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  1. Are you talking about the training pics or the game last Saturday Frankie?
  2. I'm uncomfortable with that sentiment tbh. The Ibrox Disaster should never be used as any kind leverage to catch Celtic fans in the act. That's why I've always found the poppy tribute debate equally uncomfortable as I feel that is also too important a subject to simply point score against a group of numbskulls
  3. Unfortunately, this is the rhetoric that will keep coming from this game forever but it can easily solved. Stop singing TBB and don't wreck toilets. Those things don't happen and the spotlight is all on them. It's like the cup final. We don't enter the pitch and the spotlight and condemnation is all on Hibs. FFS Rangers fans, box clever on this. We don't have a chance with the media so we need to be cleaner than clean on fan behaviour. They have an agenda so let them give people enough ammunition and they will be found out. On a positive note, I thought the flag display by the Rangers fans on saturday was nothing short of brilliant. It was colourful, impressive and positive and IMO it was refreshing to see a lack of Union Jacks and Ulster related flags in there. We have more to give than just jingoistic messages
  4. That's Davie Hay off the GB Christmas Card list.
  5. It is doing the rounds that the Slovakian guy is Infantino's UEFA puppet. Infantino apparently visited him for a cosy chat 2 weeks prior to the vote and bingo, he get's the job.
  6. I don't want to be arsey but I don't get what you mean by "apartheid" schools? My son goes to a "catholic" school and he is from a mixed faith/fathless family (Atheist and Catholic). He has class mates that have Pakistani, Chinese, Nigerian, Malaysian and Sikh heritage so it's a pretty mixed bag. And with regards to these schools being run by the Catholic church, that's nonsense to be honest. That might have been the case many moons ago but the only people that are running the school and in turn shaping my son's education are a bunch of hard working teachers
  7. I agree Frankie but I think debate on these subjects could do without the sweeping generalisations.
  8. C'mon for goodness sakes. I know there has been some stuff going on over the last few days but let's get things in perspective. Can we stop generalising/labelling with all the political/religious stuff? I find it quite uncomfortable tbh and sometimes it leaves me wondering why am I a Rangers fan and am I welcome at all within the Rangers family. I feel that I'm being told to be a certain way as a Rangers fan and that really bothers me. For the record, I'm an atheist. I'm not a Protestant or a Proddy (whatever that is). Politically, I come from a long standing Scottish Nationalist supporting family from Govan. I have no great desire for "Great" Britain and have zero time for the Royal family or any form of Monarchy. Believe it or not, I like Scotland and follow the fortunes of the national team. With regards to my private life, my wife is Irish and I spend time in Ireland on many a holiday. I like Irish people and enjoy the country. I also have friends that are Celtic fans. God knows where this all leaves me as a Rangers fan? I like Gersnet, as it has always encouraged balanced debate from what I consider objective Rangers fan from all shades. It's not a forum like Rangers Media which IMO has moved towards the extreme side of the spectrum and has some very dangerous and troubling contributions. Lets' not go down that road please.
  9. Liewell was just on Talk Sport towing the same line about not over sensationalising the whole thing. I wonder what this clown would say if the shoe was on the other foot.
  10. We shouldn't have talked about the title in the first place. We are a club with much to do after 4/5 years of abject neglect on all fronts. Before the season I would have been happy if we showed progression in our recruitment of players and a consolidation of the style of football we showed in a large periods last season. If we could combine these and make a decent challenge for the 2nd/3rd spots, that would be progress in my eyes.
  11. Peter Liewell on Jim Whyte's Talk Sport show at the moment. I wonder if Jim will ask him about Saturday? Just listened to it. Basically a PR exercise from Liewell. Totally glossed over the whole thing.
  12. I have to agree. I abhor vandalism of all kinds but this is sadly a common story in Scottish football. Ask Man City, Hearts, Dundee, Motherwell and Rangers after Celtic have came to town over the last decade. To propel this story above the utterly sinister and sickening nonsense that happened on Saturday in full view of the TV cameras, the media, the stewards and the police is bonkers. To make matters more ridiculous, I glanced at the Daily Record website this morning to find that the effigy story was being superceded by a jovial story about Ronny Delia having a joke with a Gers fans man boobs!? Feek me. You could not make this up
  13. Agreed. They don't get another penny from our fans. I would also let them come to Ibrox. Charge them plenty, let them come and put on a "show" and bill them for any damage. Their travelling fans are the worst so it would give us plenty of ammo. Box clever Rangers. We are losing this fight
  14. All the sh*t surrounding this fixture has me teetering on the edge of jacking in football for good. TBH, due to a combination of various things I was already losing interest in the game I've loved since I was a nipper but the weekends nonsense maybe the final straw. I genuinely cannot be arsed with all this nonsense that has nowt to do with football,
  15. Said it on another thread but I would not lose sleep if Rangers never took another allocation of tickets again for that horrible and vile place
  16. I wouldn't exactly say we were given a footballing lesson yesterday. I would say that the most influential players in Celtic's victory were in blue and not green/white. We made a hard game harder by the way we played and ultimately were the architects of our own downfall
  17. I was on board with Barton as I thought he was the experienced player MW was looking for to sit in front of the back 4. I presumed that was the plan? Let's not forgot he chased that guy Eustace for a whole season, so he obviously had this role in mind?
  18. I'm not surprised about this tbh. I'm not one for boycotts but I genuinely could not care less if we never take another ticket allocation to that sh*thole.
  19. I do agree we have a long way to go but looking at things in the short term there does seem to be a change in the way we play. I can't put my finger on it but from the Scottish Cup up semi on, we haven't kicked a ball and have looked sluggish, predictable and very one dimensional.
  20. I was led to believe the Green Brigade and Co. was dispersed around the stadium a few years back after various "problems" so how have they magically appeared in the same wee corner with all their bile?
  21. Call me cynical but even the story that highlights the hanging effigies still manages to somehow shine a "positive" light on Celtic fans by finding a few Celtic voices that disapprove. If this was Rangers fans doing this, I feel we would not be afforded the chance to show how our normal fans would disapprove. It would be printed with every effort to tar every Rangers fan with the same horrible brush. On the same topic, I did notice a few articles in the Herald leading up to the game that lead with a main image of Rangers and Celtic fans in the same picture. At first glance both pics seem to be showing both fans, segregated in a stadium but if you gave the images closer inspection, they had the Celtic fans in the foreground, slightly out of focus and Gers fans in the background in full focus so you could see every detail. IMO this was a deliberate attempt to draw the reader to the Rangers fans thus giving an impression that they were focus of the article. Or maybe I'm just paranoid?
  22. Of course they did. That's a no brainer but that doesn't answer my initial question
  23. Just watched the full game as I could only see part of the 2nd half so here's my tuppence worth Before going into this game my biggest fear wasn't the potency of Celtic but how we were playing and after watching the game all my fears came to fruition. Celtic won the game easily 5-1 without having to do much for their victory IMO. Granted, they were more aggressive but I genuinely feel we were the architects of our own downfall. A combination of horror defending and shocking passing from us made the game easy for Celtic and that for me is a worry. I also don't think the line-up helped to be honest. When I saw the line up I thought we look lightweight in midfield and that's were we lost it. Our weak midfield showing only heaped more pressure on our already struggling back line and we could never control the game. Oh well. Onwards and upwards
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