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  1. BlackSocksRedTops

    [FT] Rangers 1 - 0 Hamilton (Candeias 3')

    Brilliant post Gaffer. With regards to your point about crossing forward and back, look at Man City. The majority of their goals are from cut backs from someone getting in behind and hitting the by line. They rarely score goals corners or speculative shooting.
  2. BlackSocksRedTops

    The Winter 2018/19 - Transfer Window Rumours and Deals - Thread

    With regards to the Fran Sol rumour, I'm not sure tbh. We would be looking at £2million plus but what does it do to actually address our problems? Our main problem is not scoring goals IMO, our problem is actually creating goal clear cut scoring chances. It would be a different story if we were peppering the opponents goal and our striker couldn't hit the target but that's not the case. In the last handful of games, we have simply struggled to create any chances at all. When I mean chances, I mean 100% chances (too quote wee Dick Adcocaat). If we create chances Morelos will score. If we do have money to spend, I'd rather spend £400k on Shankland as a back up and then look to get creativity in the team. Not another midfielder that will pass sideways but someone who can see a forward pass and play with their head up. I don't think we need any more wingers as Barasic/Middleton/Grezda and Tav/Candias/Kent can more than play provide width.
  3. BlackSocksRedTops

    Ovie Ejaria: Returns To Liverpool

    Agree. For example, despite a few decent showings at the start of the season Coulibaly has offered very little and it makes you wonder what McCrorie could have done during that period.
  4. BlackSocksRedTops

    [FT] Rangers 1 - 0 Hamilton (Candeias 3')

    If we don't get him, someone else will. If he doesn't cut it 400k is not the biggest gamble. On the other hand, if he scores goals in the SPL for Rangers then you have an asset on your hands.
  5. BlackSocksRedTops

    [FT] Rangers 1 - 0 Hamilton (Candeias 3')

    Still think we have nothing to lose by bringing in the young guy from Ayr United. He's mobile and can grab goals in the penalty box. Can't be any worse than Lafferty?
  6. BlackSocksRedTops

    SG post match interview

    I'm really starting to get rather tired of our insistence on cross after flippin cross. It doesn't work. We really need to be more inventive in the final 3rd
  7. BlackSocksRedTops

    [FT] Rangers 1 - 0 Hamilton (Candeias 3')

    Still 2-0 on Rangers TV. Missed the first 8mins. What's the score??
  8. BlackSocksRedTops

    What's Happened to the Jukebox Thread?

    I know he is a Tim but Rod Stewart of the early 70's is still the best rock vocalist IMO.
  9. BlackSocksRedTops

    [FT] Rapid Vienna 1 - 0 Rangers

    Good point Ian
  10. BlackSocksRedTops

    [FT] Rapid Vienna 1 - 0 Rangers

    Europe has been a fantastic distraction but it has also helped paper over the cracks in our domestic form. When you consider we are 1pt better off than we were at this time last year it shows how erratic we have been. We need to attempt to find a settled XI and stick with it. IMO squad rotation can only work with teams that have played together for a while and have a recognisable style of play.
  11. BlackSocksRedTops

    [FT] Rapid Vienna 1 - 0 Rangers

    Middleton needs a wee rest from the starting XI. Barasic more than capable of delivering good crosses from the left
  12. BlackSocksRedTops

    [FT] Rapid Vienna 1 - 0 Rangers

    Not sure if the tactics were that bad tbh. With more quality and better decision making we could have had a decent result.
  13. BlackSocksRedTops

    [FT] Rapid Vienna 1 - 0 Rangers

    His kicking has been poor all evening tbh
  14. BlackSocksRedTops

    [FT] Rapid Vienna 1 - 0 Rangers

    I think you're being kind 🤣
  15. BlackSocksRedTops

    [FT] Rapid Vienna 1 - 0 Rangers

    Our first touch has been dreadful at times. The pitch is not helping tbh

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