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  1. Quite poor today. Overall we certainly created a couple of good chances, but generally we lacked creativity in the final third. We can, and did, knock the ball about well, but it was all in front of Utd. I thought our #8s were anonymous. We need those two positions clicking in order to create. Most of our threat came from the wings (Kent and latterly Wright), but I don't think we used them enough. A win's a win, I suppose. And, we kept the Zero. I felt we controlled the game defensively for the most part -- outwith a last few minutes when Utd threw the kitchen sink at us. I'm quite content, in that sense.
  2. I know I said I'd take twenty more 1-0 wins, but jeez! I'm not sure my heart will take it!
  3. Hagi is a black hole. I'd take him off or play him more centrally. I'd take the pace of Wright on that right flank too.
  4. We've got no presence in the final third. I think Lundstram is too deep. Just let Kamara play as the lone DM and join Arfield further forward.
  5. It'll be interesting to see how Lundstram gets on, as it looks like he's playing as a #8. Lundstram played as an #8 at Sheffield Utd successfully, but he's not done it for us.
  6. Villa-Burnley postponed. FFS--I brought Watkins into my Fantasy League team because I had all three strikers involved in postponements...
  7. I can see Hagi starting: I think GvB likes his creativity against stubborn defences when we should expect to dominate. Hagi was left out against Hearts because GvB wanted raw pace for the counter. He's usually played on the wing, but I wonder how he'd do as one of the #8s? I don't know who I'd drop, though? Aribo has been sensational, and Arfield has contributed well. Maybe give Arfield a rest? Get Hagi in the #8 position, and get Kent and Sakala out wide?
  8. I'd take twenty more 1-0 wins.
  9. Was this four years of planning from England? Are they even trying?
  10. Villa 1 - 0 Burnley Leeds 0 - 1 Arsenal Wolves 1 - 2 Chelsea Newcastle 0 - 3 Man City
  11. Chelsea have been struggling recently; even their wins have been tough. I've not paid too much attention, but is there an injury problem?
  12. I see Thomas Frank has asked for the whole of this weekend's PL (and League Cup) fixtures to be postponed, because they have 13 players and staff who have Covid.
  13. I think it's because you keep putting "Alfie", so my brain skips it for some reason. Apologies again. It's now fixed (although, it might take a while for it to filter through to the table). I'll try to pay attention to the "Alfie" posts from now on.
  14. When we're doing poorly, most think 'no one's going to buy these donkeys; Just punt them!' When we're doing well, most are saying 'Oh--we can't lose this player; he's too good'. I'm in the middle: I never think players lose as much value as it seems after poor runs of form; and I don't think players are too good to be sold. I'm quite comfortable that our DoF will keep a level head -- although I do think we've missed certain opportunities to sell in the recent past (e.g. Morelos).
  15. I don't worry about losing players. If we do it means they are playing well, and that we would get a good return on them. The DoF will have a list of ready replacements already drafted and scouted, so they'll move for those replacements if/when players leave. I'm like a broken record, but selling players is what we have to do if we want to be financially sustainable.
  16. You posted this thread a second before I did! (I've deleted mine.) Aribo, for me.
  17. This is a remarkable round, with 6 Correct Scores and 3 Maximums! Correct Result (1 pt): Everyone who entered. Correct Number of Rangers Goals (1pt): Rousseau, compo, Dado, Franc, DJ, gisabeer, and 26th FGS (2 pts): TB, Yorkie, Devil, Franc, Bill, BD, gisabeer, 26th, Ted, r_s and T-1000 Correct Score (3 pts): Rousseau, Dado, Franc, DJ, gisabeer and 26th Franc, gisabeer and 26th with maximums! Latest Standings:
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