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  1. Just looking for evidence of this damning evidence so many people speak of
  2. Worral has returned to Forest so that vid is not up to date surely
  3. I may be way off here but was it not deemed utterly impractical and cost heavy to fill in the upper corners? That's why only the lower section was completed. I think it had something to do with way the three stands are constructed?
  4. Are there examples of Corbyn's "anti-Semitism"? It's stated on here (and news outlets) as a fact but I've yet to see any evidence
  5. And this is your reason for wanting a Scotland team to lose? Are you that petty and bitter? Have a day off ffs
  6. Has Ibrox moved to Spain? Don't fancy being in the top tier when an icey December wind is blowing. Cool pic though 😎
  7. Sensible post. I think there was a change in the "Tartan Army" about 20 odd years ago. IMO it changed from a group of genuine football fans and became a glorified travelling social club. In my own experience the members that I have spoken with very limited knowledge of football and seem to know more about watering holes in far flung places like Riga and The Faroe Islands. each to their own I suppose but I think there are unfortunate parallels with the demise of Aberdeen in 90's and the demise with the Scotland national team/Tartan Army. Aberdeen went from a team that challenged for honours right into the 90's and then almost became a parody of themselves in the aftermath of that successful period. Their fans almost wore their down turn as a badge of honour to the point that they sarcastically cheered getting corners, touching the ball during regular humpings by the OF and European teams. Why the hell would they accept this? It's embarrassing. (They have also subsequently created a "rivalry" with Rangers to maintain their interest). I see the Scotland team and some of their fans in the same light. (the same sarcastic applauding happened during some of our drubbings). We've accepted mediocrity for so long it has almost become the norm in my eyes. Let's face it, a blind man could see that there should have been major changes in our game many decades ago but the usual myopic SFA were happy enough to take the money from fans who were happy enough to pay over the odds for a tin pot stadium and truly woeful game experience for so long. As long as we get some Proclaimers, Runrig prematch, get bladdered into the bargain, what happens on the pitch disnea really matter...
  8. Good luck with convicting a 75/80 year old who has refused to pay their licence fee.
  9. I know it's not a transfer story as such but by all accounts recent signing Jordan Jones was outstanding for NI last night
  10. Decent start for Clarke. A win is a win after all. Scotland have some decent players in the middle and wide positions however they badly need a striker and 2 centre backs
  11. I find it hard to respect any "honours" system that awarded knighthoods to Philip Green, Jimmy Saville and Fred Goodwin. Let's not forget the honorary awards given to Ceausescu and Mugabe
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