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  1. Their fans should be happy. Livi are a team in form and scraping a gutsy draw against them was a decent result for COVID FC...不不不不不不不
  2. I would genuinely love to hear that snake expand on this point. With Anne Budge doing the interview You were effectively handed a title because of this situation you twat
  3. Monty Python, Bill Hicks, Chris Morris and Larry David combined could not have written a better comedy than the laughter fest that is Celtic 20-21. We haven't quite reached Lawrence from Carntyne levels yet but we are getting close.
  4. Watching the Celtic circus this season has been rather amusing...
  5. Agree 100%. More proof if needed last night as his heroic "clearance" falls to Hibs player and goal. Cue customary pic of Duffy on his ass in despair
  6. I'm sure the same questions were asked of Kamara when we signed him?
  7. Hibs bossed it tbh. They look an accomplished wee unit and it only highlights how big our win against them was (whilst playing poorly). Easter Rd in a few weeks time will be a test
  8. I see one of their young subs was wearing ear buds prior to entering the pitch. They really are trying to break new ground in terrible PR. If my team was 21 pts behind in the league and had demonstrated a reckless and arrogant attitude during a global pandemic, I wouldn't be best pleased if one of my players was entering the field with ear phones on.
  9. More Premiership class defending from Duffy I see...不不不不 Sutton was 100%. He really is a gamechanger
  10. How did track and trace quantify the 16 people who have to isolate? Surely they are all within each other's space?
  11. Despite all the hullabaloo surrounding this game, I still expect them to beat Hibs. Boyle is out for Hibs after a knock in training and their starting XI still has enough regular starters.
  12. Apparently a Hibs player now refusing to play? And how is Duffy allowed to play now?
  13. There might be something in that but it's based on 1 game since Roofe has been absent. It also makes me wonder if Morelos is that fragile of a person that not being the main man makes him miscontrol the ball? I reckon we saw a better Morelos yesterday because we played better as a team. We were more fluid yesterday than we have been of late and that can only help a striker
  14. Quite windy today. We might see some parts of their 5 star dump falling from the roofs prior to kick off? I'm sure they will try anything
  15. You do wonder why they moved the Hibs game when they already had 3 to play. I wouldn't put anything past them tbh.
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