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  1. https://www.theguardian.com/business/2019/apr/02/burger-king-vegan-whopper-meat-free-impossible-launch
  2. 6 pts. 6 goals. 0 conceded. I'll buy that for a dollar!!
  3. What a surprise. A classless idiot defends another classless idiot
  4. Well done Rangers. It wouldn't have surprised anyone if we were flat tonight after losing a crucial OF game and our top scorer but that was a good 3 pts.
  5. Brown really is a truly classless bafoon.
  6. I'm reading now that our bus was bottled as it neared Darkhead. Has this been confirmed?
  7. Glad Lustig and Boyata are playing. Tierney surely can't be fit?
  8. Feel quite confident about today. We've not played a team willing to open and come forward for a while so with the onus in Celtic to attack, I genuinely feel that will suit us (if we are on our game). Morelos needs his shooting boots on today.
  9. Apparently some random guy (with American accent) lashing out with a knuckleduster. He also attacked 3/4 other people around the same time.
  10. Yep. Keep singing about ******s and Bobby Sands. Keep dragging our club through the gutter. As long as it annoys some people who separate football and politics. Way to go!
  11. Who said they were preferable? Two wrongs don't make a right. Other fans unwanted chants should never be a excuse for our own problematic song book.
  12. If Messi had an ego as big as Ronaldo's, he would have a ton more goals. Messi's assists are a huge factor in this debate IMO. Ronaldo is a truly world class player but Messi is from another planet
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