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  1. But, his best performances recently have been because he's been playing deep, in Davis' position? When he first signed he was played further forward and everyone thought he was a dud.
  2. I understand the desire for tactical flexibility, but, for me, we need to do what we're doing - and what we have been doing - better. That, and cut out the sh*te at the back! It's not so much that we've been 'sussed out', but rather we're not playing our normal game very well at all. Positionally, we're complacent, and so lethargic on the ball at the moment. Cut that out and I think we'd play much better. Saying that, I always like to see something different. I have been saying for a while that I'd like to see a back-three formation trialled.
  3. It appears we should be scoring more from those numbers, but one-off games can deviate. I would be interested to see the seasonal trend. Wait-- that xG number includes the Penalty. I'd say we're par. There are not big chances, either. There was a big chance around 30 mins, then after the Pen. That defensive xG is a joke, though.
  4. Defoe's a great finisher, but we still have to provide him with chances, and that's something we're not doing. We're just not very good this season. The extent of it is quite inexplicable. You can't be firing on all cylinders all the time, but I still don't think we've started this season. So poor. Frustrating.
  5. There were actually some good scores, considering the result - mostly down to Morelos. Correct Result (1 pt): - Correct Number of Rangers Goals (1pt): Rousseau, Dado, One, Devil, DJ, compo, BD, CammyF, T-1000 and r_s FGS (2 pts): Rousseau, Bill, DJ, WB91, Yorkie, Franc, BD, TB and r_s Correct Score (3 pts): - Latest Standings:
  6. Thanks for that. From now on, I'll make a wee note in my posts when I make an edit to my prediction.
  7. The variety and range of some of the names coming out with kind words about Walter is testament to the man.
  8. They have to get Ole out first! I'm surprised he's still there.
  9. I think Conte is the obvious choice for Utd, but I'm not sure he fits, long-term. There's no one else available. (Zidane is not interested, I believe. He doesn't speak English and is waiting for the French NT job, by all accounts.)
  10. Rangers 2 - 1 Aberdeen FGS Morelos Can you see this edit, @BEARGER?
  11. In future I'll keep the Opening Post just as the fixture, then I'll have a separate post for my prediction. The Edit should then be visible.
  12. I don't agree with the pressing criticism, either. It suggests you can only press if you have certain players, which I don't believe is true. You can press with any player, because, for me, it's mostly an organisational thing. Like defending. OK--some players are better at defending then others, but the majority of defending is about organisation. You can drill players into a solid system, regardless of individual ability. I recall Klopp's first game with Liverpool, against Tottenham. I don't think they won the game, but you could see the pressing and counter-pressing immediately. And, you wouldn't say Liverpool had a great side at that stage; they were pretty average. Did they not have Benteke, FFS?! Ole just doesn't have it, tactically.
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