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  1. So we will be basically be supporting an English national side? No thanks. Bills original post is spot on. I used to love World Cups and some of my fondest memories of watching football have involved these big tournaments but they now just leave me cold. Saying that so does the CL. I haven't seen a live CL game in years. It bores me to death tbh
  2. I'm not one to cause controversy but may I suggest this is a little bit of an overreaction...?
  3. 1-1 at The Dump with a 40% performance. Happy enough as it was a tough week. We remain unbeaten.
  4. Hopefully Roofe can keep the boots down...
  5. Have to agree. Too many players just not on it.
  6. Good change IMO. We're losing all the 2nd balls
  7. Kamara not looking his usual composed self. Understandably
  8. C'mon Rangers. Half time rollicking from Stevie G. It's simple. We turn up and we win the game. We just need more urgency and purpose to what we are doing.
  9. No edge to our game at all. Step it up Rangers. Enough strolling
  10. I like this. A good solid display of unity.
  11. Sounds nice Compo. A wee cup of caffeine for this bear. I'm off booze at the moment. Trying to shift a few lockdown pounds🤣🤣🤣 Enjoy the game!
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