was essential to our control, and snuffing out danger, as Stewarty mentioned, but Arfield also drove forward and popped up in some good attacking positions; I think he was involved in most of our forays forward. I was quite critical of Arfield last season, but he's recovered that early form, and he's becoming almost undroppable in current form.
  4. I wouldn't go that far: he just bull-dozed his way into position! He was caught out at the back-post once, from what I recall. He was very good. If we can refine that raw athleticism, there is some player there.
  5. Some good scores but many failing to pick up any. Correct Result (1 pt): Rousseau, One, Dado, Bill, BEAR, WB91, Stewarty, gaspard, BHB, BD, Devil, MacK, BF, CammyF, FS, Uilleam, 26th, r_s, TB and Ian. Correct Number of Rangers Goals (1pt): One, Dado, Bill, BEAR, Stewarty, BD, Franc, MacK, CammyF, FS, 26th, Ted and TB. FGS (2 pts): Dado, BD, Devil, and FS. Correct Score (3 pts): BEAR and Stewarty. New leader! Latest Standings:
  6. It was the whole sequence of events: it looked like they had a clear shot on goal in the final seconds only for the ball to squirm under the lad's foot, to then get cleared to Roofe to do... that. A wee lie down is just the ticket.
  7. I've never been more pleased to miss out on a Correct Score in the GPL.
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