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  1. Am I missing something? His wife is attacked and abused and his reaction becomes the story? No word of the attackers? Or was that not part of the hitlist when studying the CCTV?
  2. At what stage can you start converting this catalogue lies into a legal case? Apologies are pointless as the stories are already out and have caused the damage they set out to create. Oh and who were the 6% that would still buy the Record?
  3. Agree 100%. Rodgers is flavour of the month with the Scottish mhedia. He got a free ride from mostly everyone after the 7-0 drubbing from Barca because "they do that to everyone"... em, no they don't. Even the points dropped at ICT were glossed over because the "performance" was good. I didn't see much mention of Celtic leaky defence having just shipped 7 goals in 5 games. The general consensus was Celtic played well in a game they dominated whereas Rangers on the other hand toiled and dropped vital points in a game they dominated.
  4. Let's hope they use the same language (yob, caged, thug) when condemning the Hibs yobs (when sentenced) that attacked our players and hurled sectarian abuse. I won't hold my breath...I can see words like overexuberant, high spirits. etc.
  5. The way things are going, we will need a whole new PR/press/legal office to deal with this sh*t. As I said before on the other thread, the haters are not even being subtle anymore.
  6. Said it on here before but papers like this and certain other media outlets are providing enough evidence of bias to pull together a valid and substantial case but as long as we have "fans" that continue sing certain songs and vandalise bogs etc. we don't have a leg to stand on. We need to keep our noses as clean as a whistle and box clever on these issues because our haters are not even being subtle anymore
  7. I love the way they immediately use such certain language as "will enrage" and "powderkeg" in reference to Rangers fans and the fixture in general. My god, these "newspapers" truly are living up to their name "gutter press".
  8. Why would they? They obviously ok'd the article and thought it was fair game so hell mend them. Their circulation is at an all time low and no wonder if this is the garbage they print.
  9. This with bells on. The best way to shut them up and win this phoney war is too beat them on the pitch. They can applaud on the 1st, 2nd, 44th minute, the whole game for all I care. Just go out and beat their crappy wee team on the pitch. That will soon shut them up. Aberdeen are nothing but an irrelevance. Don't know they understand a "rivalry" is only a rivalry if it's a two way street?
  10. That's what makes it worse IMO. To think that an editorial team has actually sat down and crafted this headline with a get out clause is very disturbing
  11. That is an utterly misleading and scandalous headline. Saying that, I wouldn't expect any less from this vile organisation
  12. I wonder if this effigy was hanging in stand filled with Rangers fans at Ibrox , would they use such generic language?
  13. Good comments about Waghorn. Three great goals and three very different finishes. Really chuffed for the guy after the injuries. I really hope he can keep it going
  14. I like the notion of Halliday becoming captain. Wallace has been a great servant and ambassador for the club during a very trying time but for me he lacks the vocal stature that gets behind/on top of the players
  15. I also enjoy the role of the Video referee in those sports but the major difference between other sports who use video refs (including cricket and NFL) is that these sports are stop-start by nature. Rugby (League and Union), Tennis and Cricket all have periods of "inactivity" that suits the use of the video. Football on the other hand is a very fluid game with very little room to breath.
  16. I genuinely think the game will suit us on Sunday as Aberdeen will be more open than most teams we play against. I just wouldn't start with Krankjar. I would also keep the same back 4. I liked the energy of Hodson and some consistency at the back will be good for us. Wallace has been off the pace so maybe a rest and a rethink might be good for him. My team would be: -------------Foderingham------------ -----------Hill-------Wilson------------ Tav-----------------------------Hodson -----------Holt------Halliday----------- ----------------Windass----------------- O'Halloran----------------Waghorn ----------------Garner------------------- We have goals in our team and if we stay on the front foot it takes pressure of our back 4.
  17. I would not believe a word that comes out of that guys mouth TBH
  18. Last season is last season. It's over. The job was done and the players took their foot of the gas IMO. We are 6 games into a 38 game season with a lot of new players in a league that is step from where we were playing last year. That's the perspective I'm talking about
  19. So are we defining our season by one game? I would hardly say we were humiliated in the other games. Perspective please.
  20. Good team Frankie. I really feel we need to give Garner a good run of games to enable him to find his shooting boots. Strikers need goals to give them confidence and I genuinely think if we start clicking as a team and create enough chances, this guy could score a lot of goals
  21. Fair comments Calscot but I feel the big difference is that we have already seem massive progress under MW in one season. He has created a good ethos and unity with the players and now there's seems to be a trouble due to one player. PLG's situation was somewhat different as it was his first season and there was little unity from day one by all accounts. I think that's why we all have to calm down and not get sucked into the nonsense coming from the press. They will run with this until they have blood so let's keep level heads. We are moving forward under MW and I for one don't want us lose focus due to one incident
  22. I kind of agree, especially the experience part. After all, he did pursue Eustace last season for what would have been a similar role?
  23. Totally agree as the gutter press run with this and will try to create a new PLG situation.
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