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  1. I'm stating the bloody obvious but Brown is truly a classless moron.
  2. Who do Nigeria get in the knockout phase? We need Aribo back ASAP. For what it's worth, I thought Sands looked tidy enough considering it was a tough first game and his team mates were poor.
  3. Does that run the risk of extra games? Or is that a thing?
  4. Baffled by the 2nd half tactics. Far too deep for my liking. Hagi disappeared and playing Kamara further forward was odd. Brown is an utter embarrassment as Kent didn't even touch him.
  5. Our front 3 need to press more. Too much respect shown to Brown IMO.
  6. 3pts is a must. Genuinely don't care how they are acquired.
  7. Agreed. That's a three 2-0 wins now that could have easily been 6 or 7 if we were more ruthless. Happy enough. 6 pts clear going into a winter break. I would have taken that at the start if the season.
  8. Aunty Beeb starting early today. Claiming the Tims are "depleted" for their match in Perth. Every player bar one is a first team player or an Ange signing.
  9. A strange year to be honest. Watching Rangers claim 55 was amazing. I don't care what people think of of SG. For me he delivered what he was here to do. He improved us on all levels and won the title. His departure could have been better but that's football. I'm old enough to not get too bothered by things like this. Hopefully we will work with a model going forward that relies on a clear vision rather than reactionary decision making when hiring managers. On a personal front, I changed careers. I moved from being self employed to the public sector during the pandemic and thank God I did. I can't even begin to imagine what I wouldn't be earning at this time of I was still self employed. It's crazy.
  10. Seasons greetings to all! Already on my 2nd bottle of bubbles. Have a good one when it all happens. 🎅
  11. They set the precedent a few seasons back with their tainted title. Any deviation from a similar scenario that has us as top dogs would be beyond hypocritical.
  12. As much as this has East End fingerprints all over it, c'mon ffs. We are Rangers. We are the champions. Just go out and do your talking on the park. If games are rescheduled so be it. If we keep winning, we win the league no matter what happens in 2022.
  13. Ha f**king ha. Truth to be told, I didn't even know they were playing tonight. What a nice wee surprise before hitting the hay.
  14. Would Sky not prefer no fans as this would mean a portion of the 60,000 fans possibly buying their TV package to watch the game?
  15. Wait...how come we've scored more than Angeball's free flowing cavalier brand of fitba? Maybe the BBC can answer that?
  16. Hagi's first touch was terrible yesterday. The ball just wasn't sticking to him at all.
  17. What about we turn the question around? Can the support and encouragement of fans have an impact on players? IMO, yes. I've been to many games where this has happened. Surely then the opposite effect can happen if people are obviously choosing to leave in their droves while the result is not certain?
  18. Hate to sound like a broken record but watching thousands of fans leave well before the final whistle, must be disheartening for the players. Especially when the game is on a knife edge.
  19. Regardless of personnel, United are a tricky team to beat. Let's not forget they took points off Angeball at the midden. Aribo not starting definitely hindered us IMO, but I fully understand the reasons behind it. We move on to the next game. 3 games left before the break.
  20. Is he not on yellow card knife edge? With the potential to miss the OF game?
  21. As always, 3 pts is a must. Would like to see Hagi gets some rewards today (if played). He was all over the pitch and basically did everything but score on Wednesday. He must have been wearing his old man's tiny size 5 boots....
  22. The idea that they are under strength should be belted out of the pitch with a straight bat. Their resolve will only be fortified IMO (case in point being, us v the Tims in last OF game). Let's just keep doing what we are doing and ensure we get the 3pts. Points first, goal tallies later.
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