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  1. They certainly do not. These silly billys are determined to drag our club back to the dark ages and I for one wish they would f**k off. I didn't think I could get more angry and pissed off after the result today but this tops anything on the pitch. Ok we lost a match but we will be back. We can change that and hopefully turn it around soon but I genuinely fear this nonsense will plague us forever and in turn we are going to lose generations of kids and potential new fans thanks to the actions of these f**kwits.
  2. We were the architects of our own downfall from what I've seen. Terrible defending and slack passing. Still would have started with Forrester, O'Halloran and Halliday. Oh well. Much to do for MW
  3. Hope that starting XI doesn't leave us light in midfield as well as lacking in pace. Would like to have seen O'Halloran or Forrester in for Garner/Miller. Does this mean Miller will come in off the flanks? Garner won't deviate much from the middle IMO
  4. I hear you Ian but I feel that MOH has been unlucky as many of the games we play don't really let his attributes shine through. I agree wholeheartedly about competition dude. I just feel that he might be something Celtic won't expect tomorrow
  5. Shouldn't these muppets be asking Liewell why they are paying more to watch their team play a 4 year old "new club" than to watch them play Barca?
  6. If O'Halloran can't get a start in game like this, what was the point of signing him? An outball to a player of his pace could really be vital tomorrow as their defence seems as suspect as ours
  7. 6-2 flattered them IMO. We had a good goal chalked off for offside and played most of the football that day. They had about 7/8 shots and scored 6. When does that ever happen? Let's not forget that their first/second goal was also miles offside. Our own 5-1 victory in the next game was far more convincing
  8. Agree with regards to Nico coming on later in the game but for me O'Halloran is a must to start this game. This will be the first game in a long time were the opposition will come at us in numbers and for me an outball and a player with pace could be crucial. If O'Halloran can't find a start in this game, I would start to wonder about the reasons for signing him.
  9. Not recognising that high ball after high ball was not the answer has nothing to do with luck
  10. I agree wholeheartedly. We as Rangers fans need to box clever with this issue but I fear there is large section of our support who are so dogmatic that they can't see the bigger picture
  11. I still think 3-5-2/5-3-2 is a good shout in the long run. Wallace and Tav are more effective going forward IMO
  12. This is my one hope Frankie. Celtic will come at us and that can only help us and if we can be competitive in midfield we will stay in the game IMO. More space going forward will also give McKay/Miller/Forrester/O'Halloran the licence to use their pace and trickery more as opposed to coming up against a packed defence. Does anyone think MW will go 3-5-2 and try to push Wallace and Tavernier up the pitch more? They could act as defenders as well as a wide attacking threat? I think if we go 4-3-2-1 we won't get much from them
  13. Won't even see it tbh. My daughter is 2 this week and we're having her shindig on saturday. That will be a happy distraction. I'll flick my phone on about 3 o'clock and look with baited breath but I'll be honest, the older I get, the less I "enjoy" the whole OF experience
  14. No wonder I'm not really looking forward to this game
  15. Liewell has already fired off briefs to private dicks and pyschologists for the lowdown on Mr Collum. Meanwhile, wee Willie has boarded up his windaes, just in case... And Kevin Clancy...? I hate to generlise but I wonder what team he would be rooting for?
  16. Agree 100% but I fear we will see all of the 3 you have listed above. I hate to be a Debbie Downer but I can't say that I'm looking forward to the game this weekend with any great gusto.
  17. The last thing we should do is display a banner about them in any context. We talk on a daily basis about the obsessed bunch from the East End who will no doubt have a banner about Rangers on saturday but leave that to them. That's their pathetic M.O. and I would rather we would promote our own history and club than make some sad point using child abuse as the subject matter. That make us no better than them in my eyes.
  18. Never really bought into the Blue Bros thing. With all due respect to those club, I couldn't give a flying damn about Chelsea or Linfield. Means nowt to me and I don't really know anyone that buys into this thing tbh
  19. I don't get annoyed by it mate but to me we are Rangers, not Glasgow Rangers. Our badge/monogram is RFC not GRFC. Each to their own and all that but to prefix Rangers with Glasgow just turns us into us into other teams with Rangers in their title. We are one of the very few clubs in world football that doesn't have a geographical reference in our name and I like that.
  20. C'mon people. 4 games in and we are still finding our feet. Let's not get too critical. I have faith in MW and genuinely feel he will get this right. I am as disappointed as any other fan about our stuttering form but people need to seriously have realistic expectations. Considering where we have come from, I'd be more than happy with a healthy top 4 showing this year so we can use that as a foundation for the real challenge next year.
  21. I rate Rodgers to a point. He got lucky at Liverpool with Saurez and a fully fit Sturiddge for a one off wonder season but as soon as Saurez left and Sturridge got injured, Liverpool dropped from potential Champions to the 7th/8th in the table
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