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  1. Will be a very tough game IMO. Didnt they just draw with Brugges at the weekend? I saw that Brugges beat Zenit away from home last night so they must be decent
  2. Utter nonsense. He is very clever player IMO. Oh and Shane Duffy is not a better opponent than lower league fare based on yesterday
  3. I thought he was great in the first half but went off it when he started getting involved with Browninho
  4. Considering he was pitched into a dysfunctional defence yesterday, I thought he did ok. Big Mr Duffy on the other hand. Now that's what you call a melon
  5. I tend to agree with regards to Morelos. IMO he was on the verge of blowing it for us yesterday with his silly slaps and needless nudges. Would really love to have seen Defoe on yesterday for a good 30 minutes.
  6. Hagi for Barker and Itten/Defoe for Alfie for me.
  7. I like Tom Miller but I genuinely wish he would drop comments like "Rangers have a fantastic discipline record this season..", "Patrik Kimela hasn't done much so far..." Just asking for trouble
  8. Keep the head Alfie. Or get him off. Brown will target him
  9. Why is Duffys name in black? And who the hell is Welsh?
  10. Barker...interesting. Stevie G putting a lot of faith in this wee guy. Really hope it pays off. C'mon Rangers!!!
  11. I see the Tims are looking to get Christie involved on Saturday now...
  12. Any talk of their weaknesses leaves me a wee bit uneasy to be honest. As soon as you walk into one of these games thinking you have the upper hand because they have players missing, it sends out alarm bells for me. Hopefully SG will drill it into his players the lessons from last season where everybody had us as a sure thing for the first OF game as they had players missing. We ended up losing 2-0 and never kicked a ball. FFS even Johnny Hayes scored for them. That should be our lesson there
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