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  1. Yes, but a good team playing three at the back won't allow that, i.e. Chelsea.
  2. I've never liked Katic. Of course, any players' reputation inflates when they've been out of the team, but with Katic, I think his reputation is built on a couple of hard tackles. Which is great to see, but it doesn't make a defender. I don't know, though. Maybe these youngsters are not that good. How many managers has that been that have overlooked them? There must be a reason for it. I think Kelly is good enough to get some minutes, here and there, but he's nowhere to be seen.
  3. I think Goldson's head has gone. I'd like to see Lewis Mayo given a chance. I was impressed with his ball-playing a few seasons ago, and he looks a unit now.
  4. That's fair. Apologies - it's a bit of a pet peeve of mine, this need to see a midfielder do everything, become all-rounders. There's talk of Declan Rice needing to add goals to his game. Why? He's a DM. We don't expect FB's or CB's to score goals. Midfielders should be specialised, IMO. Let them be the best version of the position they play. If they are a DM, let them get better at tackling, recovering the ball, blocks, interceptions, pass accuracy, -- and to be fair, forward passes, secondary assists, even assists-- but don't expect them to do everything.
  5. The first couple, anyway, then I thought, 'I've been done, here...'.
  6. He's the DM; I'm not sure he should be driving forward, unless there's someone to cover.
  7. A few just missed out on Correct Scores, having too much faith that our defence would keep a clean sheet. Correct Result (1 pt): Everyone who entered. Correct Number of Rangers Goals (1pt): One, compo, CammyF, FS, Ian and 26th. FGS (2 pts): - Correct Score (3 pts): compo and 26th Latest Standings:
  8. That'll do, Rangers. It was a pretty good performance, but the fragility at the back and an inability to maintain a good level throughout the 90 minutes is frustrating. That's 3 points, though. I'm happy.
  9. We're playing 'well', but I think we're all a little disappointed that the game's not over and done at this stage, as it should be.
  10. It's a 50/50! Kent wins it. Why is he blowing the whistle?! Answered my own question, there...
  11. I feel like McGregor is a bit more willing to come out to meet the ball, which is much better.
  12. Quality tactics from Livi, here. 'Have we got the ball at our feet? Punt it into the box'. 'Have we got the ball in our hands? Punt it into the box'. Annoyingly, we're not finding it easy to deal with...
  13. I think the distance from Morelos to Goldson is too big.
  14. Rangers fans wanting a snowball fight behind the goal. David Martindale's not happy.
  15. I can see the advantage of the sun's direction when we're taking shots, but I'm not sure it helps build-up: there's a few of them shielding their eyes to see where the ball is coming from.
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