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  1. Too much over analysing this game me thinks. It was the first game after a winter break with a changed line up against a team that had no desire to get over the half way line. SG said it bored him and to be honest I've been bored by domestic cup games for decades. Let's face it the Scottish Cup is a distraction. We need to stay focused on the league (the thing that actually matters) and not get to bothered about secondary baubles
  2. The rest of the UK? Do you genuinely think the 30 million plus that live in the south of England give a damn about how strong the Unionist presence is North of the border? 🤣🤣
  3. I hear Prince Andrew has some time on his hands. Maybe a good shout for guest speaker at this Royal knees up?
  4. So essentially a Royalist demo? Monty Python would be proud
  5. Not sure what Jones has to offer as he looks like just wearing a Rangers jersey is good enough for him. He simply needs to do more or he'll be on his way out
  6. Porto missed 2 penalties
  7. Hope that's not code for "we don't want him injured as he is lined up for a big money transfer..."
  8. I also think that the biggest difference from last year is that we are a more coherent and settled team this time around. The league table and points accumulated confirm this. With reference to adding new pkayers, I genuinely hope the mhanks start dropping in their new players. Just adding new players doesn't always mean it's going to be a positive. It takes players time to settle and get used to their new team mates and that's why I'm glad we (hopefully) won't be making too many amendments this winter break
  9. Here here. We really have had some amazing goalies over the years
  10. Up until a few years back I worked as a freelance illustrator/graphic designer and back in the 80's I used to do portrait commissions of football greats as gifts for people. One portrait that always stands out in my memory is one I completed of Bobby Brown. I was converting a black and white image to colour and really loved capturing the iconic yellow goalie jersey. IMO it's something that should be as iconic as our red and black socks and blue jerseys. RIP Mr Brown. Jerry Dawson and Billy Ritchie are waiting with a pint
  11. He loves tiki-taka by all accounts but I don't think Barca have the players to do that anymore
  12. Banning credit cards to fund any online bets from April is a start. Not sure if that also means debit/bank cards. If not, that would be next.
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