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  1. Definitely the best of all the away kits. Think they've missed a trick by not using the star but nevertheless a very tidy strip IMO.
  2. Actually found our desire and energy to keep going quite uplifting. Still miles off it but we kept at it. Lundstrum continues to impress IMO. Shooting was rank but his quick incise passing was great
  3. If we start the 2nd half like we ended the first I'm sure we will prevail. Keep up the tempo!
  4. I have a feeling we will perform well today and turn a corner. Probably based on the fact that Hibs will not put 10 men behind the ball. Kent will be a huge miss but guys like Wright need to come in and make their maŕk or their Rangers careers will be reduced to 10 minute cameos. Hope to see Lundstrum back in today. And maybe Hagi?
  5. Still not seeing what Sakala adds to our team? Itten would have been a better option tonight IMO
  6. Been away all day with limited phone access. Sounds like I've missed sweet FA. Hope they start to click soon
  7. Genuinely wish Itten had stayed in the squad this season. Always felt he offered us a different option. On a side note...can any statos help me out? It feels like this the first away game we've had on a Saturday at 3pm in ages? When was the last one?
  8. Our speed of thinking/passing and decision making are really letting us down at the moment.
  9. Feel like I've watched this game several times before. Leverkusen, Slavia, Malmo...very disappointing indeed ☹
  10. Likewise. Daughters birthday today. Would have taken 2-1 before the game in a heart beat. St Johnstone seem to have worked us out so fully expected a tough game.
  11. Agree. As someone that has worked in graphic design that badge should never have passed the first proof. It always irked me that our monogram badge was a thing of beauty and 2nd crest was all over the place. Thank God it someone with half an eye saw fit to rectify it.
  12. Apologies but I've seen several posts about Barasic having a medical at Roma on social media. I presume these are old posts?
  13. Fair points Cammy. I liked Itten as he offered something different IMO. Still have my doubts whether Sakala will have any impact on our season
  14. I know its early and he has hardly played much football but am I the only one that is not overly impressed by Sakala? Would have Itten over him at this moment. Big Cedric had never let us down.
  15. As much as it pains me, I don't think anyone claim that Patterson is better than Tierney at this stage. Albeit injury prone, I think Tierney is a superbly gifted athlete. Hopefully Patterson can progress further.
  16. Whit? Thought he was off to Brum. Does that mean Alfie is on his way?
  17. Christ. Listening to the chat about the first half and all the headlines are Eduards miss. No one mentions we were 6 inches away from a goal with Kents shot. Or Alfies volley over the bar. Thought Kent did enough today to be a nuisance but still not firing on all cylinders.
  18. Not something you hear too often in this Parish but I thought Clancy had a good game. ie. I can't recall any decisions that stood out and he let the game flow IMO.
  19. BBC has possession 66 to 34 in their favour? Thought first half they shaded possession but after the break we were pretty dominant.
  20. CSS is quite funny. Tims claiming they dominated the game. In the second half I never saw them until the last 10 minutes.
  21. Still no idea why they announce this with 4 minutes to go? It's like tempting fate
  22. Imagine the scenes if they had scored from the set piece they should have returned? Idiotic
  23. More than happy with that. Quality and sharpness still miles away but effort and application was 100%. We wanted it more in the 2nd half. Respect to Balogan and McCrorrie. All eyes were on them and both players excelled.
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