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  1. Negatives... Looks cheap Too shiny Arm sponsor too large Outdated checker board jacquard Red in the collar Positves... It's blue
  2. A very classy post from a classy guy. Good luck Leon!
  3. Current Scotland update... Ireland 2 Scotland 0 at HT. Ireland are basically league 1 level and Scotland a total mess. Clarke's dire brand of football finally getting found out by a pub team?
  4. Nice reading but we are Rangers not Glasgow Rangers.
  5. Still very surprised at the Balogun departure. Thought he was a good option to have across the back line. Oh well. Hope we don't regret this one.
  6. I'll take an experienced player like Goldson over a new signing any day of the week. Goldson knows the league, he knows the standards expected at Rangers and he knows how we play. A new signing in such a key area could take a good few months to settle and in a tight 2 horse race we cannot afford any slip ups. Last season proved that.
  7. I still don't get McTominay. At all.
  8. Agree to disagree. Last season's lilac abomination alone doesn't do anything to change my opinion.
  9. I'm not sure how this could be deemed a "fashionable" opinion. Its actually a fact. They have been designing and manufacturing football related garments for professiomal teams for about 2 years.
  10. Don't care if its orange, pink or yellow. We must be the only club that is promoting their 3rd strip before our main strip. Castore are amateurs IMO.
  11. Brilliant? Looks like a cheap training top. And that's me being kind.
  12. Sorry to a grumpy bar steward but why are these pressers (Soutar, Goldson) using that awful orange strip as opposed to the next seasons home kit? Seems like an opportunity wasted?
  13. Apologies if it's been posted elsewhere, but I see that ex Rangers coach Michael Beale has been appointed as head coach at QPR. It will be interesting to see how he fairs going solo.
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