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  1. A strange year to be honest. Watching Rangers claim 55 was amazing. I don't care what people think of of SG. For me he delivered what he was here to do. He improved us on all levels and won the title. His departure could have been better but that's football. I'm old enough to not get too bothered by things like this. Hopefully we will work with a model going forward that relies on a clear vision rather than reactionary decision making when hiring managers. 


    On a personal front, I changed careers. I moved from being self employed to the public sector during the pandemic and thank God I did. I can't even begin to imagine what I wouldn't be earning at this time of I was still self employed. It's crazy.

  2. 26 minutes ago, CammyF said:

    Apparently the decision on the winter break is an SPFL board decision and won't be put to the club's. Make of that what you will, but assuming SKY will have a say especially with the prospect of additional viewing figure for the OF game. 

    Would Sky not prefer no fans as this would mean a portion of the 60,000 fans possibly buying their TV package to watch the game?

  3. 54 minutes ago, Rousseau said:

    I think GvB wants Hagi's creativity to break down stubborn defences.


    But then, that was a stubborn defence and it didn't work. (I thought Hagi was poor all-round, though, to be honest.) 


    Against Hearts, where we would be expected to be more defensive ourselves, Hagi was dropped for the pace of Sakala on the break.  


    So, I understand why he's played there, but I agree, it didn't work.


    Hagi is also quite liable to get pushed off the ball and he also gives the ball away 'often', which could be quite dangerous if he's played centrally. Then again he would have more passing options if played centrally...


    I don't know what my point is; I'm just rambling. No--My point is maybe it's 'horses for courses'. However, Hagi has been poor recently, so we'll be criticising him wherever he's playing. 

    Hagi's first touch was terrible yesterday. The ball just wasn't sticking to him at all.

  4. 52 minutes ago, CammyF said:

    I thought the whole game had a strange feel to it today. I wasn't in my normal seat and was in Govan Front but felt the crowd were on the teams back from around 10th minute. 


    Crowd seemed nervous and that appeared to filter into the performance on the pitch. 


    1st half we had a decent penalty shout when Kent was tripped in box, then their keeper made a great save from an Alfie header.


    We did up the pace in 2nd half and made some half chances and thankfully the assistant flagged for the handball as i dont think self confessed Celtic fan Alan Muir was giving it of his own back.


    As said above, 3 points on the board and let's move on to next week. 

    Hate to sound like a broken record but watching thousands of fans leave well before the final whistle, must be disheartening for the players. Especially when the game is on a knife edge.

  5. 27 minutes ago, Tannochsidebear said:

    I have had a feeling a skelping is on the cards and it may well be today against an under-strength (if media are to be believed) United. Add to that the revenge as the only league side to beat us in 21 months and we have all the incentive required to make this a memorable one. Anyone recall we put 7 past United round about Christmas time a few years ago? Could a repeat be on the cards today?



    The idea that they are under strength should be belted out of the pitch with a straight bat. Their resolve will only be fortified IMO (case in point being, us v the Tims in last OF game). Let's just keep doing what we are doing and ensure we get the 3pts. Points first, goal tallies later.

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