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  1. I'll take an experienced player like Goldson over a new signing any day of the week. Goldson knows the league, he knows the standards expected at Rangers and he knows how we play. A new signing in such a key area could take a good few months to settle and in a tight 2 horse race we cannot afford any slip ups. Last season proved that.

  2. 1 hour ago, Gonzo79 said:

    Castore definitely have their faults but our merchandise is selling like hotcakes, so most fans don't seem to mind them.  


    As for Souttar, I'm glad jakey Clarke didn't play him last night but any idiot can see he's a better CB than McTominay.  Strange decision.


    I still don't get McTominay. At all.

  3. 5 hours ago, Bill said:

    I doubt that very much but granted it’s become something that some people say because they think it’s fashionable.

    I'm not sure how this could be deemed a "fashionable" opinion. Its actually a fact. They have been designing and manufacturing football related garments for professiomal teams for about 2 years. 

  4. 1 hour ago, Bill said:

    Snared! It may not be a brilliant strip but it certainly is brilliant orange. Which is clearly a nod to our loyalist heritage in this Jubilee season 😉

    Don't care if its orange, pink or yellow. We must be the only club that is promoting their 3rd strip before our main strip. Castore are amateurs IMO.

  5. 4 hours ago, the gunslinger said:

    if he was really cheap we should see if he is still a player or finished. 


    The very very rare glimpses we got of him he was really good and certainly provides goals from midfield we need. 

    Would rather give Lowry the chance to progress further. 

  6. 19 minutes ago, Gonzo79 said:

    Bit of a late post on this but I was disappointed we chose to wear all blue in the final and wanted to see us in our traditional home shirt, shorts and socks.  Not sure if UEFA would've allowed the white shorts but the black and red socks would definitely have been okay.


    Playing in all blue against a team in white didn't do us much good in 2008.  


    Hopefully we ditch the all blue from now on.



    Agreed. Was there also something going on with our blue strip? Maybe it was my TV but it looked a total different shade of blue from earlier in the year (see pics). Not too impressed with Castore and from what I've seen of our strips for next season, that's not going to change. They've rather imaginatively come up with another all black strip as our away top. 2 seasons ago it was all black with orange trim, last season it was all black with red trim, next season it's all black with blue trim. And don't get me started on that orange training top that passes as a 3rd kit.


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